1 Blake The Cupid

"Phew I am so glad I can finally be in my house and feel safe and comfortable!" But then I find a bow with a couple of arrows that are a little heart shaped. And it looked like the bow had my name ingrained into it, Blake. So I then grab the bow and the bow also says 'Cupid' so now I am thinking 'What the heck I never got a bow ever and what kind of arrows are these?' I then felt the urge to shoot one arrow each at a house but I tried to fight the urge cause shooting someone will probably kill them!

So I really don't know what to do right now… "Oh lord what do I do!? I am getting an urge to shoot two very weird arrows to two people and I have never shot a bow and arrow in my life ughhhh!" Welp I guess I should just go upstairs and shoot the two people great but that made another question. Which two people do I shoot? "Omg now I have to decide who to shoot with these weird arrows!" So I walk up the stairs and open my window then look out of it to see if there are any quick shots I can do…

I then see Jakey in his bedroom reading in his bedroom so I said sorry quietly under my breath and shot him with one of my arrows. But then once the arrow was shot into him it looked like he had little hearts in his eyes and he wasn't dead so I was a little confused on that. But that's when I realised whoever I shoot next they fall in love with each other and I have been shipping Jakey and Bryan together since they would make a cute couple. So I look around for Bryan so I could shoot him with my last arrow and have Jakey and him fall in love ❤️! So I then saw Bryan walking around his house but his bottom window was open so I had to be a really good shot and be lucky right now. So I shot my last arrow aiming for Bryan and when I looked at him I saw the arrow actually hit him!

I then celebrate quietly and see little hearts in his eyes. I then close my window and put my bow down and lay in my bed. Then I closed my eyes and fell asleep.