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The Story Of The War Citadel


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This novel seems pretty good rn. The story grammer is very good as they are few mistakes. The story itself is intresting and is a good read. Only thing that I could say is what the mc and the character looks like. There isn’t that much info given.


My favorite character up till now is Jason. I really like his bit; his POV when he is panicking and worshipping Verum, and trying to prove himself worthy of Verum's attention. What is Hino Yama going to be like? I personally would prefer him to be a little too clever and not too brawny. I feel he'd be slender and tall. There I go pushing my ideas on you. Make him like that will ya?


I like the story so far and since you did give confirmation that the mc isn't going to be stupidly overpowered, I think it will become a good read in the future.


This is a review based off the first 4 chapters. It seems like the MC is going be way overpowered for no other reason than he was first to the black hole? I would consider slowing down the information dumps, there was just skills and stats everywhere but no time to digest it. Maybe use a chapter to explain each unit what it can do etc. It will be interesting to see how the story develops


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