Prologue (3)

While passers were waiting for the next attack, scientists were researching weapons to kill the Zolma, should they ever return. After much research scientists improved the strength of the energy weapons. As this was confirmed to be the only thing that actually hurt the Zolma even if it wasn't enough to kill. Scientist were even able to create tanks that fired energy weapons. They had man-made energy cannons, energy sentries and the guns that passers were equipped with had all switched from ballistic to energy. After years of research, the strength of energy guns just kept getting stronger. In fact, it was now about 50 times stronger than before. Given their current prowess the passers believed should they face against the Zolma. They believed they would be prepared and would be able to kill them all. Because of this human teleportation research was reopened. The governments all around the world had assured all humans should the Zolma appear they would be able to deal with it. The dread of the Omexus War of Stania was more than three years ago so some of the fear they experienced had subsided. Plus all research was supposed to be done far away from any human civilisation in case something happens. With all of this, teleportation research was accepted by all.

Many countries took part in the Human Teleportation Race. They all designed human teleportation machines similar to Dr Steven Boredo's. His model was banned but many people used his model as a base for their own to improve upon. Because of this successful human transportation was happening all over the world. Causing the world to be in a good place again until the inevitable happened. Omexuses started appearing some cities of the remaining three powerhouse countries. This confused everyone. Why were omexuses appearing in their cities when the research was being held thousands of kilometres away? Shouldn't the omexuses appear where the research was happening? That is what happened last time. It was because of that the teleportation research facilities were heavily guarded with the new and improved energy weapons to kill the Zolma should they appear. They were not expecting them to appear in the city as such most of their military might was gone.

The Zolma that came out the omexus this time were all the size of the leader Zolma that appeared last time. Then finally the biggest one they had ever seen appeared from the omexus, this was a 6-meter giant. Unlike its counterparts, its eyes were blue which gave it a refined and calm look. This added to the fear people felt for it. As it looked far more intelligent than the ones that came before it. Intelligence is scary. This happened at all three sights that the Zolma appeared from.

Once the Zolma had all fully come out they numbered to about 70 in each country. In total there were 210 on Drars. After hearing the call to arms scream from the colossal giant the Zolmas shed the tar-like skin and their various elements were revealed. The waters crashed more, the winds were more tempestuous. The fire burned hotter and the lightning crackled and boomed louder. These creatures had stronger elemental might than the ones before and it was evident in how they kept destroying the capital. The armies tried to stop them but they couldn't, the Zolmas wiped out the entire country. Even when the reinforcements from the research facilities arrived they were only able to kill 10 of them before getting wiped out. After wiping out 3 powerhouse countries the 200 Zolmas stayed in their respective countries. Leaving 3 countries a no man's land.

Again human teleportation was banned by the World Government. The new research that took priority was discovering how the bodies of the Zolma work. The bodies of the dead Zolma were transferred to research labs to study and identify their weaknesses so that they are easily killed when they return. They also wanted to understand how the Zolma are able to use the elements and if this power could be transferred to passers. They tried all things like removing the elemental gene from the Zolma and adding it to a passer. However, this always resulted in death. The person would bleed out of every orifice once the transfer was complete. They tried blood transfers, bone marrow transfers. They tried a lot but it always resulted in the death of the passer. Passers were losing hope in trying to create a human who could use elemental powers until two appeared.

Two homeless people where hungry and so they ate the meat of the Zolma that the research facilities had thrown away after use. Eating the meat of Zolmas had already been discovered to be poisonous to a passers body. However, to these passers that had nothing else to eat it was exactly what they needed. After eating their fill of the Zolma meat they fell asleep in some alley on the floor. When they woke their bodies had completely evolved they still looked the same but their muscles were now stronger than the average human. Their senses were sharper. They gained a new sense called the sixth sense. Of course, this was all unknown to them. To them, they just felt that they got the best night sleep they had in years and that is why they felt so good. One of them took a match from his pocket then tried to light the cigarette in his mouth. But as he scratched the match to ignite it, it exploded in his face. Surprised by the explosion but also surprised he didn't get hurt by the explosion, he took another match out. He scratched it and a flame was lit but to his surprise, the flame was burning the match much faster than he could ever remember, in a blink of an eye the match burnt to his finger.

He dropped the match, "Ow!" He said "Ow" in anticipation of the pain of being burnt by fire but it never came. He could clearly remember the flame enveloping his finger yet he felt no pain.

So he tried again, he lit the match and let the flame touch his finger but to his surprise, he wasn't feeling any pain at all. In fact, he discovered that he could control the flame as it danced on his hand. Excited by this new development, he woke up his friend beside him and showed him what he could do. His friend was wowed and wondered if he could do it. His friend took a match out of his pocket and let it burn him. To his surprise, he had to the ability too. They were both playing with fire in the alleyway until they used all their matches up. They fiddled in their pockets to find any loose change so that they can buy more matches to play with their new found abilities but they had nothing. It was at this moment an insatiable hunger came over them. Specifically, it was a hunger for Zolma meat. They rummaged the dustbins of all the nearby research facilities and ate the Zolma meat that was thrown away. As they ate they felt their bodies getting stronger but the amount of meat that was thrown out was only small bits and pieces. Noticing they had no chance of eating any Zolma meat they switched to animal meat. But they had no money to buy. Hence the only way to quench this hunger was to rob a local store. They laid out their plan and robbed a store of its money. They masked their faces with black bags and then discarded their clothes and stole the clothes of the other homeless people. Now that they had money they bought meat and matches to play with their power. With their powers, they cooked the meat and ate it. They never got stronger eating normal meat but the insatiable hunger left. It wasn't what their bodies were craving but it would have to do.

Days went by with them robbing the stores using their powers flamboyantly and then disappearing. This news travelled the world quickly as people saw the video of two people who could control fire robbing a local convenience store. The governments from all over the world could not ignore this and they each sent spies into the country to capture the two. If they could understand how these people claimed their powers maybe they could create more of them. But before the people of other countries could capture them they were captured by their own country. Where it was discovered after much torture that they had obtained their powers by eating Zolma meat. Once this was discovered many people tried it but of course, it was still poisonous to a lot of people so many people died. But a lot of 1st generation surpassers were popping around the world. It was discovered that only 5% of all passers can evolve into a surpasser after eating Zolma meat. The rest had to have it pumped out their systems immediately or die. Because people wanted to become a surpasser a new business was created. Around the country were shops where you could eat Zolma meat and potentially evolve and if you don't they pump out the meat from your stomach for you and immediately. It was a risk-free way of trying to evolve but due to high demand, it was very expensive so only the rich and middle class could afford it.

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After 10 years, the first Second Generation surpassers where born. Doctors discovered that the children of surpassers had the elemental gene in them from birth. If both parents were surpassers there was a 100% chance to have a Second Generation baby but if only one parent was a surpasser the odds were all over the place. It was discovered that if only the father is a surpasser there is a higher chance for the child to be a Second Generation Surpasser than if the mother was the only surpasser.

After another 10 years, the first 3rd Generation surpasser was born. During a fire that happened at a flat. A Second Generation boy was stuck in the house. His mother was a wind user and his father a fire user. The child had yet to invoke his abilities, they usually appear at random times. The younger the more talented they usually are. This child was trapped in the house when it was burning down. Covered in flames the child was forcefully awoken and he became the first 3rd Generation surpasser. After much tests, it was discovered that 3rd generations are stronger than 2nd generations who were discovered to be stronger than 1st generations. Once word got out about the new 3rd Generations a lot of senseless death happened again. This was because if your parents didn't both share the same element you had no idea what element you would have. You could not identify it from your elemental gene. The elemental gene only shows you have the potential to become a surpasser. You need to receive a lethal dose of your respective element. For water, it meant almost drowning. Fire meant burning alive. Lightning meant being electrocuted. Wind you needed to stand in the middle of a tornado. Earth meant being crushed by the pressure of Earth. If you didn't know your elemental gene you had to guess between the two your parents have. But there were cases were children awaken different abilities than their parents because of recessive genes which thin the pool again. Also even if you do guess your elemental gene correctly the success rate of becoming a 3rd Generation surpasser without any elemental gene mistakes is 5%. So your chances are slim.

After they discovered 3rd generation surpassers the Zolma returned but for the first time, passers were able to defeat them with the help of the surpassers and the new energy weapons. With the emergence of the Zolma, surpassers schools were created specifically to train surpassers to fight the Zolma . New jobs were created too such as becoming a Zolma hunter was now a profession. The stronger the Zolma the more you got paid. The various schools were created to bring surpassers into the military and other establishments. However, the surpassers felt they had surpassed the ordinary passers and did not want to be their weapons. They did see the threat the Zolma posed so they decided they would kill them but only because they had to. They were not going to follow the orders of the passers. From this, the various elements created what has become known as a clan. There are five clans. The lightning clan, the fire clan, the wind clan, the water and earth clan. Each clan is made of people with their respective elements. Each clan has a clan building in each capital city of the world. The buildings are massive skyscrapers and the respective elemental users that have joined the clan get to sleep in the building. However, once you join, the clan owns you.

The passers don't feel any animosity towards surpassers. Despite being two different races they get along well in a symbiotic relationship. While the passers do ordinary work and pay taxes which some go to funding the schools of the surpassers and giving money to the respective clan heads so that they can pay their employees for the work they do. While the surpassers keep the world safe. Some clans are more popular than others and because of that get more money from the tax money. The fire clan is the biggest clan than the water, earth, wind and lastly the lightning clan. Each clan has a clan head. Each clan has royalty too. From fourth prince and princess to King and Queen. The King and Queen are the clan heads. One female, one male. Both have equal power. The title of nobility can be given to people to. These titles don't just work inter-clan but the passers and surpassers outside of the clan have to respect them. The clans don't hold any political power the government is still in charge.

100 years later...

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