13 The decision (1)

For the past week and a half, Kai had been training day in and day out. His father had hired him a tutor from Keshos. Kai believed Jacques Montreal when he said that he had flaws in the way he moved. He had been essentially teaching himself how to fight. There was no way he knew the perfect way to fight. He was no seasoned warrior. In fact, he hasn't even had the honour of facing a Zolma yet.

His tutor Emily Frey was a Razak Rank 4 Lightning-water 2nd Generation Surpasser. Lightning-Lightning being the strongest pair then Lightning-Water, Lightning-Earth, Lightning-Fire and last Lightning-Wind. She was 26 years old and had a petite and short frame, standing at 158cm. She had brunette hair and brown eyes. She also wore glasses and had a sweet voice. All these elements lead one to believe she is harmless. That she is an angel but in fact, she is the devil in disguise.

At first, his tutor wasn't too enthusiastic about training Kai. However, Kai's parents not only paid for her plane ticket to Drauton but are also paying for her rent in her apartment plus the tutoring fee. Seeing how they were going through such lengths to hire her, she thought Kai was weak. She had been recruited by many other wealthy families and their children were lazy and expected results to fall from the sky. Despite having to teach such students, the pay was good. That was the same with Kai. She only agreed because the pay is good. However, as she saw his determination to improve and his immense talent her eyes sparkled. As if the image of Kai an uncut diamond was reflected on her eyes. She also noticed that they had a similar fighting style. This made her happy and sad.

Immediately she started being more active in the way she taught him. Instead of giving him a set amount of exercises and then leaving, she would stay and watch over him. When he made a mistake she would hit him with a flat wooden spoon that had been coated with her lightning aura.

"Kai you need to think… Where is my enemy going to attack? How does my enemy plan to attack? If you don't know you test. See how they respond to the way you move. When you punch do they duck, dodge, block or parry? But look deeper than that too. Do you see fear in their eyes when you have the upper hand or does it seem as if they are in control? This is how you search for traps. At first, looking for traps will land you in traps but as you get better you will be able to discern the fake from the real. Raw Instincts are great and I understand they have yet to fail you. But they are unpredictable. One day they are working well another day they don't and on that day you get your partner killed. Do you want that? Fighting is as much intellectual as it is physical. I'm not saying throw away your instincts. On the contrary, I'm telling you to cultivate them. Let your body understand cause and reaction. So when you face a similar situation. Your body will instinctively know how to respond. One day your body will know how to instinctively counter-attack too.

"Battles aren't always won in a flashy manner. Sometimes the winner is decided on a simple matter. If people are of equal strength, possess the same intellect then instinct will determine the winner. Instinct that has been refined through experience."

Kai nodded his head, he had to show he was listening otherwise she would whack him with the spoon. However, he was happy that his tutor was able to see his flaws. The only thing that they bumped heads with was his rank. Kai is currently still a Beginner Rankless. According to her, he should be consuming Zolma meat and ranking up as soon as possible so that he can get stronger. However, Kai didn't want to yet. He still couldn't control all the elemental power that this level provided. Not to mention, he still couldn't use 2400 PI of his strength either. He felt ranking up would just make it harder to control. Here their two philosophies clashed as Kai had taken the Strera way of life. They prioritised control. She was a student of Keshos who prioritised strength and power above all. In the end, he decided to wait a month. He would make his decision after he made his decision.

It was then that Kai's watch sounded out for the umpteenth time. It had been notifying him all week when he matched with someone. Because Kai looks good on paper this happened more often than not. It didn't bother Kai but his tutor had just about enough of it.

"Can you put that thing on silent!" She said as if it was a question but really it was a command.

Kai complied immediately otherwise she would bring out the wooden spoon. That spoon really hurt. The worst part was that she hit him so quickly and powerfully he couldn't even dodge it. If he had a choice he would choose strenuous training over getting smacked in a heartbeat.

Once it was on silent he began training again. The training was done at the Training Centre. They hired a room and trained in it every day. His day was split so that he could train different things. In the morning, Kai would do fitness and physical training. Afternoons, he would do weapon training and Close Quarters Combat training. And in the evening, in his own time, he would do extra coating training. After coating, he would log onto the app 'Partner up' and then he would send a message to each person, "Location: Drauton, Agritura, Training Centre, Spar court C2. Date: 25th of June. Time: 10 am. Attire: Bring your combat clothes. Ps: I only had a month to find a partner so you won't be the only girl there. If this doesn't bother you I'd love to have you there." This was copy and pasted to each person. Then he would get some well-deserved sleep.

The cycle continued until the 24th of June. Now Kai had to get ready for tomorrow, the 25th of June. He didn't know how many people would show up if any but he still needed to prepare. He had told his tutor the day before that there would be no training on the 24th. Today Kai had to print papers and do a lot of other admin related tasks so he couldn't train. It would take him the whole day to finish everything and it did. However, he enjoyed trying to improve his lightning aura and didn't really see that as training. Kai decided he would practise his lightning aura for two hours. Once he was done he exclaimed, "I have finally mastered that move! Just you wait." Then he stretched his arms out and then yawned. Then he closed his laptop and climbed in bed. Satisfied with how today went he closed his eyes and dozed off.

The next morning Kai woke up at 6 am. He looked to the right and saw that his clock said, "June 25th". He took a deep breath as he came to terms that it really was that day. After getting out of bed he did a bit of physical training and then practised his coating till 7:10 am. Then he had breakfast with his parents. Kai missed this routine as it was the same one he used to have when he was still in school. But now that he was out of school his wake up time was later. So he wouldn't see his parents in the morning only in the evening when they came back from work.

After breakfast he said goodbye to them and then he went up to go shower. Then he dressed in his combat gear and got in his car and drove to his destination. Once he got there he parked his car and went to Spar Court C2. This spar court was a lot bigger than the one he and Lexi fought in. He needed a bigger place to accommodate the people that were coming. He didn't think everyone would show up but even still he matched with over 1000 people. He had to keep reminding himself it was not a dating app. So there was nothing wrong with having them all gather in one place.

Kai walked to the building's door and then opened it. It was still pitch black inside until he switched the lights on. Immediately, he could see the place. It was huge; it looked like a volleyball gymnasium without the nets. There was more than one sparing ring. In fact, there were 8; this place was used for competitions. After looking around he walked to the tables he had requested they set up for him. They were on the other side of the court close to the wall. There were four tables in total lined up next to each other. Then he took his black school bag off his shoulders and put it on one of the tables. He zipped it open and took out a file that was filled with A4 papers. He flipped through the flip file and took out four pieces of paper. These papers each had a letter a hyphen and another letter printed on in bold. A-E, F-J, K-O, P-T, U-Z. He pasted the papers against the wall in line with the chair of that table. But also slightly above where he thought a head would be. So that people could see it.

Then he took out more papers that had columns with names and surnames on. He placed them on their respective tables. Then he placed a black pen on each table. After that, he heard his name being called from outside. So Kai got up and walked outside. Looking outside he saw a few familiar faces and more unfamiliar ones.

"Ay, there is the big shot live in the flesh." Quinton Electra said looking at Kai who was standing under the bridge of the door.

Kai just laughed then he greeted Quinton and Carmen as well as the seven other people Carmen had brought with her. Kai had asked for their help today because he couldn't do it alone. That's when Carmen said she could bring extra hands and Kai didn't object.

Quinton and the other male Carmen had brought with her where the bodyguards. Their job was to make sure that there were no mishaps. That if the spar court was full they would be able to control the people waiting outside keeping them in a line until their turn. Then there was another security detail inside the spar court. This was two females. They were there to make sure that nobody inside was being unruly. He didn't think he would need them. However, the absence of security is more likely to bring trouble. The four other extra hands were to man the tables that were set out. Carmen's job was to oversee everything and make sure everyone was doing their jobs properly.

Once Kai had explained to everyone what they were going to do they dispersed. Quinton stayed outside with his fellow bodyguard and everyone else went inside to their positions. After a while, they heard arguing outside. Carmen could tell that the one person arguing was definitely Quinton but she couldn't tell who the other voice was.

Quinton was standing at his post when he saw a girl walking to them, "It can't be right. We only start at 10:00 am it is 8:30. So she will probably turn off somewhere, right?"

The other guy just lifted his shoulders as he didn't know.

But that wasn't the case, this girl continued to walk and he could see that she had made this spar court her destination. At first, he mulled over how he was going to tell her to wait. No one was allowed in until 9 am and it was 8:30. However, this girl looked like she came from a land of candy floss and rainbows so as long as he was nice she would listen. He imagined he would bring out his charming smile and then tell her she can't come in yet and then she would patiently wait. Then they would have a lovely conversation until she went in. But life doesn't always work the way we want it to.

When she was close enough, Quinton told her, "I'm sorry but you can't go in yet. It starts at 10 but you can only enter at 9." He said then simpered.

This was one of the reasons he wanted to be a bodyguard. Outside he got first pick at a buffet of girls. He stood upright with his hands folded oozing as much testosterone as he could.

The girl smiled back at him, "Don't worry about it. I'm here for Kai so you can let me in."

Quinton furrowed his eyebrows 'Maybe she didn't hear me properly. Yes, that must be it.' He returned to his jovial demeanour and tried again "It only starts at 10. But you need to wait till 9. When it's 9 I'll be more than willing to let you in." He said with a beguiling smile.

Immune to his wiles she stopped smiling, "I get that but I am here for Kai. So just let me in." She said in a tone conveying slight annoyance.

Quinton wore a puzzled expression, 'Is she dumb? Isn't everyone coming here for Kai?" Then he smiled again this time less charming more I'm not interested anymore, "So is everyone else coming but you can only see him at 9. The selection program starts at 10."

The girl nodded her head which made Quinton feel at ease, 'Finally, she understands.' However that wasn't the case…

As if she hadn't listened to a thing he said, "Don't worry about me… I'm here for Kai so you can let me in." She said trying her hardest to be nice.

A nerve twitched on Kai's forehead. That's when his partner stepped in, "I get you, you want to see Kai. But we as bodyguards have been instructed to only let people in at 9. Since it's not 9 yet, please wait." He said in a hoarse but friendly tone.

Seeing his fellow bodyguard take over Quinton regained some of his composure.

The girl, however, was not happy. She had just been denied entrance for the fourth time, "Look you brats! I'm here for Kai, he asked me if I could come and here I am!"

Quinton lost it when she called him a brat. Quinton was 181cm and she was only 158cm but she had the audacity to call him a brat, "Look you short sh** I'm just doing my job. So either you can wait or you can leave!" He said in fury.

She looked at him dead in the soul, "Or I can just go through you." She smirked mischievously.

Quinton looked down at her superciliously and unfolded his arms, "I'd like to see you try."

Kai heard all the commotion going outside but there was a voice he recognised other than Quinton's. So he went to go see what all the commotion was about.

As soon as he stepped outside he saw a familiar face. He saw a face of a wolf in sheeps clothing.

"Oh Emily, you are here! I didn't think you would come." Then he looked at Quinton, "Quinton this is my tutor, Emily Frey. She is a Razak Rank 4, Lightning-Water 2nd Generation Surpasser. "Then he looked at Emily Frey again, "It's my fault, I didn't tell them you were coming. Honestly, I didn't think you would come since this has nothing to do with training."'

Emily Frey harrumphed, "Of course I'd be here. Choosing a partner is very important. I'm here to make sure you choose correctly." She said then walked past Quinton purposefully bumping into him.

Quinton however never said a word. When he heard what her rank was a cold child (1) ran down his spine. With his eyes still bulged he thanked Kai earnestly for coming out before he got his ass kicked by a girl almost a whole foot shorter than him.

After Quinton thanked him, Kai went inside. Then he introduced Emily Frey to the rest of the people inside. Then everyone went back to their positions and made sure everything was perfect on their side. When they were done it was perfectly 9 am so Quinton and co let the people who were waiting outside in. 100 girls of different shapes and sizes as well as different walks of life came in. They were told what was going to happen outside already so they just waited in the open space and talked amongst themselves. As the time drew closer to 10 am, more and more girls streamed in. From 100 to 200 then 400, they were currently at 750. So Kai told Carmen to tell Quinton that he should stop letting people in. They should wait outside and then he will let them in as soon as others had cleared out.

When she left, Kai stood up from his chair and then addressed the group of girls. They were standing in a square formation, "Hello and thank you all for coming. I am Kai Adler as I am sure you all know. Now you all must be wondering what you are going to do. But first I need you to check yourself in. You see these tables." Kai pointed to the tables behind him, "That's where you will sign in. If your surname is within A-E then go to the table with the A-E paper above it. If it's within F-J you go to the table with the F-J paper above. Of course the same applies to the rest of the alphabet... On the paper is a box that says 'check in,' draw a tick there. Please don't do not draw a tick in the other boxes yet."

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After listening each row went to their respective table and signed in. Once they were signed in they filed in again but at the back of the formation until the people who started were in the front again.

Once they were done Kai came to the front again, "Now that everyone has signed in we will commence with the program… This is a selection program. I am looking for a partner to team up with as are you that's why you are here. However, there is only one of me and 100's of you. So in the end, only one person will be chosen. I also hold the right to choose no one, bare that in mind… How I choose will be done in different stages. If you pass the stage you stay and if you don't, you unfortunately have to leave. If you happen to be one of those who leave, I just want to thank you for coming all the way for a lowly me." He said bowing his head slightly, "Anyway, the first stage is a compatibility test. If we are kickstart compatible then you pass. And if we are not then, unfortunately, we are not compatible and you have to go."

That's when Kai saw a hand in the crowd, "Yes, you there. Do you have a question?"

A slim brunette girl with a smoky voice replied. As she did the group parted from her so Kai could see her, "Yes, actually. Why do we have to be kickstart compatible? According to statistics, there is a less than a 35% chance to be kickstart compatible with someone. Once test 1 is done more than half of us will be gone without even getting a chance to show our worth." Most of the girls nodded their heads as they agreed, "Like what does it matter if we are not kickstart compatible? Strength should be the determiner. For instance, if we happen to be incompatible, I could still kick all these girls asses. So then you are basically losing your strongest warrior. In battle, strength is what matters. That's why I came because your PI shows strength. So can you please explain so I can understand?"

1- I know it's a cold 'chill' ran down his spine not 'child'. But I accidentally wrote child and when I was proofreading I saw the mistake and I laughed. So I decided to keep the mistake. Think of it as a malapropism.

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