26 Hiatus

So after much thought and consideration as well as input from my readers across the various websites. I have made the decision to take a break so I can take my novel to its highest height.

I feel that with a break I can plan ahead so things don't feel forced which I am sure you have noticed recently. As of now, I feel I have this God complex where what I say goes because I'm the apex. If I say 5+5=2 then it's true. Why? Because in this world I'm the constructor. I can wave my batton how I please, I'm the conductor.

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I know that that is the wrong mindset of a narrator and I will end up suffocating my characters. So please bear with me. So that I can release them from their cages and set them free. Do keep the story in your library. So that you can see when there is an update from yours truly. However, don't expect one anytime soon. I need to reset my previous chapters to a rhythmic tune.

Thank you for accepting my selfish request!