10 Instinct

Lexi could see the determination in Kai's eye. She could see that he had not given up and that he had a plan. However, she believed in her speed. With the lightning aura under her feet, she launched off with the aim to smack Kai with all she had in the solar plexus.

The moment she disappeared from his sight Kai coated his solar plexus with lightning aura. Currently, he was in fighting stance. He had his right hand in front of his left ready to swing when her attack failed.

Mid-dash, Lexi saw that Kai had coated his solar plexus and that was exactly the exposed area she was trying to attack. She smiled when she realised she had been read but she wasn't going to stop. She was going to try and break through the defence. She couldn't change the course of her attack now as a haphazard move would be her demise.

Lexi was now right in front of Kai. Kai had his hands up so he wasn't completely open. As such Kai's right hand was touching her. When she felt his touch she released the lightning aura from her feet and then she coated her right fist. Lexi had been refining her coating arts for over two years now. Where Kai had only had a week so Lexi's coating skills were far stronger than Kai's.

With her hand coated Lexi navigated her fist past his arms and then drilled it into his lightning aura. There was a slight resistance but in the end, she shattered it like a hammer glass. Now that the defensive aura was gone she could feel the fabric of his hoodie. She just needed one more push and she would hit his solar plexus and it would be her win. She continued to thrust her fist forward when she finally started putting pressure on his solar plexus.

Kai was waiting for her to attack when all of a sudden she was right in front of him just as he had expected. But then something bizarre happened. When her body touched his right hand the whole world slowed down. Kai looked down and saw that her feet were no longer coated but her right hand was. Kai looked at her coated lightning and just from its appearance he could tell it was far superior to his. Her lightning aura was smooth, controlled and refined, unlike his mess. He had thought he had his under control but looking at hers he knew he had barely scratched the surface. Her lightning aura also had the piercing effect it was supposed to have so Kai knew that there was no way his flimsy defence could stand against it.

Kai was seeing everything in slow motion so he saw how his lightning aura broke. He saw how she surgically cut through his shields with little effort. Now she could attack him full on unabated. As awesome as it was having everything slow down to such an extent. His body could not keep up with his brain's processing speed. So even if he could see her attack, he could not dodge it. If anything this slowed down world only served to extend the shame of knowing you were going to lose.

Kai tried to move his legs away to take a step back. He hoped he could dodge the attack or at least decrease the damage that would be dealt. But it was as if his foot was moving at 1mm a second and her fist at 3. It doesn't take a genius to know that he would be punched before he could move far enough. When he saw how futile that plan was he tried to launch an attack of his own. He knew that this too was impossible but worth the try. He did have his right hand touching her body so what if he pushed back? Would he be able to stop her attack? This plan would come down to who pushed or who attacked first. Kai realised that he didn't have his full hand on her body which he would need to get the maximum effect. So he moved his hand upwards. Even this action felt like it took forever.

Kai looked down and saw she only needed one more push. Also, she had momentum where he still needed to start his push. Kai knew that there was no way he could win but he wasn't going to give up. He would rather lose fighting than defending. It was at this moment that his whole hand was now on her body. Now he could begin the push. Starting to push Kai felt an unfamiliar soft sensation in his right hand. So he looked down and saw his right hand was on her right breast. He had 50% on her breast and 50% on her ribs. Seeing this development Kai began panicking. He was in this state where everything was super slow but he did not know whether she could feel his actions. If she could then Kai would look like a pervert that realized he was going to lose and decided to cop a feel for all time sake.

He did not want to be accused of being a pervert. Then a new sensation welled up inside him. One he had never felt before. It felt like lightning incarnate as it welled up in his stomach area. Feeling this sensation and another Kai moved the lightning from his stomach to his right hand. Feeling the charge travel through his body was intoxicating. The world even slowed down further. Now it was so slow that it felt like time was standing still. But the lightning that welled inside him was travelling at normal speed. It was the only thing unaffected. Once it reached his right hand the charge exited his body and then the world returned to its faster yet slow pace. That's when Kai noticed something strange. The piercing feeling he felt in his solar plexus moments ago had stopped. In fact, it looked like Lexi was slowly being pushed back. Slowly but surely, Kai felt less and less of her on his fingers until he felt nothing.

When her body was removed from his hand the world returned to its normal speed. That's when Kai saw her being flung back. It was as if inertia was being used as a force. As if the change in momentum was sending her back. Overcome by this force Lexi lost her grip on the ground and as she was cast into the air and sent back 15 meters. She would have gone further but she slammed into the wall and then fell to the ground.

Her father glared at Kai and then ran to her side to help. However, Lexi slapped his hand away and stood up herself. She did not need his help.

She was not a fickle girl; it would take a lot more than this to put her down. Then she looked at Kai and smiled. Her face was flushed with red as the adrenaline pumped through her veins. Her eyes shone with excitement but had hints of shame. Then she wiped off the blood from the corner of her mouth with her right thumb. Then she walked back into the ring rubbing her ribs with five seconds to spare.

Her father knew she wasn't going to back down so instead, he decided to encourage her, "You underestimated him. This could have been avoided."

Lexi nodded her head then she returned focus to Kai but he wasn't doing too well. It was clear that he was having a hard time standing. After the world returned to its normal speed a massive amount of fatigue came over Kai. He almost passed out because of it but he bit his lip to keep himself conscious. Half in the world half out, Kai stood up. He knew he was going to lose but he was not going to give up. If he was going to lose he would lose with pride.

Lexi saw his determination and his pride and so she decided she would end it in a dignified way. She took a wooden spear from the rack then she charged. She then coated the tip with lightning aura. Then she dashed in and stopped the spear centimetres away from his face. When she stopped a gust of wind followed blowing Kai's hair upwards. This cleared his face and she stared into his Kelly-green and honey-yellow eyes.

"You lose." She said.

Kai sunk his head and took a deep breath, "I guess so." Then he took a deep breath and stood up properly. He extended a hand to her, "Well done. You are really strong." He said as they shook hands.

That's when Jacques Montreal came and officially announced Lexi as the winner then he looked at Kai, "How did you do it?!"

Kai furrowed his eyebrows, "Do what?"

Jacques Montreal furrowed his eyebrows too, "Don't play dumb with me. I'm talking about the repulsion arts."

Kai furrowed his eyebrows even further, "Repulsion arts?"

That's when he finally realized, "I see you did not do it on purpose. It was probably instinct. Your body felt danger and so it instinctively repelled the source."

Intrigued Kai asked, "What is this repulsion art you speak of?"

"The repulsion art is a high-level lightning art. There are many for instance lightning aura is a low-level art. Anybody can perform it. Then you get medium-level arts. One would be lightning hyperdrive. That is the state you were in when the world feels like it slowed down. It's performed by boosting your CNS and PNS with lightning. But you used it to a degree far more than you could handle. That is why you almost passed out. Only the talented and the hardworking can perform this move. Lastly, you get high-level arts. That would be the repulsion arts. As the name implies you have the ability to repel certain things if it has a charge. If someone is positively charged by using a positive charge you can repel him. As well as negative with negative. The higher you climb in the ranks the stronger it gets. There are different kinds of high-level arts and this is one of the ones with the highest combat ability… The current lightning King is the only one who is able to use this art. Just like you, he is a third generation surpasser. There are ways to defend it like wearing clothes with a neutral charge or by constantly changing your charge to neutral. But this in itself is a problem. Having to constantly change your charge means your attention is focused on that. The King isn't just strong because of his repulsion art but he has a whole arsenal of other moves. If you are concentrating on one you already lost before the fight began. This is what makes it so powerful. It demands attention."

That's when Kai realised what he was talking about. It was that charge of lightning he felt when he was touching Lexi. He looked towards Lexi and she didn't seem to be angry at him. So he knew she didn't know what happened. Kai decided to keep his mouth shut. He would rather have them think he had godly instincts than someone who feared being called a pervert, "How did I use this repulsion art? I'm sure I used all my amplified lightning."

"You did but you were also in contact with Lexi. As you know you need a kickstarter to use your abilities. However, some people are compatible and can use each other as a kickstarter. We don't know much about the cause just that the two people need to have the same elemental gene. Also recently it was discovered that one person has to be naturally positively charged and another negative. When these two individuals come together they are able to use each other as a kickstarter. However, not all positively charged surpassers can kickstart negatively charged surpassers. Yet, all kickstart compatible surpassers have one person who is positive and another negative. That seems to be one rule we know for sure. So when you were in contact with Lexi, you were able to use the power. That is how she coated her hand with lightning aura after she coated her feet because she was in contact with you."

"I discovered that we were kickstarter compatible when I touched you to give you my contact info. Being kickstarter compatible is one of my non-negotiables so I had to check if we were." Lexi added.

Kai nodded his head, "So if there is repulsion is there attraction?"

"Look kid I'm not your encyclopaedia. Your school should have taught you all of this but of course, they didn't. Go to your local surpasser library you should find what you looking for on repulsion and attraction. It would be a sealed art if many people could perform it. But because it's extremely rare anybody can read about it. But answering your question, attraction is possible. When attraction and repulsion are used together it becomes the pulsattra arts. Then it's no longer a high-level art but one above. Like the fire clan has phoenix fire. They can instantly heal themselves from severe injuries. Currently, only the Queen can use that art. We too have a regeneration art called 'lightning regeneration' where we send our cells into overdrive increasing the speed of mitosis. We then rebuild the body part that got destroyed. However, we can't perform this move on others like the fire clan can without severe risks. The water clan has the blood arts and other clans have theirs."

Lexi rolled her eyes at her father. In the end, he loved to show off his extensive knowledge of the world and Kai was the best listener. His eyes were wide open as he listened with excitement. He was so excited you could almost see his tail wag. Gaining a direct lesson from the former Duke was a blessing he did not take lightly.

Then Jacques Montreal sighed, "At first I didn't notice it but you have an immense amount of talent. But currently, you are fighting like a headless chicken relying solely on instincts. If you can polish that and all your flaws you will do well for yourself. I'm not saying you will be able to become King but I'm not saying you can't. Go home and find yourself a good teacher and you can go far. I'm sorry things didn't work out with my daughter. You did lose in the end so we will be going our separate ways."

However, contrary to expectations Lexi shook her head, "I choose him." Then she looked at Kai, "I choose you."

Both Kai and her dad were confused, "How so? I lost didn't I?" Kai said contorting his face in confusion.

"I never said you had to win to win. I said that nobody has ever beaten me AND nobody has ever passed. There is no correlation between the two."

Kai nodded his head as that is what she said…

Jacques Montreal, on the other hand, was having a hard time understanding, "I don't get it… You have fought matches that were a lot closer than this but you decide to choose him. Yes, I did say he has talent but he needs training to erase the years of ingrained mistakes. That's not a task any teacher can achieve and in the meantime won't you be holding yourself back for him to catch up?"

"That's why I want you to teach him. Who better than you, the former Duke of The Lightning Clan. You could have gone even further up but you chose to heed your father's call and became the successor of the company. If you train him individually and also train us to fight together, I believe we can make it." Lexi said with determination burning in her eyes.

Jacques Montreal gave up when he saw her expression. When she got like that there was no changing her mind. So he sighed, "I guess that makes you part of the family." He said looking at Kai.

"Will you explain the marriage thing?" Jacques asked Lexi.

"No, you can."

"Okay." Then he looked at Kai again, "This marriage is strictly business related. Teaming up with my daughter is going to create a lot of press. You are going to have to travel all around the world doing interviews. It won't be all the time so don't stress about it. Anyway, the problem is that you are from Drauton and as you know. Drauton requires a visa to travel to the other four countries where if you are born out of Drauton no visa is required. We can't wait two weeks every time for your visa to clear. So if you marry my daughter you will be added to the family register. Then you can travel without a visa. She will be keeping my surname and adding yours at the end. Lexi-Montreal-Adler is how she'd be post-marriage. By keeping my surname she still has access to everything under her name. As her 'husband' you have the same access."

"You guys can discuss the nature of your relationship yourself. Whether you actually want to try being a married couple. Or where relationships other than the two of you are allowed. Of course, it will never develop further as you are already married. Or you can just be friends, it's up to you. However, to keep up appearances you will be living together."

Kai nodded his head, "I understand, however, I am going to be adding a change. I will not be using any of your money, I will take care of myself, and I will work part-time jobs or anything and fend for myself. Then after I am strong enough, I'll rise in the ranks and one day I'll even pay you back for the fees you had spent saving my life. I really appreciate that by the way. And I know I'm being prideful but sometimes it's what a man has to do." Kai said with an unwavering spirit.

Jacques Montreal sighed, "Look kid, I can understand what you must be feeling. Although you come from money it's nothing compared us. I get that you want to defend your pride by making this statement. But how do you plan on taking care of my daughter without my money?"

"I don't need to. You said we can discuss the nature of our relationship. So if we are married friends then doesn't that mean that I take care of me and she she. She still has access to all your funds so she will be okay."

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"I'm happy with these arrangements, " Lexi said.

Then Kai turned to Lexi, "How certain are you that I am the correct partner?"

Lexi looked him in the eyes, "100% and you?"

Kai sighed when he heard her answer and then he pursed his lips, "60%... I have another selfish request… Give me one month to search for another partner. You have been searching for 2 years and that's why you are certain. Me on the other hand, this is my first time. I have no reference to compare it to hence my uncertainty. I discovered something in this fight and I want to confirm it. I know how stupid this must sound. Potentially throwing away training from your father or even walking away from someone as strong as you." Kai sighed, "Even so, I know if I don't do this I'll always be uncertain if I made the right choice…"

Lexi pursed her lips then nodded her head reluctantly, "I understand and I would rather have you 100% present. So I'll give you a month. Go confirm what you need to." Then she smiled.

Kai emptied his lungs, "Thank you! Then I guess we are done here…" Kai said hesitantly.

"I guess we are." She said pursing her lips and then she walked away with her father.

Once they were out of the building, "So how about we set up some suitors for you when we get home to Strera?" Jacques Montreal said.

"No need, he will be back." She said smiling confidently.

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