The Spirit Soul God Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

The Spirit Soul God


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In this world of cultivators, there are 2 types of cultivators normal cultivators and bloodline cultivators. Han Tian is one of these bloodline cultivators and when he was born he was tested to have a mysterious bloodline. Han Tian was an orphan of the Han Clan, his mother died during Han Tian's birth and his father was an Elder but was killed by a Beast Horde a year after Han Tian was born. Most of the Elders had high expectations for Han Tian because of the bloodline but even with the bloodline, Han Tian's cultivation speed was slower than a snail and every cultivation technique he tired didn't work. He was bullied by the other clan members and often felt detached from everyone. But one day he suddenly became sick and he heard a voice in his in his head and 3 scriptures were put in his head. This is the legend of Han Tian!