The Sports Strategist in a Futuristic World Book

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The Sports Strategist in a Futuristic World


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Axel was born with a disorder known as Congenital Amputation, a rare condition wherein the primary issue is the absence of a limb at birth, but in Axel's case, he did not have any of those convenient appendages. To put it simply, he had no arms or legs, leaving him with only his head and body, rendering him incapable of moving on his own and spending the remainder of his life in a wheelchair. Despite Axel’s miserable condition, he still found joy through watching sports and immediately became a sports enthusiast. He started to dream about becoming an athlete even though he knew that it was highly unlikely. He never stopped watching sports and researched about it, gathered knowledge, observed plays, and analyzed athletes while he devised tactics and approaches to any possible scenario, making himself the greatest sports strategist unbeknownst to man. Although, after a mysterious accident, he was transported at 2000 years into the future where humanoid machinery, hovering vehicles, advanced artificial intelligence, teleportation devices, holographic imagery, and other science-fiction tropes were already accessible in reality. He also received the greatest blessing imaginable and that was an entirely new body, one with complete limbs and has no health complications. But how will he use his new body when he still hasn’t experienced having one before?


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