1 The Beginning.

Year 2069,

Inside a certain black hole.

A speeding aircraft was being torn to pieces while the person inside was strangely unaffected by it.

A minute later the aircraft was completely gone and the person was slowing down little by little.

But before he stopped completely his surroundings changed from pitch black to shining gold, however, his face did not show the slightest of emotions as he observed the change silently, but curiously.

"You are an interesting one, aren't you?"

The person looked around to where the sound was coming from but found nothing as he replied,

"It depends upon your perspective of interesting."

It seemed that the voice had not expected a reply, for it remained silent before asking, "Are you not afraid that I might kill you?" To which the person replied, "If I was afraid of death, then I would not be here now, would I?"

The voice chuckled, "You amuse me, Joseph Crown"

"And what should I call you?" The person, Joseph, inquired.

"What are you anyway?"

"My name and what I am is not important, just know that your fellow humans will be arriving shortly as well, In about 2 hours."

The man showed discomfort, as he disliked crowds, and a crowd of over 10 billion people would be hell for him. "Why?" He asked.

"Your world has existed long enough. Now your kind will be either be destroyed, transmigrated, or reincarnated. However, since you amuse me, I will allow you to request some benefits, which I will grant, if I think it's within limit's, of course."

Joseph was quite for about a minute, before he asked, "How many?"

"Let's say about 5, shall we?" The voice replied.

"Take your time thinking about what you want."

"Can you tell me more about the world I'm going to?"

In response a booklet appeared in front of him. It was small and Joseph finished reading it in 5 minutes.

"Quite interesting, this world will allow me to grow quite a bit."

The voice seemed expectant as it asked, "Well then, have you decided what you want?"


"Go ahead, then."

"Number one," He started. "I would like to be able to upgrade and/or purchase everything at one-tenth of it's original price. 2, I want to be able to find weak spots, flaws, and copy every skill, magic spell, technique, etc. Just by looking at it long enough. 3, I want me and my troops to learn everything 10 times faster, 4..." " Whoa, Whoa, calm down a bit. Interesting choices, I really like them but still, don't you think it's a bit much?"


" I'm going to nerfing your first one on some occasions, but your second and third are all right. Now continue."

"4, I would like to be more lucky than I am right now. 5, I want all my troops to be loyal till death no matter what."

"Hmm, Your requests are a bit more than what i can usually allow, but I'll allow them if you make an oath to constantly explore, improve, and battle, with not too much rest in between."

There was a moment of silence before Joseph asked, "If I make that oath can I combine two of requests into one? Or change them?" "It depends on what you want to change." the voice replied.

"I want to change the first one to 5x earnings, drop rates, resources, you know while others get 10 wood from a tree, I get 50 wood from the same tree, and one fifth of the cost. And I want to combine the second and third to make a unique unit that can learn everything 50 times faster as well as use them to improve infinitely, and having that ability apply to me as well."

Hearing this the voice chuckled as it said, " Fine, I'll make a few changes but the general idea will be the same now make the oath."

Joseph made the oath and a portal appeared next to him. "I hope you will keep me interested." Was the last thing he heard before the portal sucked him in.

(A/N THIS NOVEL IS INSPIRED BY "Era Of Castles: Starting With 99 Dragon eggs."


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