16 Marriage

The next morning Kai woke up 7.05 am. He climbed out of his bed after rubbing his eyes and releasing a satisfying yawn. Still droopy, Kai walked to his bathroom and washed his face. The cold water was rejuvenating as it splashed in his face. After drying his face he went downstairs to his parents to eat breakfast.

As he got downstairs his mother said, "Good morning Puppy." As she poured cereal and milk into a bowl. Then she slid it over to her husband who was sitting down.

Kai returned the greeting and also greeted his father. Then he sat down at the counter and made himself some cereal.

While eating, Kai was awfully quiet which was strange. Kai wasn't a talkative eater but he wasn't a silent one either.

"How are you feeling about today?" Brianna Adler inquired.

Kai sighed, "I don't know actually... I haven't entirely processed it yet. What about you guys?"

Brianna Adler pursed her lips, "When we thought of the day you got married we thought of a big ceremony celebrating the love of two people, not two people signing papers. But I understand that this is a marriage of convenience and will help you achieve your goals. So if you are happy we are happy," Then she smiled, "Besides maybe one day you two will get married for real."

Kai laughed briefly, "Yeah, that's not going to happen. But thank you for understanding." He said grinning.

His mother nodded her head and then sucked in her lips. That's when Zack Alder, Kai's dad said, "Do you know when you are getting married?"

Kai shook his head, "I don't know the exact time but she will tell me when she boards the plane. She said it will be our nigh-time though."

Zack Alder nodded his head, "Okay then, just remember to give us an hour notice... We want to be there when you get married and when you leave for Strera."

Kai nodded his head and then finished his breakfast, "Well then I will see you later today. Got my last day of training with Emily."

They both smiled and then Kai exited the kitchen. The reason Kai knew what was going to happen today was because Lexi had sent him a message at 3 am. Ginmon, the capital of Strera was 3 hours ahead of Agritura, the capital of Drauton.

Once Kai left the kitchen he walked out the house and into his car. Then he drove to the Training Centre. When he got there he went to the reception to book another court for the day. Once he did he sent Emily the court number and location.

Kai walked to his court it was court B7. Then he turned on the lights and waited for Emily to come. While waiting he had free time on his hands so he decided to really process what was going to happen today... He was about to get married. Even though there were no feelings involved it was still nerve-wracking. He was also going to move from Drauton to Strera. This a different country and this meant different people. He was going to leave his friends behind too. Life as he knew it was going to change. From then on, he would be fending for himself. After marriage, he was a fully fledged adult. There was no mommy and daddy money anymore. Kai wasn't afraid of work but it would take adjusting. After processing the extent of what today entailed he took a deep breath and resolidified his resolve. Today he was about to take the biggest step forward to reaching his dream. This was a momentous moment in his journey to being King.

Kai wanted to be King but more than that he wanted to be significant, not famous but significant. He had plans that he could only enact when he was at the top.

To be significant one needed to be strong. You had to be able to lead by example and make the ones under you want to be like you. You also needed to be wealthy. It takes money to grow a clan. Such as providing newly awakened surpassers free equipment should they join the clan. Lastly, it required popularity. In order to sway the hearts of others, you needed people to believe in you. Which went hand in hand with your reputation and your fame. The reason The Fire Clan was so big was because the King and Queen were charismatic people. The world loved them as such investors invested in their clan. They also receive the largest portion of the surpasser budget that the government gives.

Kai had plans to make him wealthy. He also knew one day he would reach the pinnacle of strength. However, he was concerned with regards to popularity. Kai wasn't taciturn nor was he ineffective in communication. He was outgoing and cordial, however, he wouldn't claim himself to be charismatic. He didn't have that aura/demeanour that compelled people to like him. Nonetheless, his goal was his goal and he believed that where he lacked in charisma he would make up in strength.

After Kai's moment of introspection, he felt relieved and also excited about what the future held. He was even excited to see how he would navigate all the unexpected detours he would encounter. Kai smiled at the thought, that's when Emily walked into the spar court.

When she saw that she had Kai's attention, she walked towards him, "Got a lot on your mind..."

Once she was right in front of him Kai said, "Just processing today but I got a handle on it now."

Emily nodded her head and then tapped his shoulder, "I'm glad, it's a lot to process, I know. But for now, let's focus on your last day of training."

Kai grinned, "That's why I am here."

Emily smiled and then looked at him seriously, "For the past month, we have been refining your instincts via experience as well as helping you control your powers. Sparing with me and then all those girls will prove as valuable experience. You have come a long way in just short of a month. So today is going to be more of an evaluation than training. I want to see just how far you have come compared to when we first met. We will start with some slight warm-ups. Then we will be testing your PI and then your elemental output also your reaction speed and lastly your conversion speed. From natural to essence lightning. From natural lightning to aura. From essence to aura. Every conversion you have learnt so far. After we are done, I'll evaluate you and send your results over to Mr Montreal your next coach."

Kai nodded his head and then they began warming up. After warm-ups, they proceeded with the program going through all the tests Emily had set up. Once they were done Kai fell to the ground. He was tired, he had put his all into today because he was being evaluated but also because he respected Emily as a tutor. Today was their last training session together.

After completing the evaluation Emily revealed a proud smile, "Darn I'm good." She said nodding her head, "You have drastically improved it's almost as if you aren't even the same person. The amount of lightning you can cycle has increased four times. The amount of PI you can control has increased by 700. Your lightning aura is on a whole different level thanks to your essence lightning. Which I might add has some very powerful attributes. You will have to do an essence test to know for sure. But all in all your hard work has paid off."

Listening to her praise him Kai couldn't help but feel flattered. But soon after he furrowed his eyebrows when he saw Emily's facial expression.

After praising Kai she took a deep breath and then closed her eyes tightly. Her face revealed a pained expression as she retrieved a sorrowful memory. Her inner portions of her eyebrows raised and the corners of her mouth lowered. It was a heart-wrenching sight. Then she shook her head trying to cheer herself up. As she did a small droplet of salty water fell to the ground. Then she rubbed her right eye and looked at Kai with a serious expression, "You remind me so much of myself. As I said, I too was a talented surpasser. I too had great instincts and they made me a damn good fighter. Because of that, I loved training and fighting. I gave my partner hell because I'd always sign up to fight the Zolma against his will. He would always get so mad but in the end, he would choose to fight. " She said laughing at the memory. It was a subtle laugh with undertones of sorrow.

"He too loved to train and fight but not as much as me. I was the stronger one. My instincts gave us an edge on the battlefield that no one else had. As we continued to kill the Zolma that are living on no man's land our fame rose. We always had the biggest contributions after a fight. If we had to name our team it would be hammer and scalpel. I was the hammer beating everything with brute force. My partner, on the other hand, was the calculative type so he was the scalpel. He handled things with finesse. He always had a plan which I never listened to because his way wasn't fun. Besides my instincts always saved me until one day it didn't... During a fight with a powerful Zolma, my instincts weren't working. I had an off day, I did get off days but rarely. Anyway, I was moving sluggishly, my partner saw this and decided to lead instead of me. But as I retreated I never noticed the wind scythes coming my way. Had my instincts worked I would have sensed it the second they came after me but I didn't. In order to save me, my partner had to sacrifice himself... I still vividly remember how the scythes ripped away his life force. I got away but he didn't, shortly after the Zolma consumed him. "

"After losing my partner, I quit the lightning clan. Even though losing a partner isn't foreign to war, I still could never go back because it reminded me of my selfishness. I wanted to fight my way because it was fun and I left my partner to make sure I didn't die. I relied on my instincts and they got my partner killed. That's why I have been telling you instincts refined by experience is better than raw instincts, they are more reliable. You now have a partner and it's your duty to protect her as she you. Equal parties. When I saw how you first fought I knew I couldn't leave you like that. I know this sounds weird but helping you has helped me. I'm not saying you would do the same thing but one never knows... So I just want to thank you for listening to my teachings. I know I was tough on you but all for a purpose and just for a bit of fun." She said smiling a half pained half relieved smile.

Kai smiled in return, "No, thank you. You could have possibly saved me and my partner's life through your teachings... My sincerest condolences to your partner, he sounded like a good person. And I'd like to think we helped each other," he said smiling, "I also think that you should go back to the lightning clan. You a different person now. You have learnt from your mistakes as you no longer fight so recklessly. There is more thought in the way you move. You are no longer a hammer nor are you a scalpel. I'd say you are both of you in one, you are a scammer. Which fits perfectly with your dubious fighting style." He said laughing and then returned to a serious expression, "You are him and you in one and by fighting, you are keeping him alive as he is a part of you," Kai smiled, "Plus we can't afford to have someone as beautiful and strong as you not fighting."

Emily laughed, "Beautiful hey."

"That's what you took from it." Then he laughed, "That hammer scammer thing was genius."

Then she smiled and reached for his shoulder, "I know, I'm just teasing you while I still can. But thanks man, I appreciate the kind words. I'll also definitely consider it, might take a while but I'll think about it.."

Kai smiled at Emily. When he did his watch made a notification sound so Kai checked his watch. It was a message from Lexi, 'I just boarded the plane. I'll see you in an hour.' Reading the message Kai's heart began beating rapidly. Emily noticed his change of expression, "Lexi coming?"

Kai nodded his head so she said, "Okay then I guess my work here is done. Knock them dead."

Then she gave Kai a hug and then they said their goodbyes. After saying goodbye Emily left the spar court and went home. On the other hand, Kai stayed. First, he had to send a message to his parents and friends saying that they have 1.15 hours to get to home affairs. Once he was done Kai went home and took all his belongings that were already packed and put them in his car. Then he drove to home affairs. He got there 20 minutes before the time. Once he got there surprisingly Quinton and Carmen were waiting outside. It was surprising because they were early which never happened.

"Why you so late Kai?" Quinton asked.

"Ha-ha, man comes early one time."

Quinton laughed, "I had to, I've never been earlier than you."

"You definitely chose the best day to be," Kai said then he greeted Quinton with a fist bump. After that, he greeted Carmen with a hug.

After Kai hugged her she said, "We should go inside, your parents are there."

Kai nodded his head and then they all walked into the building. Inside was lines of people, they were all here to renew passports or get a new identification card. But Kai wasn't here for that so he took the elevator to the 5th floor. On the fifth floor, they dealt with marriages. Coming out the elevator Kai looked straight ahead and it was a narrow pathway with windows to the left. On the right was multiple wooden doors separated by white walls. As he walked, he looked on the doors for the name Dale Tether. He was the one who was going to officiate the marriage. They continued to walk until the found the door.

Once he saw the name, Kai knocked on the door, "Who is it?" an unfamiliar voice sounded out behind the door.

"It is Kai Adler."

"Oh, come in, come in."

So, Kai, Quinton and Carmen walked in. As they did they saw Kai's mother and father sitting on chairs. The office wasn't big. It could only comfortably seat 10 people. It had paintings of couples in love, kissing, stargazing etc. The floor was carpet and was mud brown. Contrary to the colour the place smelled like roses.

Dale Tether stood behind his wooden desk. He was a short old man standing at 162cm. He had a stomach that protruded out of his t-shirt creating a circular bulge. He had black hair with grey lines and spoke in a warm tone. In front of him on the desk were three pieces of white paper and two pens.

After seeing his parents Kai sat next to them. He sat on the right side of his father. His mother sat on the left side of his father. Quinton and Carmen sat on the right side of Kai. There was a 1.5-meter gap between the chairs and the desk.

Once everyone was settled the door opened and standing under the bridge was a beautiful girl with long black hair and dark blue eyes. She was wearing tight denim blue jeans and a purple cotton top.

The girl scanned the people sitting down from the right. Her eyes landed on Carmen then Quinton and then Kai. When she saw Kai she revealed a faint smile. Then she walked into the room and closed the door. She walked to the chairs and saw that the only space open was next to Carmen. She pouted at the idea of sitting next to Carmen since it wasn't Carmen she was marrying. So she walked to the seat Quinton was sitting on and instructed him to move one over so she could sit next to Kai. However, Quinton never answered her. He just sat down and stared at her with a dumbfounded expression. Quinton was enamoured by how pulchritudinous she was in person. He had seen her in 3D images yet an image couldn't hope to capture her beauty. It was a sight only the natural eye could understand.

The girl had to repeat herself before he came back to planet Drars. Immediately, he asked Carmen to move one over and then he did. Once everyone moved over there was an empty seat next to Kai but instead of sitting down she walked to Kai's parents and introduced herself as Lexi Montreal. Kai's parents were happy because she seemed like a good person. But they also wondered when Kai agreed to marriage what brain he made that decision with, 'He is at that age,' Kai's parents communicated with each other with one nod of the head.

After greeting Kai's parents she greeted Carmen and Quinton then she finally sat down next Kai.

As she sat down Kai whispered to her, "Where is your father?"

She furrowed her eyebrows, "Why?"

"Well every time we have met so far he has been here."

"That's because every time he was needed. He is not needed for this so I came alone."

Kai nodded his head and that's when Dale Tether began speaking, "I guess we should start now... Can the two individuals getting married step forward."

So Kai and Lexi stepped forward, they stood between the 1.5 m gap between the chairs and the desk.

Once they stood up Dale Tether cleared his throat, "We have all come today to unite these two people by law." He said touching Lexi on her shoulder and then Kai. Then he removed his hands from their shoulders, "And by doing so we are uniting their two houses. May the two individuals please step forward to the desk."

So they stood by the desk looking at the papers, "Please take the pages and sign your name and surname on each document."

So Lexi and Kai signed all the papers, "Now that you have signed the papers, by the power invested in me. I know pronounce you husband and wife."

Everyone that was present clapped their hands and shouted in praise as joyful smiles came about their face. Even though it was a marriage of convenience it was a beautiful moment.

While looking at Lexi, Kai couldn't deny that his heart was beating but it was beating slowly and concisely. As he looked into her eyes he thought, 'I'm really getting married to her. From now on we are husband and wife and will be living together. Even though there are no feelings attached, I'm happy it's with her. We are also partners aiming to be King and Queen. I chose her because it just felt right.' While looking at her he smiled.

Lexi's heart was beating too as she looked into Kai's green and yellow eyes. She is only 175cm were Kai is 183cm so she had to look up, 'After two years of searching I have finally found someone... Someone I actually want to marry. It's not romantic but I'm happy with my decision. I just know together we can be King and Queen."

Still looking at Lexi, Kai said, "Can I touch you?"

Hearing what Kai had said straight after they got married his parents put their hands on their foreheads, 'Of course... He is of that age.'

Quinton was grinning but he also felt proud, he never knew Kai to be so bold, 'No games are being played here.'

Carmen shook her head, 'Seems all the years with Quinton has finally taken effect."

Lexi heard what Kai had said and smiled, "Sure."

This caused more confusion... What was happening!?

Hearing Kai had the, okay he slowly extended his hands closer to her body. He kept bringing his hands closer to her body until he was halfway. When he was halfway her hands met his and they interlocked. With their hands together they looked into each other's eyes and then began cycling their lightning, using each other as a kickstarter.

Lexi smiled when she felt how much stronger he had become since they last had met. This only reaffirmed to her that she made the right decision. As they held hands the natural lightning began forming in their Eneron. However, they already knew they were kickstart compatible. This wasn't what they were looking for.

So Lexi, looking at Kai said, 'Cycle your essence into your lightning and then let it flow into me.'

Kai furrowed his eyebrows but Lexi gripped his hands tighter and said, "Trust me."

So he did, he began funnelling his essence into the natural lightning until everything was essence lightning. And then per her instruction, he drew it from his Eneron and then into his upper body and then from his arms to his hands were he let it enter her body.

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Lexi did the same thing, she changed her natural lightning to essence lightning and then released it into Kai's body.

As their essence lightning entered each other's body it began to build up. Until both of them revealed a grin.

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