Prologue (2)

The feet got bigger and bigger as they descended to the ground. Once they reached the ground they trampled on the passers scattering below. Across the entire place, groups of people were people being paralysed. Noticing this, people became rambunctious in the way they tried to escape but they could no longer escape. Standing at the exit was a fully exposed Zolma. By this time every Zolma had fully emerged from the omexuses. The newly emerged ones numbered up to 20. They were smaller than the one that first emerged but still showed every bit of bloodlust in their bloodshot eyes. Using their menacing eyes they scanned the crowd that was now standing still. As their eyes washed over the people; a cold sweat came over the passers. Their hearts began racing as they gulped dry air. They knew that this was as peaceful as it will ever get. It was certainly the calm before the storm. Again the passers gulped.

Then suddenly the biggest Zolma, the leader, he screamed again breaking any of the last glass buildings within its range. By now the passers knew this was no attack. It was so powerful it could be a final attack but they knew this was a simply a call to arms. After the call to arms, the 20 other Zolma's did exactly that. They came to arms. Suddenly the black on each of their bodies started falling off like bits of tar. Once the Zolma had completely shed they looked like an entirely different species. They still had the same body frame but different look. Not all the Zolmas looked the same now. Some were burning and surrounded by vermillion flames. Others were surrounded and coated by a body of water. Some had wind flying around it in a weird and unorthodox nature as if it was bending to the creatures will. Some had bits of earth sticking out of it like a golem. The most peculiar of them all were the ones that had electricity coursing through its body.

After their transformation, they began their attacks on the passers beneath them. Large amounts of water flooded the place and then the Lightning Zolma would unleash its electricity into the water killing hundreds of people instantly. On the other side of the field, the fire and wind Zolmas were combining their power to roast the passers. It was a massacre, people were running everywhere and not in a systematic manner. As all exits had been sealed they were just running to extend their lives, even if just for a second. The Zolma continued to kill and eat. They were killed at a frightening pace. A thousand people had died and disappeared in a blink of an eye. It was at this point the army of Stania could no longer stand idle.

"We have received orders to kill the monsters at all costs. Let's move out!" The commander in a fighter jet told the rest.

"But sir, if we fire our missiles on the monsters there will definitely be collateral damage. How can we do that until all the passers have evacuated to the extraction point?"

"Can't you see that all exits have been sealed?! There is no saving these people anymore as such the President has stated they will be part of the sacrifice for humanity and for our country. If we don't wipe out these creatures here and now they could potentially go further into our city and kill more of people. Our job is to kill these creatures and stall them so that the people of the city can escape. On the greater scale of things losing 7000 people is nothing to losing millions. So get back into formation and let's show these monsters the power of passers! "

The private bit his lip so hard blood was drawn. He wasn't happy about sacrificing his fellow passers but he understood that the lives of these people couldn't outweigh the lives of the country. They had to kill the Zolma here before they continued and killed more with their abnormal ability to control the elements. Once he saw the bigger picture he got into formation like he had been commanded and then all the fighter jets flew off.

"We do not know how much power these creatures control. The biggest one has also yet to reveal his powers. He is still covered by the black tar. This works for us. So rain open season on the monsters except for the big one. Do not antagonize him. We will deal with him as a collective when we kill the rest."

"Yes, sir!"

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With that, the respective fighter split apart and began firing at the Zolmas all around. Some stray bullets would kill the passers below but it couldn't be helped. After firing ballistic bullets for a while the army of Stania realized that they had no effect of on the Zolmas. The Zolmas were completely ignoring them and continued to kill the remaining passers mercilessly. The only time they got the Zolmas attention was when they accidentally killed a passer a Zolma wanted to kill.

"All units switch from ballistic weapons to energy weapons." The commander said.

'Let's see if you're impervious to our newest technology.' The commander thought.

Just as the commander had commanded the pilots of the fighter jets stopped firing ballistic weapons. They returned the ballistic weapons back into the jets and then two new weapons appeared on the left side and another on the right. An energy Gatling gun and a laser. Once the new weapons appeared the army of Stania started the fight again. They unleashed the energy weapon against the Zolma. As the energy bullets began raining on the Zolma they first thought that it had no effect too. But after a while, some of the Zolma were screaming in pain. It wasn't enough to kill them but the energy weapons were hurting them. They suspected that if they continue to fire on the Zolma they would break skin soon and then kill them. So the commander told them to continue to fire at the Zolma.

After receiving the continued onslaught of the passers the Zolma could no longer ignore the fighter jets. So they shifted their focus from the passers on the ground to the passers in the sky. Suddenly the wind's direction changed. It started getting more chaotic. This was the doing of the Wind Zolmas, they were using the chaotic wind to make it hard for the fighter jets to manoeuver. Then with the abundance of wind in the air, the Fire Zolmas shot their fire into the sky; lighting the entire sky up in a sea of flames. The sky was burning; as a result, the fighter jets could not see each other. Some crashed into each other and blew up, exploding on the ground below.

"Everyone do not move! If you move you risk bumping into someone else. Stay your ground. It's not as if these flames damage us. Our jets are impervious to fire of this level." The commander said. However, it fell on deaf ears as the accumulated electrostatic charges above messed with their comms and radios. Then suddenly from far above multiple arcs of lightning came down on all the immobile fighter jets. This completely fried their systems and one by one they plummeted down from the sky until there wasn't a single fighter jet in the sky. The leader of the Zolmas smirked and then commanded his minions to kill the rest of the passers on the ground. Once they had wiped out all the passers in the vicinity they moved to the city. They began destroying cities as they moved. Again the army of Stania tried to stop them but they were not able to. All they could do was stall them while the citizens were evacuated to another country. The Zolmas just continued destroying everything in their path. After much destruction, the entire country of Stania was destroyed and all most passers left behind were killed. The passers that took refuge in underground shelters were kept alive. All of this was still being streamed by drones to the rest of the world.

By now the world was terrified. Presidents had to address their countries to keep them calm. People were afraid that the omexuses would pop up in their city and from them, Zolma would appear. If this happened it would spell the end for their country. If a country as powerful as Stania couldn't stop them how could theirs? Stania was a first-rate country. It was also one of the four power countries in the world. It was even believed that of the powerhouse countries, Stania was the strongest in terms of military prowess. This makes the loss of Stania all the scarier.

Stania was now marked by the World Government as a no man's land. Other countries had sent aid to Stania to help and kill the Zolma but they had all died. The entire country of Stania was destroyed. However, the Zolma stayed behind only the omexuses disappeared. This frightened and relieved passers all over the world, they knew that the Zolma could appear at any country, at any time and then destroy it. This was the fear of everyone alive.

For millions of years, passers had been the top of the food chain. Preying upon and slaughtering animals for their own needs. Some animals were bred just to be killed because the passers enjoyed the taste of their flesh. The only species they ever had to fear was themselves. As this was the only species that they knew of that was capable of killing them. However, now with the addition of the Zolma, everything changed. Now there is a species much stronger than them. A species that seemed to relish in killing them. This was evident with the leader of the Zolmas. It had yet to reveal its strength it only led its minions as it slaughtered and ate the passers with a smile on its face. It was made clear that these creatures aren't doing it because they have to but because they enjoy killing. Passers pride themselves about being the most intelligent species and they believe this gives them the right to decide the fate of all other species. However, now there is a species more intelligent than them. Does this give the Zolma the right to decide the fate of all passers?

After the war against the Zolma what came to be known as the Omexus War of Stania. All research related to teleportation was shut down and banned by the World Government. Any practice would result in immediate execution. No questions asked and no trial held.

Even though they created theses countermeasures they had no idea why the Zolma attacked. Why did this happen now? When or if they were coming back? What there aim was? Did they have an aim? Questions upon questions they would only find out in the future...

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