The Strongest Man In The World Book

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The Strongest Man In The World


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10 thousand years into the future, technology, as we know, had transcended humanity's understanding thanks to a meteor twice as big as the moon that once got absorbed by the Earth, it leaks mysterious energy that allowed humanity to reach its current level of technology For decades, numerous scientists have wanted to test the limits of this new type of energy, so for decades and more, they created the ultimate weapon, the Mini Neurological Reality Bending Machine, otherwise knows as M.N.R.B.M, a small device that once installed into someone's brain will allow them to shape and warp the fabric of reality to their very will The president wanted that machine so he could rule the 3 main countries and take over the world, but it was too dangerous to test it, so the president had an idea, make tests with no one in society and see if it's safe to use it or not, no one would miss them anyway, so one was needed, fortunately, they founded him, and his name was Doma Louis Kirby, a boy with no family, girlfriend, friends and a job, he had no affiliations and no one to care for him, the president decided that he was perfect for the test Meanwhile, however, the meteor that was underground of the local of surgery was getting overloaded, it was about to explode, but workers on draining its energy simply ignored, that's was the worst mistake of their lives The surgery happened, the M.N.R.B.M was implanted into Doma's brain, but right at that moment, right when the surgeons would finish patching Doma's head up, the meteor exploded and affected everyone near, and Doma was one of them, the M.N.R.B.M was damaged and out of control and warping reality around it like crazy, once Doma was there but the suddenly got teleported to the other countries The president seeing what he did decide to declare war against Doma and the M.N.R.B.M but after a series of events, Doma reached the president, and they decided to make a truce, to fix the M.N.R.B.M saving Doma's life in the process, and handing it to the president so no more casualties may occur, but unfortunately, the M.N.R.B.M's energy was so big that it re-activated the meteor and cause an even bigger explosion than before, causing the 3 countries to disappear, and the world to want on an apocalyptic state Right after the explosion though, a figure similar to Doma appeared out of nowhere, in the middle of that burnt ground and smoke everywhere, it was Doma's leftover of his body, that after encountering Death and discovering Doma is dead, got named Red-Eyed Demon, as a punishment for what he did Now the Red-Eyed Demon vague through the post-apocalyptic earth in search to make up for the mistakes he did, he craves for world peace, even if he has to be the cruelest monster of the world, even if he has to join the evilest faction of the planet, and even if he has to bring a little girl to her father, Red-Eyed Demon will make everything to conquer the planetary peace he wants This is the story of the strongest man in the world


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