The Stone Hearted General's Infatuation Book

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The Stone Hearted General's Infatuation


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This is my own story made up as I go along so updates will be slow. As I get through chapters the synopsis will probably be tweaked. After going through hell in her childhood, she disappeared for ten years. When she reappeared at her previous home, what she found was a family who shunned her, her father wanted to eat her alive and the rest of her other family and step family continuously schemed against her. What they didn't expect was that she was that she was a scheming vixen all along, showing them what they thought was her weak and vulnerable side, but actually she was revealing their two-faced ways to the world. One fateful day brought them together as he wanted to get his hair cut at the barbers that she worked in. Was it coincidence or did he plan it? After that encounter he kept appearing in her life helping her to get the vengeanceshe was craving for. Unbeknownst to her, he slowly crept up in her heart to take his rightful place. Follow them on their journey through life and find out the secrets they hold deep. Join then on their journey, helping each other battle their demons, enemies, and their insecurities. Details may be graphic I am in the middle of improving the chapters I have up so, please forgive me for the updates This is a slow burn romance... No misunderstandings... No love triangles.. Again the updates will be slow but I will hopefully remember to update at least once every day... Hope you like it... This is my first story so I don't know what it will end up like The cover pic is not mine, credit to the owner


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