||Ateng Kim Hyung -sent you friend request||

Confirm Delete

As soon as I saw those kinds of friend request I immediately tap the confirm button. Okay, It's not really obvious that I like korean guys ahahhah but who wouldn't?? If you aren't, then I still respect your likes.

Lately, most of my friend request are fan accounts that's why my curiosity hunts me again like I want to feel, what's is like to be one of them.

To feed that curiosity of mine I decided to make one and I named it 'Lee Hyung' and I bio 'soloist' For your information he's the one I currently into argh~~ I can't help it. Pleasing soft voice, how he sway everytime he dance, the way his teeths shine everytime he smiles, laugh and even just saying something males fall in love with him more.

After I made my fan account I signed out my account for the mean time. Why? I just want to.

By the way, I am Rafaella Chauser and I'm only a twelve years old girl. Yeah, your read it right, 12 yrs old. But I'm not like the other kids out there who's keeps on playing around I think I am more matured if you compare me to my current age. But sometimes I also play with my friends but when I sais sometimes you can still count the times with your bare hands.

Cause I'm not the person that will laugh with you for a long time, I'll rather shut my mouth and don't waste my saliva. I don't often drink that's why I really treasure waters that remains in my body.


It's been 26hrs since I made and open the account. This is anew day, new hope and new day to live, Goodmorning! Have a great day!

I opened my account and it really shook me a bit. 541 friend request?? Just for one day and an hours? Seriously?? hahhahah it's pretty awesome.

I check my friend request and accept them all Ahmm I mean not all cause I didn't accept someone I know that will send me a inappropriate pics or messages. I'm still to younf to encountered and handle those peeps.

Unfamilliar faces of western and korean people is the first thing that I see as I view my friend request. And they are one of those people that I confirmed. I think it's fine cause I don't have a personal information in here.

After a hour of scrolling something pop up my head it is about the conversation I had with my friend before about DW or also known as Dummy World.

This is my conversation with Cass, a friend of mine.

*Flash Back*

Me: What's with that??

Cass: It's so happy in there, It feels so great.

Me: Explain further duh

Cass: Woww, you're the one who's demanding yet you have guts to be like that grrr!! want to pull your hair bitch grr.

Me: So talkative.

Cass: So this is it, From the word itself "Dummy" you'll portray artist or person you like then that's it! post and post feel free. And this is the other thing that I like about it. They will welcome you with an open arms. And ofcourse you'll have a new friends I mean internet friends it feels so good to also have those kinds of friends. And some people there found someone they like arghhh someone they think they want to be with 'till the end but the 'till the end thingy had a high percentage to be true, cause most of them broke up the soonest with different reasons. You! that's the thing you should avoid. Cause there are possibilities that one morning you'll wake up he already delete his account. But all in all, it's good, fine and ofcourse happy!! to be there.

Me: Hmm... What app is that?? I'll try it if I get bored.

Cass: Pfft-

Me: Eh?? Why are you laughing?? is there anything funny?? Let it out bich

Cass: HAHAHAHHA ca-ca-cause HAHAHAHAHA cause it's not an app bruh! HAHHAHAH I mean it's ann app but HAHAHAHA you only need Facebook HAHAHAHA.

She said while trying to stop herself from laughing, it's not really that funny but she laughs as if there's no tomorrow grr.

"So I'm already your happy pill?" I ask him with an sarcastic tone.

"Yes! Ofcourse HAHAHHAH you really made my day HAHAHHA" she said.

"k. Laugh all you want, I'm going home it's getting late."

"HAHAHAH okay ugly girl. Babyee" she said while waving her hand to me.

I just rolled my eyes and turn my back on her.

"They should be careful around you!!" she shouted before I completely close the door of her room.

I nod and raise my hand and wave it as an answer to her.

*End of Flashback*

As soon as I remember our convo I immediately chat her.

- 3:00pm -

Me: Heyy Casssss!!!

Me: Come on!!! Be online witchhh!! I have something to ask youuu!!!

- 3:27pm -

Cass: What's your problem witch??

Me: About the DW that we talked about the other time.

Cass: What's with it??

Me: How does it look like?

Cass: Hmm... They mostly used western and korean profile and another race. Explore it bruh.

Me: Okay okay. Thank youuu.

Cass: Is that all???

Me: Yeppp.

Its look like my instant dummy account hahahah.


Hours had passed due to enjoyment I didn't realize it's already dinner. I think, I already consumed 3-5 hrs of my time with this account doing just some stuffs like accepting, adding, posting and ofcourse scrolling. But just in a few hours I really laugh a lot because of thos memes HAHAHAH

And in those hours I already learned a lot about how the world that I got in. I already knew the rules that you must follow to maintain the peace.

"Ellaaa!! Go down!! the diner is ready"

All that I can say Cass really meant what she said it's really happy to be there.

"Yes Momm!! currently going down." I shouted. I need to shout cause my voice are not that loud and hello I'm in the second floor so I really need to shout for them to hear me.