Prologue (1)

Screams, blood and death were in low demand but high supply the day the Zolma attacked. People were confused, scared and angry but they were powerless as they died mercilessly and helplessly.

The setting of this world takes place in a world parallel to Earth called Drars. The inhabitants of this world look and act like humans but they call themselves passers. As life is finite and one day they will pass on.

The world is similar to Earth where people go to work and get paid for it. The type of jobs you can do are the same as on Earth with the addition of a few fields. This world's technology is far more advanced than earth. As such the quality of life is a lot better for everyone. The unemployment rates globally are low as there is always something to do as they strove to succeed. Everyone is hard working in this world. In fact, people who are inherently lazy are said to have a mental illness which causes laziness.

The most prestigious job in this world is being a scientist of whatever field. This was the case until one day scientists discovered how to transport items through the use of teleportation. The news shot across the entire world. Scientists from all countries started taking part in what became known as the Human Teleportation Race. The aim was to create a device that could teleport a human from point A to point B without hurting a single cell in their bodies. After much funding, the country of Stania immerged victorious. With a plan to show their glory to the entire world they decided to broadcast it on every streaming device available. Those that lived in the country could see it live if they got their early enough. Once it was ready the head scientist who spearheaded the project, Dr Steven Boredo took the stage and announced that it was time to have it started. The device was already on the stage. It was a giant hollow circle attached to an axis. Like a globe, instead it's not a sphere. The axis lifted the circle above the ground as such there were stairs so that you could walk through the circle. There were two of these contraptions. One on the left of the stage and another on the right side of the stage.

After his announcement, the circle started spinning so fast that is looked like a sphere. There where electrical sparks flying everywhere as the Tesla coils above it charged electricity at it. Then it began slowing down until it stopped. Once it stopped all four teslas shot electricity into the empty space of the hollow circle. The electricity didn't go through the hole instead it hit an invisible wall. Once it struck the wall the electricity entered the wall and disappeared. Then the invisible wall showed itself. It was a murky grey colour, yet you couldn't see through it. The scientists coined this silver murky wall as the omexus. Once it was complete everyone watching clapped their hands.

The people of Stania were feeling proud of being a Stanian. Their hearts were united knowing their country was the first to complete it.

Seeing the hearts full of praise, Dr Steven Boredo said, "This is the first viable human teleportation channel in the world. I offer my gratitude to all the investors who helped us achieve this feat. And of course, I offer my gratitude to all the people of Stania who continually supported this project by paying extra taxes while this project was underway. And lastly but not least, I offer my gratitude to my wife and kids who continually supported me when I felt like giving up." As he said that his two kids of age 11 and 13, as well as his wife, walked on to the stage. The 11-year-old was a boy and the 13-year-old was a girl. They waved to the clapping crowd. By now they were used to being in the spotlight because their dad was the country's top scientist.

Once they were on stage he continued, "Now we are going to send someone in on this side and watch him come out the other side." This testee walked to the stairs on his left. Then he waited for the go sign from Dr Steven Boredo. Once he said he can go he walked into the circle and immediately he disappeared.

The crowd were wowed at this site.

"He didn't blow up after she walked in, that's a good sign."

It was a good sign. They would often stream their practices to the public to show them their progress. During some of those times, the animals they sent in exploded until they perfected it. Now they were a hundred percent certain the machine worked. At least that's what they thought until questions started rolling in.

"It's been two minutes already, where is the testee?"

"Shouldn't he be out by now?"

"Do you think he exploded on the other side?"

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Seeing the commotion in the field, Dr Steven Boredo calmed them down by telling them that this happened all the time so it was perfectly normal. However, he covertly slipped a few hand signs to his team asking them what was going on.

It was then that someone from the information crew had told him that the energy level readings were off the charts. He was informed that if they didn't shut it down it could explode and the damages would be catastrophic. The predicted blast radius could destroy half of Stania. Stania is 7,834 million km². But even after he was told this, he did not care. He had placed hours and hours of work on this project and burnt a lot of bridges to keep it running. So he let it continue much to his team's disagreement.

After five moments, one of his team members walked on the stage and whispered in his ears, "The energy levels are at a point of no return. Either we shut it down and avoid an explosion or we hope for the best but risk wiping the 3/4ths of the country." No one was supposed to hear this but the official had forgotten to turn his microphone off. As such everyone heard it. Once he realised his mistake it was too late. The crowd started rioting, they wanted the machine off. They were not going to risk their lives for this. Watching the crowd scream, shout and swear at him, Dr Steven Boredo was forced to turn the human teleportation device off. So reluctantly he singled for his crew to shut it down. The crew pressed a few buttons and the circles started spinning again but in the opposite direction as to counter the accumulated energy and shut it down. Once the spinning stopped the grey murky colour wall (omexus) was still there indicating the machine was still on.


In the command centre of a different dimension.

"Sir we have discovered the energy signatures and location of another planet?"

The commander looked at the map with his cold eyes, "Send them in."

"Yes, sir!"


The crowd began screaming and swearing for in their point of view it looked like they were firing it up again instead of shutting it down like they were asked to. Dr Steven Boredo tried to calm them down but they were not having it. So with a hand signal, he signalled for his crew to try and shut it down again. They pressed some buttons and again it started spinning. Once it was done this time the omexus had disappeared indicating the system had successfully shut down. The crowd rejoiced when they saw that everything was okay, on the other hand, Dr Steven Boredo was emotionally withering. Shutting down the machine was equivalent to shutting down his dreams. The embarrassment he was sure to face from the media would be deadly. With a heavy heart, he and family left the stage. As they walked down the stairs of the stage out of nowhere the machine the testee walked into had turned on. The omexus had returned without any help from anyone. But then it disappeared again. Moments later, an omexus appeared in the middle of the stage. This was bizarre because there was no machine to aid it. After one appeared more of them started popping up all around the area. Some people left the second these strange things started happening. Others had their phones out and were filming the omexuses randomly popping out. They thought that the omexuses was the highlight of their day. But then something else happened that caught everyone's attention. A large black foot was sticking out of the omexus that appeared on stage. The leg had the shape of an elephant's leg. Over time more and more of the leg was revealed.

The people couldn't get enough of it. They lived streamed this on all the social network sites. News helicopters and drones were streaming this strange occurrence too. It was gaining traction, so many people all over the world were tuning in. Despite the danger, people stayed to film because this had been the most views they had ever received. Drunk in the momentary fame they kept streaming. The creature kept revealing more and more of itself until it had fully come out the omexus. Everyone looked at the colossal creature that came out. It was Quadro pedal and it was four meters tall. It had thick and rough skin. The creature was completely black and had a mouth that could open 20cm. Its teeth were white and razor-sharp, they were at least 40cm in length. The creature stood still for a while and then scanned the crowd with its blood-red eyes. Suddenly a rumble could be heard. It was the creature's stomach. After peristaltic movements, the creature regurgitated something out of its mouth. It seemed to be the clothes of something it had eaten. Covering the clothes was a sort of transparent mucus. Upon closer inspection, it was confirmed to be the clothes of the testee. The various news helicopters and drones had used their cameras to zoom into it from above. Once they knew what it was the information was relayed to everyone via a megaphone.

Once people realised that they can actually die, fear took hold of them. Immediately everyone ran in panic but because there were so many people in such a small space, traffic was moving incredibly slowly. There were about 7000 people standing on a 500m² field. The creature watched all the passers scatter or try to escape. As they ran the military helicopters and fighter jets moved in. This was the army of Stania making its move trying to make the people feel more at ease.

The Zolma looked at the aeroplanes in the air, and then its mouth curled up as if mocking them. The creature screamed loudly, it was so loud that the nearby windows shattered as well as anyone who was close by had their eardrums burst. The fighter jets were soundproof as such it did not affect the people inside. However, the news helicopters weren't soundproof so they had all lost control and crashed onto the ground. Some managed to manoeuvre their helicopters away from the crowd by moving their joysticks in one direction. That was all they could manage and because of that, they crashed in a place that had fewer people. Others lost all control and had crashed right on top of the densely populated crowd. Boom, Boom, Boom! Multiple explosions rang out causing the death of many people. Those who died by a direct explosion were the lucky ones as their death was instant and less painful.

The less fortunate were sliced apart by a propeller. One of the helicopter's propellers came off. The propeller still had an incredible amount of rotational speed so it travelled on the ground cutting everything in its path. Still disorientated by the sound people tried to run from the propeller but running only delayed their death and extended their suffering. The propeller was slicing families apart until it finally stopped. Others died by the glass and metal shards of the helicopters once they exploded. Despite all the death, there were still a lot of people who were alive. After each and every wave of death, the remaining people would push and shove harder as to get away from this place. Because of this, the elderly and children were the first to suffer and were left behind. Mothers and fathers who had held their children's hands had lost the grip from the intense pull of the crowd.

There was an old lady lying on the ground when a young man saw her, he didn't offer her help, "Bitch you have one foot in the grave anyway." He trampled on her with one foot sending her to the grave. She wasn't the only one. Anyone who fell on the ground was trampled to death. People did not care where they were stepping. If you were on the ground, that was on you. There was no saving anybody but yourself.

After all the death had stopped, the people in the fighter planes smiled. Despite all the loss they had taken. Despite the creepy Zolma's human-like smirk, it wasn't warranted as the attack they had faced did not wipe them out. But their smile quickly turned upside down when they realised the true purpose of the shout. It was not an attack; it was a call to arms. Suddenly out of every omexus that randomly spawned, feet could be seen coming out of them.

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