The Steadfast Paladin Book

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The Steadfast Paladin


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Luther, naturally born with optimism and a resolute attitude had endured hardships, oppression and a heart-wrenching betrayal from whom he thought was his bastion of hope. The world, as if conspiring for his downfall, shattered his already fragmented heart into pieces. 'If the Gods want to toy with my life, the least I could do is deny them the pleasure." Thus, with no reason to live, Luther ended his life on his own terms. "With this, I can finally put an end to this miserable life." As if to mock his futile effort of defiance, he was given a shot at reincarnation and was reborn, but in a vastly different world. Reincarnated in a renowned household of knights set in the victorian era, Luther, with a brand new name and identity, embarked on a journey that would once again test the limits of his humanity. Note: This story will be posted on other sites as well such as RoyalRoad.com, etc.


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