The Story Of Young Vulcan Book

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The Story Of Young Vulcan


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The first book of The Chronicles Of Vulcan Kura Jikurinde Nakamura is the heir to the Destiny Child estate/empire. She never had a good relationship with her mother due to her not being born male. Though, after her mother mysteriously passes away, Kura's life begins drifting toward disaster. The day after Kura turns 12, she is kidnapped by one of the high princes'/dukes of the second estate. Kainus "Kacey" Cross of the Marchese family is a member of the Trasni Cult. Kainus is tasked by the cult with securing Kura to a vulnerable state before they can begin the "Resolute Ritual". Kainus struggles at first, but eventually he fullfils his task. During the ritual, Kura falls into a deep sleep where she meets a boy with long silver hair holding a blue crystal rose. Kura is forced to make a companion contract with Kastroth, though thinking she'd only dreamt it, she later finds out this boy is just as real as her. Kura is rescued by her valet and soldiers from the estate/empire. The cultists are nowhere to be found. Kura had been told a secret by Kainus a secret her father has been hiding from her. Despite being heavily injured from her fusing with Kastroth, she forces her way into confronting her father. She learns that Kura Jikurinde had only been a cover name her father had been calling her and that her true name was "Vulcan Keir Silvan Nakamura". "Your name is Kura Jikurinde Nakamura, but it always has been Vulcan Keir Silvan Nakamura." - Lord Sebastian Nakamura


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