1 "It's ours."

The world doesn't revolve around a person, but they stopped believing that when they saw Equinile, a beautiful girl with toasted skin, large honey eyes, and strangely beautiful pink hair. People thought that surely in her past life she had been a goddess. When they looked at her, they didn't think, it's as if just looking at her everything stopped. That was what Jacay liked best.

Jacay, everyone would describe him as a good boy. He was the perfectly handsome boy with blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair; The charming prince of every fairy tale, everyone believed that about him, everyone except Equiline. She listened to his crying at dawn, listened to his lies, she saw his anger and loneliness. That was what Equiline liked the most, that only with her he was himself.

The night is near, and that can only mean one thing. Lovers get together, those who love each other and only at night show it.

"Equiline, I'm here," smiled the boy seeing her pink hair.

"Jacay," the girl spoke almost in a whisper.

"It's okay, there's no one here anymore."

"Why do we have to do this?"

"What do you mean, Equiline?"

"Why can we only see each other at night?" asked the girl pouting.

"Because my dear Equiline, only at night the demons come out."

"You are not a demon."

"But you are," the boy smiled, approaching her, "my sweet demon," he whispered and then kissed her.

"Jacay, I'm freezing," the boy smiled again and pulled her arm. "Where are we going?"

"Just follow me," Equiline laughed, she would follow him to the end of the world if he proposed it.

This is how both slipped away into the night, the moon being the only spectator of their love. The two arrived at a perfect lonely house, large for two people and small for three, there was still a bit of traces of the roses planted in the garden some years ago, the white paint of the house seemed more like a gray contrast, but the imposing house was still there. Equiline got surprised, it was his dead mom's house.

The boy smiled melancholic, "It's ours."

"What are you saying, Jacey?"

"Let's go in."

The main hall was full of lit candles, there were some paintings hung on the walls, a corridor full of sculptures that led to a room with stars painted on the walls, a large and elegant bedroom.

"Jacay, what is all this."

"I thought that I already told you, Equiline," he smirked and then hugged her. "It's ours."

Silence reigned as the two embraced, something so warm that sometimes Jacay got scared, something so safe that Equiline would not be afraid of anything if she were always in his arms.

"I'm really sorry that I can't give you what you deserve, Equiline," the girl looked at him confused, "you should get married to a king, you deserve no less."

"But Jacay…"

"But I wouldn't bear the idea of ​​seeing you with someone else either," he hugged her tighter, as if he wanted to make sure she was really there. "Promise me that you won't marry anyone."

"I promise, Jacay, I'll only marry you," she said, and both smiled, secretly taking an oath.

Both stayed in that room, full of stars and dreams, full of their hopes that one day they would be together at last. That despite their differences they would be together, that despite their past they would be together.

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