12 Twirled spaghetti

The lightning clan is located in Agritura, the capital city of Drauton. This is also the city where Kai lives. Driving to his destination, Kai used his Genome watch to call his mother. He asked her to send his academic history as well as his test results. The same results the doctors did on him when he came out a coma. His mother sent him what he needed so he went to the building. He had to park far away as most of the parking was reserved for the surpassers that stayed there as well as all the personnel. He had to park well over 500 meters away. It was at moments like this that Kai wished he could just take out his kickstarter and use his powers to run. However, he couldn't because the civilian use of powers in public was illegal. You had to be certified by the government before you could. People like police, firefighters and such they were certified and the only ones who could use their powers in public. But even then it could only be used when in the line of duty.

This law was only so strict in Drauton because the surpasser to passer rate was so low. In other countries, there were cities where surpassers were able to use their powers freely. Cities in other countries had areas where it was okay to use your powers and not in others. Normally within five hundred metres of a clan building the use of powers is permitted but in Drauton that wasn't the case.

You also had to obtain a permit to open a surpasser type shop that required people to use their powers. Schools had to have the same permit.

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The majority of all passers did not have a problem with surpassers but everyone running around in the streets using their powers would cause chaos. But of course, some surpassers would see this as an injustice. An obstruction of who they are. So there were resistance groups that wanted surpassers to be able to use their powers whenever and wherever they wanted. Similarly, there were passer groups that believed that surpassers came about when passers needed protecting. So they should do just that and protect. When there was no need to protect there was no need for their powers.

Taking both accounts into consideration the World Government came up with the idea of creating 'surpasser zones' where surpassers could use their powers freely. There surpassers are free to light a cigarette with the fire they created or even draw water from the air to quench a thirst. They could do anything as long as they didn't destroy/manipulate public/private property or hurt/hinder other people etc. Most of the surpasser related businesses were located in surpasser zones.

The World Government came up with this plan because more and more surpassers were defecting to the resistance groups. One of the resistance groups aims is to create a country of their own. They would move to a plot of land that is now marked as no man's land. The dream is for all surpassers to move there. There they would create their own laws and establish a government that looks after their interests. Currently, most laws were created to suite passers with a few laws designed for surpassers. Even the World Government's goal was ultimately to protect all passers. But if they created their country they would have nothing to worry about not even the Zolma. If the Zolma ever attacked they would be able to defend against them. As for what happens to the passers is none of their concern. Of course, the World Government couldn't let that happen so they came up with laws that suited both parties. Despite the fickle yet tense tension the world continued to move. People still lived with smiles on their faces, some more oblivious than others.

Kai walked into the skyscraper of a building. As he did the smell of detergents pervaded his nose. Looking at the white tiled floor he saw a slippery when wet sign. So Kai cautiously walked to the receptionist and told him that he wanted his results certified. First Kai had to show proof of address as well as he had to show them his ID card. After they knew who he was Kai sent his results to their email account. Once they received the results they certified it online.

Now that was settled Kai went home, he had an eventful day. When he got home he lied down on his bed. It felt great to be able to relax as his body sunk into the mattress. Then he touched his Genome watch and a hologram interface popped up. He navigated it to the Genome store where he downloaded the app, 'Partner Up'. After downloading he created an account and uploaded his results. Then he added a few pictures of himself. One was him standing fully equipped in his combat gear. Another of him in his black and white surpasser suit. Lastly, he had one holding a Golden Retriever. The dog wasn't even his but the internet said that it increased matches so he did it.

After uploading his pictures he added a simple bio, "I want to be King if you think you have what it takes to be Queen Swipe right."

Once his profile was complete Kai linked his credit card to the app and paid for the premium service. Five matches a day was not enough. He only had a month to see as many partners as he could. So he would use any boost at his disposal. Once his credit card was linked Kai signed in with his username and password. Then the swipe game began. Kai attentively looked at their academic history and PI. That was the only thing he cared about. He didn't care if their hair was, black, ginger, auburn, blonde or if they were petite, well rounded or slim.

The academic history told him how hardworking the person is. This is obviously important because they would need to train together. It would not do him well if his partner kept blowing him off because she is lazy. He needed someone motivated to the cause. Someone who genuinely thought they could be Queen but also had the credentials to back those claims. In this regard, Kai was a perfectionist.

Kai scrolled through a series of names swiping right on a few and left on a lot. Because Kai had the premium service he could match with people outside the country too. Kai lied in bed swiping for hours until he had enough so he decided to go train again. If anything, today he learned that he had so much more training. He was proud of how far he came but he had the drive to go so much further. Kai decided that today he would focus solely on coating. After seeing Lexi's lightning aura there was no denying he needed to practise a heck of a lot more. So with a kickstarter in his hand, Kai began practising.


At the Montreal's Estate in Strera two families were having dinner in the dining room. It was night time so the golden chandelier above lit the room up giving it a serene feeling. In the dining room was as a long dark brown rectangular wooden table. This table was carved spectacularly as it had shapes and patterns on the end of the table. The table was covered with a white cloth that had the Montreal's house crest on it. One family sat on the one side of the table and the other parallel to them.

Alex Seemore twirled his fork in the spaghetti bolognese then he placed the twirled spaghetti onto his spoon and looked at Lexi, "So miss indecisive I see you still don't have a partner. What, was the Drauton boy not up to your godly standards like the thousand others from across the world? " Then he put the twirled spaghetti in his mouth.

Alex's mother Sarah Seemore glared at him but he just shrugged it off and continued to chew his food.

Lexi swallowed her food then she gracefully restocked her spoon with twirled spaghetti and then looked up, "On the contrary, I actually found somebody."

Lexi wasn't bothered by the name, 'miss indecisive'. It was a nickname she had gained because even after two years she hadn't found a partner. Despite the suitors coming from prominent families in the lightning clan. Since they were from prominent families yet still fell short time and time again. People started saying she was the problem. They said that she did not know what she wanted hence the nickname. There was also a running joke that the god of lightning could descend from the sky in front of her. Yet she would still say he isn't good enough.

Staggered, Alex Seemore almost choked on his food. Then he cleared his throat trying to retain his nobility, "You did? When do we get to meet him?"

"He wasn't 100% sure if I was the right pick. So he asked for a month to confirm what he needed to."

Again Alex was surprised, yet he wore an unbashful smile. For some reason, this was the best news he had heard all day. In a sense, it felt therapeutic as some lingering ire left him. However, Kathryn Scott his partner and girlfriend who was sitting next to him seemed to absorb the released anger. She squeezed his leg under the table then she shot a look at Lexi. She didn't loath Lexi but she hated how she still had control over his emotions. To her, it was like she was sharing Alex's heart. In the one room is where she lived. And next to hers was an empty room reserved for someone who didn't want to be there.

After Lexi ended their marriage due to Alex being the type of guy she couldn't stand. Alex's ego took a heavy hit because he believed his strength was the only problem. He believed it couldn't be anything else but strength because in all the other departments he was perfect. Therefore Lexi had to be lying. He knew he was good looking because he had the most perfect golden hair, a manly yet effeminate face and piercing blue eyes. Also, all the other girls loved to be around him so how could his personality fall short? However, that is the danger of a confirmation bias. He never looked at all the facts. One is that his dad is one of the richest men in all of Strera. Another is the countless times his parents had to pay off families so they don't go public or file a case against their son.

Yet he believed that he was perfect so it had to be the strength. Because of these thoughts, deep down he believed that he would always be weak until they got back together. However, she had made it very clear to him that they were never getting back together. So he tried to move on and that's when he found Kathryn. At first, they were just partners but as they got to know each other they became lovers. And the more Kathryn learned about Alex the more she learned about Lexi. So even though she didn't like Lexi she was happy that she found someone. Maybe then Alex would move on, fully. Alex, on the other hand, was happy that she got 'rejected' but angry that she found someone.

Once the happiness left jealousy came in but he bottled it up. Then he kissed his girlfriend on the forehead, "I only care about you," He whispered sweet nothingness in her ear.

Kathryn Scott blushed then returned to her composed self and finished her meal.

Then he looked at Lexi and pursed his lips, "I'm sorry to hear that but it be like that sometimes you know." He sighed," Sometimes people don't understand how perfect they'd be for each other..."

Lexi almost cringed but in the end she just nodded her head and then continued to eat her food. That's when Jacques Montreal spoke to Alex's mom and dad about business. After they had finished talking and everyone had eaten their fill the Seemores left via a helicopter. The Montreal's waved them away with smiles on their faces.

Once they were gone, Jacques Montreal sighed in relief, "I know it's not pleasant but we need to maintain a friendly relationship with them."

"It's so fake though."

"That's business. Both of us can't afford a war right now so when I invite them over for dinner or when they invite us, we go."

Lexi nodded her head as she understood. Her dad would often tell her what was happening in his business. He was the CEO of the company, 'Element Production'. They mined a metal called 'Verasidra Q2'. This was the metal in its natural form. Then they combine it with another metal called 'Anoxin NH1' to make Anosidra NHQ-3. The process of joining the two metals is done in 8 complex stages. Nonetheless, their method is two times faster than the rest of the world. Not only is the speed faster but the quality of the metal is purer. This is why they produce over 50% of the world's demand for Anosidra NHQ-3.

Anosidra NHQ-3 is a metal in high demand as it is the only metal up to date that can withstand the temperature needed to fire energy weapons. As such all energy weapons are made from Anosidra NHQ-3. There are other metals that can withstand the metal but they overheat way too quickly which is ineffective in battle. Anosidra NHQ-3 not only amplifies the energy created but it also insulates the heat. Because overheating is no longer an issue a lot of research has gone into creating weapons that can muster large amounts of energy and then be fired. These weapons are called G weapons. To date, a few G cannons and G snipers have been tested and put on the market. However, they only scratch the surface. A lot more energy can be created before Anosidra NHQ-3 reaches its melting point. The speed of how fast the energy is created and stored is currently the problem. It takes way too long to create a desirable amount of energy. The Zolma move quickly and are powerful so the energy accumulation rate needs to increase. Scientists all over the world are currently trying to beat this conundrum.

One company is especially involved in this research. This is 'Bryan Tech' the company the Seemore's run. In order to test there their research, they are ordering large quantities of Anosidra NHQ-3. Their main supplier is "Element Production". Hence if the Montreal's decide to stop selling them Anosidra NHQ-3 then they would effectively decrease the speed at which research could be done. However, the Montreal's need the Seemore's business. They are currently researching new ways to cut the production of Anosidra NHQ-3 in half. As well as researching new metals in hope of finding a stronger metal. This research is costing a fortune. The business the Seemore's bring is one of the reasons they are able to fund their research team with whatever they need. The research team has produced some great results and believe they will have created a new element in 1-2 years.

Bryan Tech is one of the biggest military grade weapon producers in the world. They design and create Helicopters, Fighter jets, energy and ballistic weapons. They produce drones, fighter and surveillance. They even have their own line of surpasser equipment but they mainly focus on the weapons passers use because it is the most lucrative. Surpassers don't fear the Zolma because they can defend themselves however, passers fear the day they come back. Unlike passers, they don't have the ability to one shot a Zolma or even run away from one. Chances are if you see one you are dead. Because of this fear passers are equipped to the teeth with energy weapons. When a stronger model of the gun they bought comes out they buy it immediately. Using this fear the Seemore's have become extremely wealthy.

Jacques held his daughter in his arm, "Things are going to change for us but you should probably go to sleep. Your training starts early tomorrow."

So Lexi said goodnight and then went to her room and showered. Then she changed into her pyjamas and went to bed.


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