11 "water works"

After the sparring session with Lexi, Kai went to Jijito's. He looked at his Genome watch and saw that it was 14:05, 'Why do I always do this to myself. I should just come later because apparently late is on time.'

Coming out of his thoughts he saw a waiter holding a touchpad in her hands, "Hi sir, do you know what you are going to order yet?"

Kai shook his head, "I'm not eating alone so when they come we will order together."

She bowed her head slightly and then she left to wait another table. When she was gone Kai sighed. He hated being the first one at any meetup but he also hated being late. It was a conundrum that he would face over and over again. His parents had raised him to always be on time so he couldn't help it.

As Kai was complaining a sassy girl walked in the restaurant. She was wearing a tight thigh short royal blue dress that sparkled. She had her black hair straightened out so it was hanging on her back. Seeing such a gorgeous girl everyone stopped what they were doing. They looked at the girl who was effortlessly swaying her hourglass figure like she was on the Royal Runway. The only thing that could be heard in the restaurant was her black heels touching the ground. Seeing that she had everyone's attention she decided to put more sway in her hips than normal. If they were going to look it might as well be worth it.

Some people were looking to admire her beauty others were more curious as to where she was going to sit. Was she going to sit alone or was she going to sit with someone else? She continued to walk down the path until she stopped in front of Kai that was standing ready to greet her. Everyone was confused when she stopped by Kai. Kai was handsome and they could see it. But one would say that Kai was underdressed. Where was his suit!? Kai wasn't wearing anything fancy. In fact, he was wearing the new surpasser clothes he had bought a week ago. This was the white ripped jeans and the black with white print hoodie as well as the white and black high tops. His clothes aren't bad it's just not what you would wear to a date if your partner was wearing such lavish clothes.

When Kai saw her he greeted her with a hug. Now everyone was convinced that he was the guy she was meeting up with.

"What?! She is meeting up with him. I'll admit he is handsome but look at what he is wearing!"

"He is probably one of those rich guys and that is why she is going out her way to charm him."

"Defs, girls don't go out there way for anything."

"That's it! I'm going to get rich."

Kai hugged her and then he wanted to let go but she didn't want to. Instead, she closed the gap and hugged him even tighter. So Kai put his hands around her again until she let go.

Then she rubbed away a tear from her left eye and looked at Kai, "I thought I had lost you..."

When she said that all the lights went on. He wondered why she was acting so strange but now he knew. He knew there had to be something because he and Carmen Kizler never had a romantic relationship. Neither did he ever have feelings for her. They'd always been friends and just friends.

This was the first time she had seen him awake from the coma. So of course, their reunion would be a bit emotional.

Kai looked at her, "Here I am," Then he scanned her outfit, "Wow, Carmen you look amazing, I am flattered."

She giggled and then removed a tear from her right eye and then punched him on his right arm, "Leave it to you to diffuse an emotional moment with humour. But actually, this is because I have a date after this. When you told me that you wanted to meet up, I had to move my date up by two hours. Anyway, where is Quinton?"

"Oh wow, now I am really flattered." Then he laughed, "As for Quinton, I have no idea. He'll be here soon though."

As he said that Quinton walked into the restaurant but unlike Carmen, he was not strutting. He was walking very slowly and he was looking at the ground. Once he got to the gang he was greeted by Kai. Kai extended his right hand to him, "It's been a long time."

However, Quinton just kept looking down at the hand. He did not want to look up. His body language was showing that he was holding something back. Kai tapped Quinton on the chest to get his attention but that didn't work either. Quinton didn't want to look up. That's when Kai sighed. After seeing Carmen he knew the reason Quinton was acting so strange. Also why Quinton couldn't even look him in the face.

Kai sighed again, "Look bro, I'm alive, I'm okay. In fact, I am better than okay. I am now two times stronger than I was when I graduated. Apparently, my body has evolved in a beneficial way after becoming a third generation surpasser. So you don't need to feel guilty about anything. In fact, I should be the one thanking you. When I become King one day there is no doubt in my mind that your contribution would be one of the most crucial. Besides, you have actually swayed me a bit. Before all this, I used to think that being King was better than toast. Now I think that being King is equal to toast. Maybe even one day I'll think that toast is better than being King." He said the last part laughing.

Quinton couldn't help but laugh too. While he was listening there were parts where he would chuckle involuntarily. But the second Kai used his weakness he couldn't help but laugh. The two of them were laughing out loud ludicrously in the middle of the restaurant while a beautiful girl sat down. The way they were laughing looked like they just came up with a diabolical plan to pimp the girl. Despite the way they looked they continued to laugh hysterically and unperturbed. This was a bromantic moment they needed if they were going to move forward.

After the laughter, Kai extended his right hand again, "Are we good?"

Quinton looked up at Kai then looked down and slapped his hand away, "Get that out of here." Then he looked up and they hugged each other while tapping each other on the back with their hands.

Once everything was settled they sat down. Kai and Carmen sat on one side of the table and Quinton on the other. They encountered a bit of awkward silence until Kai broke it, "So how is everything going in your lives. Anything new?"

"Same old, same old," Carmen said unenthusiastically.

Quinton furrowed his eyebrows while looking at Carmen, "You boring." Then he looked at Kai, "I actually have some exciting yet depressing news. So I recently awoke now I'm a Beginner Rankles like you."

"Wow! Now you are finally at our level. First Carmen at age 17 then me and now you but why depressing this is great news!"

"Well, you see… I went to the doctors to do a check up on me to see if anything was wrong with me. Because you know sometimes people awaken and things don't exactly go their way. Anyway, I am at the doctor's. Then the doctor starts explaining to me this concept that I've heard but also haven't. The doctor was talking about how it's impossible to see what element a person will awaken before they awaken. He says that scientists have attributed this too what the Zolma go through. As you know when the Zolma come to attack they usually have that black tar-like substance surrounding them. And before they shed that off you can't tell what element they possess. And because we got our powers from the Zolma it wouldn't be unbelievable to say that our power and the way our bodies work have certain similarities. That's why we can't tell the element before the awakening.

"Anyway, when I got my results he told me that both my parent's elemental genes are fire. When I heard that I told them there had to be some kind of mistake because I know for sure that my mom has the water gene. I mean I have seen her use her water abilities multiple times before. However, instead of double-checking their results they just looked at me sympathetically and then they left. For a while, I sat there on that hospital bed wondering why they looked at me like that. Until I realised it, my parents are lying to me. At first I was furious but in the end, I still haven't confronted them about it. So they still don't know that I know. As annoying as it is to know that you are adopted and they didn't tell you or that your mom isn't actually your biological mother but your dad is your biological father. At least, I got some good news out of it. My elemental make up is the strongest and not the weakest. As now I am a pure fire wielder since I have a fire-fire bond. I thought I'd either have a fire-water bond or a water-fire bond. These are both the weakest bonds of their clans. If I had a fire-water bond I would never be able to be King. Those two elements oppose each other creating the weakest of surpassers. Fire-fire being the strongest then fire-wind, fire-lightning, fire-earth and lastly fire-water. This isn't 100% true but the results are true enough to plausible. Anyway, now that I am a pure fire wielder my dreams are obtainable. There is still a flame on the candle. So I don't know if I am supposed to thank them or kill them in their sleep."

Kai was flabbergasted as he heard the news. Carmen, on the other hand, was not as she had heard this news before.

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Shocked Kai said, "Heavy days… Again congrats on the awakening, sucks it couldn't be on better terms."

"It's all good man it happened well over a month ago," Quinton said while smiling unconvincingly, "So what about you? How did your spar session go with Lexi Montreal?"

Kai sighed when he heard her name, "Well, we fought and it was actually really fun. I can tell she has put a lot of work into herself, and that she didn't just get where she is from talent alone. Anyway, we fought and I lost… Yeah, I'm still bummed about that. So after the dad announced that I lost, I thought that would be the end. However, it was not, apparently, she found something in me and because of that she chose me and wanted to partner up. I was surprised to hear that because I thought I had to win. But she cleared that up. Then they told me that me and her would be getting married too. Strictly business though. They say that by me partnering up with her will cause a lot of press and I can't wait 2 weeks on a visa. We'd miss all the interviews. So if we get married then I'll be added to their family registry and I won't need a visa. Also because we are married I gain access to her wealth. But I shot them down. I told them that if we do get married I don't want a cent from them. I told them that I'd fend for myself. Since as you know getting married to my parents is basically like saying I'm a big boy now. So I won't be able to depend on them anymore. I'll do part-time jobs and such to earn my living. I do have plans to make more money but it's still too early. Anyway, in the end, I asked for a month to search for other partners. She has been searching for 2 years so when she met me she knew. I want the same certainty so that's why I need to know if I'm certain about teaming up with her. And I'll never know if I don't try testing the waters with others. But out of all the main reason is that I discovered something while sparring with her so I need to confirm something about it."

Nodding his head, "You did the right thing. You are 18 turning 19 in a month; you can't be getting married so early. You have your whole life ahead of you. Besides I never knew the former Duke had a daughter. How does she look?"

"I don't know man. Look for yourself."

"Okay," Then Quinton touched his Genome watch, "Search pictures of Lexi Montreal."

That's when a hologram appeared and multiple 3D waist up photos of her appeared in the hologram. Then he tapped on one image and a full body 3D image was seen. This was her when she graduated from Strera Academy. Quinton looked at the image thoroughly and then he swiped his hand and the hologram disappeared. After that he just sat in silence then he looked at Kai and shook his head. Then he looked down and sighed and then looked at Kai again and shook his head, "That is literally the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life… Not only is she gorgeous but she has the B&B's man! The Booty and the Boobs if I were you I'd stay over for Bed and then again for Breakfast. You know you could have just told me the goddess of Beauty descended from heaven and asked for your hand in marriage because that would be more believable! How could you say no?"

"A bit off respect man, you are speaking about my possible wife… Can beauty make you King?"

"Ha-ha sorry but She beat you didn't she so doesn't that mean that she is plenty strong? Plus you get access to her wealth man. That means the best of equipment for you. That will only benefit your future. Seems like you hit the jackpot."

"I'd never be respected that way. I'd always be seen as the leech. As a man, I have my pride so I won't accept any of that. Besides this is my future, I always make decisions based on my instincts. They have yet to fail me so I know if I don't confirm what needs to be confirmed I'll never be fully happy with my decision. Even if everything is hunk dory I'll always wonder if things could be different."

"Aah okay man… If you are a hundred percent certain that this is the reason and not because of pride then I agree with you."

"Me too," Carmen said.

"It's not my pride," Kai said.

"Good… So what are you going to do now" Quinton asked.

"Well now I am going to search for partners but I really don't know how to go about that."

Carmen removed some loose hair that was in her face and put it behind her right ear, "Well there is an app for it. You first need to go to your clan and get results certified by them once they have you upload it digitally to the app. After your results, you upload a few photos of yourself and add a bio. Once your profile is complete you can view other people's profile and academic records. If you like it you swipe right and if you don't you swipe left. When you and another person swipe right on each other you match and you can text each other. The app itself is free but if you want to match with more than 5 people a day you do need to make in-app purchases. Also if you want to know who swiped right on you-you have to buy that privilege too. It is an app in the end and they are created to make money."

"So basically it's a dating app?"

"No it's not you see here you don't need to woo your partner. Your first message can be a location and a time and if they don't show up they don't."

"Oh wow, thanks that's a big help!"

Carmen flicked some of her hair back and then smiled smugly, "Of course it is."

That's when the waiter came, "Have yall decided what yall want to drink and eat?"

Still smiling Carmen said, "Water works for me." She had a date after this so she didn't want anything. However, she did order a small bowl of fries, 'A few fries never hurt anybody.'

Kai and Quinton both ordered a nosfairy shake. Contrary to the name, it was a milkshake made for adults. Then Quinton ordered an aged huje steak with fries fried in duck fat and two sunny side up eggs. Kai decided on something different for once. Instead of his favourite meal, he ordered pasta. This was linguine with bits of different kinds of meat in. Then it was covered with a rich and creamy mushroom sauce. After that, they added some fresh herbs on the top. He also got a side of malveg cheese to put on if he wanted to.

After eating they talked for a bit then they called for the bill. In the end, Quinton paid the bill. Kai and Carmen had stated their dissatisfaction over and over again but he was adamant. So they let him do it because if someone as parsimonious as him wanted to pay extra there had to be a good reason. Kai figured he probably did it as penance.

Once the bill was paid they went their separate ways. Kai planned on going to the lightning clan. A place he would one day spend a lot of time in.

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