1 Chapter 1

"Young man, I think your skeleton is wonderful, it is in ten-thousand does not have one of the martial arts genius. You can consider joining my Iron Skeleton Sect as a discipline, and the achievements will be boundless in the future."

Among the beautiful mountains and mountains, [Jun Changxiao] smiled and said to the martial artist in front of him, the arc of the mouth rising, combined with the white face gave a very handsome feeling.

Not feeling, it's true.

If a woman saw him, she would scream and lose her voice.

"That one..."

A green artist with a green scarf on her head, said politely, "Can you remove your feet first?"

Looking down, it turned out that Jun Changxiao stepped on one's face with one foot, and was close to the other half of the turf. In fact, there was a big footprint.

This is being stung.

Judging from the ground-down posture and the remaining footprints on the chest, the captive was not too light.

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Jun Changxiao retracted his feet and said apologetically: "I watched you play the female disciple who closed the moon and shy flowers. This seat didn't hold back for a while, I'm really sorry."


Green scarf martial artist is speechless.

When I met a beautiful woman in the wild, I just stepped forward and said a few words, and was beaten by the Sect Master who claimed to be Iron Skeleton Sect. This is really bad luck.


Jun Changxiao said, "Consider it."

The green-skinned martial artist said weakly, "I said I don't agree, can I?"


Jun Changxiao said earnestly: "I Iron Skeleton Sect has always served people with morality, and it is not difficult to be strong!"


The green clothing martial artist put up with the pain and declined: "I have joined the Lingquan Sect and can't be your sect disciple."

I finally passed the Lingquan Sect assessment and became a honorary disciple. How can I switch to other Sects?

Not to mention, Iron Skeleton Sect?

Upon hearing this name, it must be Starfall Continent's completely inaccessible garbage Sect. It is also a waste of time and life to go.


Jun Changxiao shook the head, quite sorry: "Friends and I have no chance of Iron Skeleton Sect."


He turned his head: "Did this guy bully you just now?"

Not far from the boulder, there was a white clothed woman sitting quietly, her eyes were as clear as a stream of water, and her skin was like snow. Although only 16-17 years, she had all the hard conditions of beauty.

If you want to talk about disadvantages, because of age, the place to be warped has not yet been lifted.

"Sect Master."

Lu Qianqian picked up his cuff, and said differently: "He just wanted to touch my hand."


Jun Changxiao once again lifted his feet and stepped on the face of the green artist, looking at cold and severe saying: "You are impatient."

I had a gentle face before, and suddenly became murderous-looking, turning my face is definitely faster than turning my book.

The green scarf martial artist hurriedly said, "Sir … I … I don't!"

He vowed that he had a little bit of thought just now, but he was beaten without any action at all, at best it was an attempt to take advantage!

Jun Changxiao said coldy: "I won't lie, I believe her, I must teach you today!"




The breeze blew, blowing on the face of the green-faced martial artist with a swollen nose, and he felt uncomfortable, because the captive bones were almost falling apart.


Lifting his head and looking at the two blurring backs, the green-skinned martial artist said with a grudge at the soil, "I must take revenge!"


Jun Changxiao.

Iron Skeleton Sect Sect Master.

This Iron Skeleton Sect is amazing.

Established by a martial artist with a surname of Wang at that time, because of the early death of the iron skeleton who did not fall off the cliff, he was rewarded by passersby for a meal, and later established a sect to create Iron Skeleton Sect.

The purpose of Sect is to be a person with iron bones and to do iron bones!

The first generation of the Sect Master has been working hard for more than ten years. It has developed in a short period of more than ten years and has made a name for itself in the rivers and lakes. Sect has never entered the stream and entered the ninth class Sect, becoming the most dazzling existence of Qingyang Village!


Accidents will happen.

The first-generation Sect Master went to the Fengyue place in the town to have fun, was arrested by the government, and was unable to escape due to jailbreak.

The entire Sect suddenly had no heads, and since then began to decline.

There is no such thing as eternity in the world, and a ninth-rate Sect like Iron Skeleton Sect is just a flash in the pan.

Every time the storyteller in the village mentioned Iron Skeleton Sect, and mentioned that Sect Master Wang who escaped from prison could not be beheaded, all sighed, and the children who listened to the books on the bench burst into tears.

Although Iron Skeleton Sect is down, it still exists!

The three disciples sat together and happily ate a casual meal. One person chose to stay and live alone in Sect, waiting day and night.

Who is this person?

It is Second Generation Sect Master Jun Changxiao!


It was Jun Changxiao.

Because of the night one month ago, he got up and went to the thatched cottage road. As soon as he got out of the great hall, he was hit by a plaque engraved with 'Iron Skeleton Sect' on his head.

No coincidence.

Jun Changxiao from Earth, crossing to this world, successfully occupied Yu Wen's surviving corpse.

"I … pass through?"

Realizing that he was not dead, Jun Changxiao took a moment to pause, and then accepted the memory of the previous owner. Then he realized that he was lucky to be one of thousands of traversers!

very good!

Peerless cultivation technique, magic techniques, all kinds of systems appear!

Since I came here, Jun Changxiao, like my colleagues, will dominate Strange World, slay all geniuses, and become the god and emperor of the Supreme Existence!

Kung Fu is worthy of care, after stepping on and killing countless ants and pinching countless fleas, finally triggered the system.


"The strongest Sect system is starting …"


"The strongest Sect system started successfully and started loading data panels for the host …"


After the mechanized sound came to an end, Jun Changxiao's field of vision suddenly showed rows of data.

Sect name: Iron Skeleton Sect.

Sect Sect Master: Jun Changxiao.

Sect Level: Nine.

Sect Construction: Level 1.

Sect members: 1/100.

Sect contribution: 0/100.

Sect's main mission: Within 100 years, make Iron Skeleton Sect the strongest sect in Starfall Continent, 10 disciple. If it is not completed, the host will immediately disappear as soon as the time arrives!

After seeing the task written by the main line task, Jun Changxiao's soleplate was cold for a while, and he walked along the two thighs to the backbone.

Looking carefully at the previous owner's memory, I learned that Iron Skeleton Sect has only himself and is the lowest Sect. He went to the kitchen, raised the knife holder around his neck, hesitated for a long time, still put the knife down, and did not do anything.

A nine-stream Sect.

One with its own Sect!

Be a continent strongest sect within a hundred years, recruiting a thousand thousand disciple?

Is this kidding with himself, or is system joking with himself?


In despair, a mechanized voice sounded in the ear: "Congratulations to the host for opening the system and received a storage ring!"

"storage ring ?"

Jun Changxiao found the right hand wrist, and an extra delicate jade bracelet was engraved with the four small words "storage ring" on it, so the corners of his mouth twitched: "I'm seeing such a large ring for the first time!"

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