3 Toast is better than being King.

"Us Kings in waiting got to stick close together."

Hearing this guy Kai smiled. Kai knew that if this guy knew who he was he must also know he is currently in the last place. Despite that, this guy was encouraging him to become King.

Seeing Kai respond positively to him, he laughed, " So tell me do you know what the best thing in the world is?"

Because they were just talking about becoming King, Kai replied quickly and confidently, "Being King."

The boy shook his head slowly, "No, no, no, no, no. The best thing in life is toast."

Kai looked quizzically at the boy. Toast was the last thing he expected to hear, ' How is toast better than being King.'

Looking at Kai's confused face, "Ah I see you haven't had the pleasure of perfect toast. Just think of it. Fresh white-bread that has just been toasted to perfection. Crispy, yet still has the right amount of chewiness. It just came fresh out of the toaster. You spread some of my mom's home-made butter on. You watch the butter melt into the toast then spread whatever smear you want onto it. Or you can eat it with just the butter, that's amazing too. Once you have done that you bite into the toast. You hear it crunch in your mouth, you feel the texture in your mouth go from coarse to soft. You feel your taste buds implode as you wrap your tongue around the food. Then you swallow the goodness and prepare for another hit with your mouth salivating in anticipation." He said this looking longingly into space.

Hearing this guy go on about the greatness of toast, ' Great, there is definitely something wrong with this guy. But then again isn't there something wrong with all of us. Plus this could be my first friend since primary school. You know what they say, beggars can't be choosers.'

Smiling at his new friend, "Well I still don't see how toast can be better than being King. Nonetheless, I respect your opinion."

Not giving up, the boy said, "How about this, after I make you toast you can decide whether it's better or not."

Nodding his head, "Sure but when will that be?"

The boy fiddled in his bag then took out a silver rectangular contraption out of his bag, "I will make you toast in break. I always bring my beautiful toast maker with me to school. How else can I have the perfect toast?"

Kai shook his head, 'Of course, you did', "You know what. I am looking forward to it but I got to go to class so I guess I'll see you at break. Oh, but before I go. What is your name?"

"My name is Quinton Electra nice to meet you." Then he ran off.

After talking to Quinton Electra, Kai went to class. Oddly enough they never shared a class together. After three classes the bell for break rang. When the bell rang Kia went to the school's cafeteria because that is where he was supposed to meet up with Quinton. Once Kai got there, Quinton Electra was already waiting for him.

Quinton Electra was waving at him energetically from afar. Once Kai reached him he said, "Come with me." Then he led him into the school's kitchen.

"Are you sure we are allowed to be here?"

"Of course, I did this in primary school all the time. So they must already know about me."

Oddly enough Kai believed him. He was sure that the school knew about his quirk.

Quinton Electra fiddled in his bag again and took out the toaster. Then he plugged it in. Afterwards, he took a loaf of white bread out of his bag. Despite being in his bag the bread was in perfect condition. It did not get squished at all. Then he took a plastic container out of his bag. Inside was his mother's home-made butter. He put these two items onto the silver counter. Then he walked to a cupboard above and took two plates out.

"How did you know where the plates were?"

"I figured it would be in the same position as primary school."

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"Oh, I see."

Once Quinton Electra put the plates down, "The toaster is now nice and warm." Then he took four slices of white bread and put it into the toaster. Afterwards, he set a timer on his Genome watch, "The trick to perfect toast is to change the heat of the toaster at the perfect time." Kai was watching Quinton Electra raise the heat setting than lower it then raise it to the max and then drop it low. He was meticulous in how he handled the machine. Then when the timer rang he took the toast out immediately. He let it cool for 3 seconds then he took a knife from his bag and smeared his mother's home-made butter onto the four slices of bread. Then he took two and put it in one plate and then put two in the other, "There you go, the perfect toast. Eat it while it is hot and then you tell me what the best thing in the world is."

Kai couldn't deny he was excited to eat the toast. The way he kept talking about toast added to the suspension. Also, the way he was playing with the heat while the toast was cooking was like he was possessed by the god of toast. Kai's tummy grumbled as he stared at the toast.

"What are you waiting for it to get cold? Eat it."

Kai needed no more encouragement. He took the piece of toast in his hands. It was still warm. As he brought the toast closer to his mouth and nose. He could smell the warm toast. He could smell the rich creamy butter on the toast. It smelt heavenly. Just the smell alone ignited his appetite and his mouth began salivating. Kai opened his mouth and then he let his teeth sink into the toast.


Kai took a bite of the toast. As he did all his saliva tackled the toast as he wrapped his tongue around the dough. As he chewed the flavour of the butter came bursting through. Kai exclaimed at the taste. The warm toast was in perfect harmony with the butter. The two complemented each other perfectly to create a whole new taste. Satisfied with his first bite Kai gobbled down the rest and then licked his fingers clean of any remaining butter.

Seeing Kai enamoured by the flavours of the toast Quinton asked, " Ha, ha. Is it the best or what?"

Fiddling with his tongue trying to remove any residual toast in his teeth made Kai seem nonchalant, "It was great."

Kai said it was great but Quinton wasn't looking for this answer he wanted to know something else, "But is it the best?"

By now Kai had cleaned his teeth of any toast. So he paid full attention to Quinton, "It was certainly the best toast I have ever had. Your mom should definitely consider monetizing that butter if she doesn't already. But even with that being said I still don't think toast is the best. Yes, it's pretty amazing but it only fulfils an immediate need whereas being King is eternal. Well, as eternal as you hold the title. Sorry man my views haven't changed."

"Ha-ha I see and I respect your opinion. But I hope you don't think that because I put toast above all, my drive to be King is any weaker than yours."

"Ha-ha I won't."

"Do you know what element you will awaken?"

"Nope, I am a foster child who hasn't met his biological mother and father. My parents, however, are passers. How about you? "

"Well my dad is fire and my mom is water so one of the two."

"Wow, water and fire. Don't those two clans hate each other? How does that work?"

Laughing, "I don't know but the result is me."

'I see...'

After this they chatted until break was over and then Kai returned to class and after class, he went home. Then he ate lunch and did his homework. With the remaining hour, he had before he could train he watched The Royalty on tv. Once he could train again. He went to the lab. He rigged himself with all the monitors and began his three-hour training. Then he tabulated his results. This cycle continued for two months. It was then that Kai noticed how his growth was beginning to show. Currently, he could pick up 70 Kgs with one arm. At the end of the year, the average 13-year-old surpasser should be able to pick up 150Kg's. But judging by the speed he was growing, he was sure he would be able to do a whole lot more.

All of Kai's friends could already pick up 100Kg's with one arm. But their total growth from Primary school to High school had only been 10 Kgs. Where in 2 months, Kai increased from 40 to 70Kg's. Thus if the trend continued by the end of the year, Kai should be able to pick up 220Kg's. This would put him on track to catch up with the elite from Strera and Keshos. The average Strera Academy 13-year-old Surpasser male could pick up 190 Kgs. Kesho's on the other hand, who prioritise power, can pick up 210Kg's. This was their average; there were often freaks of nature that could pick up 300-400Kg's in their first year of high-school. Often this was attributed to the term 'explosive growth'. Where a surpasser experiences a high spike in his strength. However, the speed of growth doesn't continue forever and eventually, they return to normal. But then there are also times where it's just the talented beginning to bare and sharpen their fangs. They experience multiple moments of explosive growth. When this happens for the second time, the term changes from explosive to talented growth.

Excited by the news Kai tells his parents that things are looking up for him, "Mamma, I'm finally growing. In two months I increased from 40-70 one arm Kgs. If this continues I will be able to pick 220Kg's at the end of the year. This puts me on top of my class. I'm still lacking compared to those from Strera and Kesho's academy but I can see the track. I can see the path I will take to beat them." Kai said the last part clenching his right fist.

Grinning, "That's great puppy. See I told you that things would be different for you in high school."

Brianna Adler smiled towards her son and then looked at her husband. Looking at her husband her smile disappeared. Then she opened her eyes wider revealing more white. She tilted her head to the left slightly while tapping her left foot on the floor. Then she whispered to Zack Adler, "Honey, it's happening already… It's too soon. Do we have to tell him already?"

Looking just as worried, Zack Adler rubbed his creased forehead with his left hand, "I don't know? But I think we have to."

Seeing his parents act strange Kai began to wonder. It kind of felt like this was the moment where parents usually tell their children they are adopted. But he knew that already so what could it be that his parents were so afraid to tell him?

After their secret not so secret conversation both his parents turned around and faced Kai. They both wore fake smiles. Then Kai's mother walked close to Kai and touched his shoulder, "Kai you know your father and I love you very much." Hearing these words sweat began to formulate on Kai's forehead and his respiratory rate increased as his pupils dilated.

Brianna Adler saw her son's reaction and decided she should stop beating around the bush, "As you know you have been drinking those pills that we have been giving you for the past 7 years correct."

Kai nodded his head.

"Well, these pills were actually created by your father and I. We have been designing these pills for years and after years of tests, we came across the perfect formula. The reason you were doing so bad at school despite the hours you were putting into training was that the pills you were drinking was only laying your foundation. It did not increase your strength like all your friend's pills were. We expected you to graduate last in your class but despite not receiving any strengthening aid. You graduated number 1050. This is outstanding and a testament of your talent. It is exactly that talent that is causing your growth in strength to occur faster than we expected. Remember your first day of high school we gave you new pills. These pills are actually finally increasing your strength like the rest of your class. However, because you haven't had any strength building pills for 7 years, where your peers have. We expected it would take a lot longer for you to catch up to them. But now you are saying that not only will you catch up to your peers in a year, but you will also beat them. This is obviously going to cause a storm in your school."

"From last to first and not just any first. Judging by the numbers you have given me, that just about beats the average of those in Kesho's and Strera. That was the eventual goal to be able to beat them but we expected your growth to only start round about grade 10, not 8. This would give us time to prepare but that won't be happening anymore. Anyway, when people ask you what your secret is and they will. Do not tell them that you don't drink the pills the school provides. I know you know this but it's important. From now on you need to pay more attention to your surroundings. Make sure that when you drink your pills, no one is around. Your dad and I have been paying for Excellent grade pills for years that you don't even drink to cover for you. Now we are going to have to upgrade from them to Epic so that your sudden growth doesn't seem so suspicious. We are not asking you to hide your strength. In fact, we want you to flaunt it. Daddy and mommy will protect you from the side. I will write you a doctor's note that you must give to your teachers. This note will explain to the teachers that you have a bladder problem. This way you can go to the bathroom whenever it's time for you to drink your pills. And because of your condition, they are not allowed to keep you in class. Do not abuse it. Use it only for what it is intended, okay?"

Kai nodded his head as he understood how serious this is.

"Good, when you were three and told us you wanted to be royalty we have been preparing this. We were already designing the pills before you were born but you gave them use. We weren't sure if you would change your dream when you grew up but we wanted to do everything we could as your parents to ensure you reach that dream. We sent your brother and sister away because it was the best thing for their future. We could not train them better than their institutions could. But you, on the other hand, we felt that we could make you a lot stronger than Strera or Keshos could so we decided to keep you here. Not for us… Well a little for us but mostly for you. To ensure that you take a giant leap forward and you reach that dream. From now on daddy and mommy will be monitoring you closely. We will start work earlier and come home earlier so that we can be there when you do your after-school training. On Saturdays we will monitor and communicate with you through the Genome watch and Sundays we will take off to do final check-ups on your body. To make sure you're still growing and nothing bad is happening to you. Prepare to be the strongest King Drars has ever seen. I just hope the Queen you choose will be worthy of you. Because when we are done with you, you will have a whole line of partners waiting to team up with you.

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