The Stars Will Forever Know Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Stars Will Forever Know


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Sabastion Nite stood across the alter. Across from the women he knew for only a few months Angela Hale, and waited for the pastor to pronounce man and wife. When he did, Sabastion raised Angela's veil and kissed her passionaly; After which he whispered "Angela Hale, I promise I will make you love me." But that only seemed to piss her off more. He didn't get a response to that until their first dance when Angela responded: "Sabastion Nite, I promise I will reach hell before I ever fall in love with you." Billionaire Sabastion Nite is a strict business man who cares about nothing else but work. However, when he meets the women of his dreams he realizes there is more to life; Only to figure out he must save her from the evils of the world....... Angela Hale Is a common girl that nobody seems to notice, with a lot of demons. There is nothing she hates more than the rich who get everything handed down to them. This is due to the fact she had to fight to survive. But when she meets the billionaire family of Nite's can she hold on to everything she believes? Or is there a force that's just out of her reach, pulling her into a dangerous direction?


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