15 The decision (3)

The next day Kai woke up and went to the training centre. This time he only got there at 9 am because unlike yesterday, today's operations didn't require set-up.

Once he got there, he greeted Emily Frey who was waiting for him, then he opened the building. Afterwards, he switched on the light. Then both him and Emily Frey walked into spar court. They spoke to each other while waiting for the girls to come.

"Are you ready for today?" Emily Frey asked.

Kai smiled, "Tip-top condition. I am a bit nervous though, today is the day…"

Emily Frey laughed, "Ah the nostalgia. I remember when I chose my partner. I was nervous too. Just like you, I had a lot of options to choose from. I wondered if I would choose correctly. In the end, I chose the best partner a girl could ever ask for. Don't sweat the small stuff you will know when you find the right one." She said and patted him on the shoulder. She tried to reach for his head but he was too tall so in end, she opted for his shoulder.

When she patted his shoulders Kai looked downwards at her and then smirked.

"Shut-up" Emily said and then they laughed briefly.

When they were done laughing the first girl walked in. Kai had already told them yesterday that they should be here at 10 am. So she knew that she had to wait for the appointed time. As time progressed more and more girls walked in until it was 10 am. Now the spar court had 45 girls inside, five girls didn't show up. Kai was disappointed but ultimately it was their decision just like it was his to choose.

Kai stood in front of the girls, "Thank you all for coming today. Today we are going to continue with the spar session. We will spar and then I'll decide if you pass or not. After every cycle, I will increase the standard as to what I am looking for to filter out the ones that don't meet the requirement. This will continue until there is only one girl left."

The girls all nodded their heads and then Kai lead them to ring 8. Kai walked into the ring then another girl walked in the ring and so it began. One after one the girls came in the ring and they sparred. Compared to yesterday the standard Kai was looking for increased because of that only 18 out of 45 were left after the first round. Then Kai took a 15-minute break, he would take a break after every round.

After his break, round 2 began and Kai sparred with all eighteen girls. This time only 7 remained. Kai surmised that there would probably two rounds left until the end. So after his rest, he began round three. This round took a lot more physical effort from him because now he was fighting multiple rounds at 1700 PI. Because of that, his break was longer too. After round 2 there was only one girl left. It was the blonde girl who he spoke to last night.

So he walked to her, "Seems you really were holding back, not only are you knowledgeable, you are strong too."

"I've still been holding back." She teased.

"We will see about that… Reveera? I did say your name correctly, right?"

She giggled, "It's Revera but I appreciate the effort."

Kai put his hand on his forehead covering one eye, "My bad." Then he chuckled, "Just think how cool I would have been had I been was correct."

"You literally have my name on a paper," Then she chuckled, " But it's cool, I'm not offended. Plus you will have all the time in the world to practice how to say it correctly."

Kai raised both his eyebrows, "Oh wow, you sure aren't lacking in confidence."

She looked him in the eyes, "None whatsoever."

"Well, then shall we see if you have the skills to back that confidence?"

"It would be my pleasure."

So Kai and Revera both walked into the ring then Kai asked, "Are you ready?"

"More than I'll ever be." She said smiling.

Kai smiled in return, "No holding back."

"No holding back." She said seriously.

That's when Emily Frey walked into the ring standing in the middle of the two, "Okay, since you are both ready I will commence the start in 3, 2,1,0."

While the countdown was ticking the two of them held their kickstarters in their hands and were amplifying the lightning in their bodies.

While waiting the sweat trickled down Kai's forehead, this was the last opportunity he had to confirm the feeling. So far he hadn't felt it yet but he thought just maybe this would be the moment he had been waiting for.

Clasping the kickstarter tightly, feeling the grip on the palm of his hands. The electricity entered his body and then he drew it all to his stomach area. Kai cycled it sixteen times, he said he wasn't going to hold back and he meant it. With his focus fully projected on Revera, he heard Emily Frey say 0. As he did a spark of lightning flashed in his eyes and off he went. They both rushed at each other landing and dodging blows from each other. Kai landed a hit and then she did. She dodged and then he did. It sounded like firecrackers were being lit in the room as fists colided against each other. Both of them were fully submerged in the fight. It was as if they were in a universe of their own making. This pattern continued as a torrent of attacks came in. The fight seemed quite even. Even though Kai was physically stronger she made up for it in terms of experience. She knew what attacks to dodge block or parry.

The fight continued to proceed in an even state until Kai felt that his body was in good condition, 'I'm feeling great. This is how I felt when I fought Lexi and all those girls yesterday. Seems my body comes alive when I fight someone strong. Now that the table is set and the conditions have been met. Maybe today I'll finally be able to confirm it!'

Kai felt the epinephrine pumping through his veins. He felt his heart beating rapidly. The feeling of excitement he was feeling was bliss. Nonetheless, it wasn't the feeling he was looking for. So he continued to fight her. Up and down and left and right they went. No piece of wood in the ring was left untrampled on. In the middle of the fight, Kai looked at Revera and smiled. She was definitely worthy of being his partner. She was strong and had combat intelligence.

As the match continued Kai felt his body feeling better and better. It was as if everything was gelling together in the way it was supposed to. Because of this, his excitement grew too. Kai grinned in response as he continued to fight his body continued to respond. Slowly but surely the nature of his lightning began changing. It began changing into essence lightning. Every person has their own type of lightning. When an Amateur uses his/her kickstarter they cycle lightning into themselves. This is called natural lightning. Natural lightning is exactly what it is, it is the natural form lightning is found in. Natural lightning can be absorbed by other lightning wielders unless you change the nature. Currently, Kai only knows how to change lightning into lightning aura but his body is unconsciously adding his essence to his lightning. This then changes his natural lightning into essence lightning meaning only he can control it.

With his essence now in his lightning, Kai fights and slowly the tide begins to turn. Natural lightning has no stats were essence lightning does. Some peoples essence lightning has more piercing power others have a higher ampere value, relative to their levels.

Noticing that Kai had switched from natural to essence lightning, Revera did the same. She started cycling her essence into her amplified lightning.

The inclusion of essence lightning into the fight made it so much more chaotic as there essence clashed against each other. Now when a punch was blocked mini sparks where created. They could feel the heat of the sparks as well as the heat of the battle. However, they continued to fight as some of their essences entered each other. It is normal for some of their essences to enter each other's bodies. When that happens the body sees it as a foreign element and then destroys it. Like white blood cells try and destroy what they deem as foreign.

Kai continued to spar with a smile on his face, the feeling of his essence was familiar but still not quite what he was looking for. He believed if he just kept pushing he would find it. Kai wasn't looking to use the repulsion arts again neither lightning hyperdrive. He was well aware that they are moves he could only achieve through extensive practice. And this feeling was something different entirely. With hope in his heart, he continued to fight. As he did the fight began tipping in his favour. In the beginning, the difference between strength was nothing but in a dragged out fight eventually the difference will make itself known. Nonetheless, Kai didn't lose hope and they continued to spar immersed in every inch of it.

This fight continued to go on for half an hour. Once the half-hour mark had been reached slowly but surely Kai's smile seemed to vanish as well as his eagerness to fight…


"So how about we set up some suitors for you when we get home to Strera?" Jacques Montreal said.

"No need, he will be back," Lexi said smiling confidently.

Jacques Montreal furrowed his eyebrows, "How are you so confident?"

Lexi sighed, "Because at first, I thought I was the only one who noticed it. There was this feeling I got when I sparred with him. I have never felt it before with any of the guys I have sparred and fought with. I can't explain the feeling but it was different... When he said he needed to confirm a feeling, I knew he felt it too. That's why I let him go. I have been looking for a partner for over 2 years and I have never felt it before so there is no way he will find it in a month." She said smirking.


As the fight continued Kai's eagerness to continue continued to wane. It eventually reached a noticeable level so Revera came out of her drunken phase. She looked at Kai to see what was wrong. What was the reason he wasn't fighting hard anymore… When she looked at him properly she saw him standing still breathing heavily with his lips pursed, "What's wrong? Am I not good enough?"

Kai shook his head, "Not in the slightest you are perfect, almost perfect... You are strong, intelligent and have good instincts. I also feel we would fight really well together. And not only that, I like you. Not like you, like you but I like you as a person. You have that look in your eyes that makes me feel we are kindred spirits. "


"Despite all those things yesterday and today was to confirm whether I could feel this feeling. I can't explain the feeling and neither am I making this up... I have only felt it once before but it was the first person I ever tried to partner up with so I had to confirm whether it was a common thing or rare. I really thought I would feel it again today. All the conditions had been met, it just didn't happen that way I'm afraid," He said shaking his head.

"Is this why you only had a month to choose?"

"Yes, it was the reason. I put her on hold to confirm the feeling. I asked for a month to confirm and she gave it to me."

Sighing, "Then I understand. If this feeling you looking for is so important then it's best to go back to the one you felt it by. Don't waste another minute, you never know she might be doing the same thing and finding it in someone else. Anyway, today was fun and I'm really disappointed it didn't work out in the end. I too felt we were compatible. Haha, we had to be after all your tests… But just one last thing before I go. What is this girl's name?"

Kai thought for a while and decided he would tell her. She would find out soon enough anyway since apparently, it would cause a lot of press, "Her name is Lexi Montreal."

Revera pursed her lips and smacked her tongue, "Of course." Then she proceeded to walk out of the spar court.

Kai tried to call to her, "Do you know her?"

But she just continued to walk and then waved goodbye at him when she got to the door and then she left. That's when Emily Frey came to his side, "She was perfect. You two would have been a great fit."

"Maybe but I know I didn't make a mistake. I just know Lexi is supposed to by partner."

"Wow, slow down buster. You can't go professing your undying love already there is an order to things." She teased.

"Ha-ha, you know just as well as I do I meant King-Queen partner, not a romantic partner."

She stuck out her tongue, "I do(1)."

"You are not going to let up are you?"

Emily Frey was howling while holding her tummy. She loved teasing Kai and his facial expressions made it worth it. Once she was done laughing at Kai and her own jokes, "Okay okay, I'll stop."

*****Kai sighed, "Thank you." Then he touched his Genome watch and scrolled to Lexi Montreal. Then he clicked on her name and then on the call button. Soon after it began ringing…

"Hello… Did you confirm what you needed to confirm." Lexi Montreal asked.

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"I did."


"I didn't find it… So now I'm telling you that, 'I choose you.'"

Lexi laughed heartily, "Good, I have some things I need to clear up on my end. So I'll only fly in and see you tomorrow. When I'm there we can finalise the details. Sound good?"

Kai smiled, "Sounds good to me." Then he hung up.

Once he hung up, Emily Frey asked, "How do you feel now that you have a partner."

"It's still pretty surreal actually. Feels like yesterday I was still in school dreaming about getting a partner. Now I'm one step closer to that title I desire. It's a lot faster than I initially planned but I'm okay with it."

Emily Frey nodded her head, "I know what you mean young one. I too felt that way." She said reminiscing but by the looks of it not all the memories were pleasant.

Kai didn't ask what she was thinking about because she didn't say anything, instead he asked, "So what are we going to do for training? It's only 12 am, there are 6 hours left until we need to get out of this building."

Emily Frey thought for a while, "Well today we can take it easy. Let's practice essence lightning."

Confused Kai asked, "Essence lightning?"

"Yes, it's when you change the nature of your lightning by adding your own essence to it. Remember when I said you can't use lightning clone against a fellow lightning user unless you know how to change its nature. I was talking about essence lightning. Essence lightning is lightning only you can control. So if you hurl lightning at another lightning wielder that has had its nature changed he/she can't absorb or control only block dodge or parry it. You were fighting Revera today while unconsciously inputting your essence into your amplified lightning. When she did the same your two essences clashed creating those sparks you saw. It is crucial to know how to do it and since you have done it I want to make sure you can do it consciously."

Kai got about the just of it so he nodded his head, "So then how do I do this essence lightning. How do I put my essence into the lightning? What is even my essence?"

Emily sighed when she realised she had to explain from the very start as Kai knew nothing, "Okay, I'm going to begin with a basic surpasser anatomy lesson. When you amplify your lightning you feel it cycling somewhere around your stomach right? Although it feels like it, it's not exactly there. Actually, it's above the stomach in an area called the 'Eneron'. For Amateurs and beginners, the Eneron hasn't fully developed leaving them incapable of creating lightning. However, it can be amplified. The natural lightning travels through multiple channels in your body some are sealed others are open. Some have more unlockable channels than others. Third Generations Surpassers like yourself are known to have more unlockable channels in their body. The only way you can unlock these channels is by running your essence lightning through them."

"This is done by opening the valve on your solar plexus and letting your essence combine with your element. Your solar plexus is the area where your essence is stored. The closest thing to call your essence is a soul although it is not really a soul. We say it's like a soul because everyone's essence is different. Really, it's an energy that can't be touched nor does it have any power by itself. However, when added to a surpasser's element it brings it alive adding various attributes to their element."

"Once your essence has been added to the amplified natural lightning it becomes essence lightning. This can then be used to attack or defend or even move in various ways. To do this essence lightning needs to move through your channels. One such channel is the nervron. It is one of many sealed channel that allows lightning wielding surpassers to use their powers. The nervron specifically allows lightning wielding surpassers to use nerve related arts such as lightning hyperdrive, lightning regeneration and more.

The reason some people are better at certain arts is because of their essence lightning. If your essence lightning has a higher affinity to nerve related arts than you will find it easier converting your essence lightning into a nerve impulse. Once the essence lightning has been changed it will then be let through the nervron allowing you to use nerve related arts. Your essence lightning does not need to be a fully converted nerve impulse to flow through the nervron. However, the amount of power you can use is dependent on your conversion percentage. Some people can have their lightning pass through the nervron with a conversion percentage of 8% others need 80% or the nervron won't allow the nerve impulse to pass through. It all comes to down to your body and your essence lightning. That's why some people can perform arts where others can't.

So in summary, kickstarter releases electricity. Eneron amplifies it into natural lightning while the solar plexuses releases the essence changing the natural lightning to essence lightning. Essence lightning is then sent to the channel which abilities you want to use. This channel is then unlocked but in order to flow through the channel, another conversion needs to take place. After an accepted conversion percentage the power will be available for use. Note not all channels are sealed. The auron channel is open and doesn't require essence lightning. That is why lightning aura is a low-rank art. The same as projectiles controlled by the proron channel. The harder the conversion the higher the art."

Kai took some time to process the information bomb she dropped on him but he eventually understood it all. He had no idea that was how his body worked. But now he also saw the importance of his solar plexus. If that was attacked in battle it would be an instant loss. If you can't cycle essence lightning you can't open any of channels meaning you can only use low-level arts. Essence lightning was the beginning of everything now that he knew that he did not want to waste more time. Kai sat down on the ground and then sat crossed legs. He wanted to concentrate and find this essence. So that he could open the valve of the solar plexus at will. Sitting crossed legged Kai began concentrating on his body.

When he did Emily Frey broke him out of his concentration, "You need to use your kickstarter first. Your senses are sharper when you have lightning in your body so it will be easier to discover."

Kai nodded his head. It was a probable theory. So he took out his kickstarter and then pressed on it. Immediately the electricity flowed inside him. Kai drew all the electricity to his Eneron where he began cycling it into natural lightning.

"Now that your body has its amplified lightning don't let it go. Keep it in the Eneron then remember how you felt when you were fighting Revera. Whether it was excitement, love or even fear, whatever it is remember that feeling. Then remember how your body felt when the natural lightning became essence lightning. When you do should be able to locate your essence."

So Kai remembered how he felt during the fight and it was excitement pure excitement and adrenaline. Once he remembered that he remembered how it felt when his lightning changed. The change in nature felt more of a return to how it should be then a change. After that realisation, a star was born. In his mind, Kai could see a small circle light up. The rest of the map was still dark except for three faint circles. Kai figured these where the channels he had yet to discover and the channels that were open from the start.

Seeing Kai's smile on his face, Emily Frey knew he had discovered it, "Next you need to open the valve and let your essence enter your Eneron. Don't worry this step is easy as the two are meant to combine. Once you have done that I want you to try and coat your lightning but now with essence lightning being converted to aura lightning."

Kai visualized the newly awakened circle and then he took a closer inspection at it. There he saw a white valve blocking what seemed to be blue energy. He then visualized the valve opening and so the valve opened. Then he directed this energy to the Eneron as the energy flowed out it was immediately being replaced as if energy never left. Once it reached the Eneron it fused with the natural lightning giving it life as the lightning hummed in excitement. It required no extra help from him. Just like Emily Frey had said, the two were always meant to combine.

After the successful fusion, Kai still had one more step to go. So he began changing his lightning essence into lightning aura. Before he had no idea that to do this it had to flow through a channel. He was doing that unknowingly but now that he knew, he could see the circle light up as the essence lightning flowed through it. Then he started converting his essence lightning to aura lightning. To his surprise, it was so much easier than before. The level of control Kai had over essence lightning was far more than he had over the natural. This increased the speed at which the aura was produced. Kai also noticed that his aura also had more of a personality now. Kai could sense a stronger piercing power he could see that his aura was a lot sturdier and refined. It increased all those attributes but the yield was the same. Now he knew how Lexi's was so perfect. Yes, she worked hard to achieve it but also because she converted essence to aura. Seeing the stronger aura coated in his hands Kai furrowed his eyebrows, 'If this was possible why didn't she teach me to use essence from the start?'

Emily Frey chuckled at Kai's peeved expression and then spoke as if she could read his mind, "You first had to learn to control natural lightning to a high enough degree to use essence lightning. To locate your solar plexus for starters requires a certain mastery level you can't achieve by just knowing that it exists. By training to control the rampant energy and gaining control over it allowed you to be able to multitask. If you did not have control over your lightning it would take longer to fuse the two. As well as it would take longer for you to amplify your lightning. In battle, your speed is of conversion is important so this way was the best outcome.

Kai sighed and accepted her explanation, "All that ends well."

Now it was already 5:30 pm it had taken quite a while to locate his solar plexus and then open the valve. Seeing the time the two of them decided to go home. Tomorrow they would train again until Kai and Lexi met again to finalise everything.

1- "I do" Is what people say at a wedding and that is what she meant when she said it.

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