73 The Living Nightmare

"Remain calm and take out your weapons!" the squad leader ordered as panic began to set amongst the team.

Elijah did not have the chance to take a good look at the person who ambushed them as the attack had occurred unexpectedly, but this person smelled…. dangerous.

His every instinct screamed to flee the scene immediately.

The girl in front of him looked generally human-like but her golden eyes and weird appendages jutting from her back made it clear that she was a mixed-race hybrid.

"Okay we can negotiate…. you don't hurt her, and we let you walk out of here alive," the team leader tried to the reason with the strange girl.


Horror and fear could be seen in the expressions of the hunting team as a bladed appendage was poking out of Ayasha's stomach.

The hybrid girl gazed at them with a twisted grin on her face before melting into the shadows and disappearing.

"Help….me…" Ayasha tried to crawl towards her team but soon collapsed due to her injuries which caused the barrier device to activate.

Golden light soon surrounded her figure and she was teleported back onto the transport ship for treatment.

How could this have happened?!

Every remaining member of the team held their weapons in a defensive stance and started to scan the surrounding forest with great caution.

Three of the four held blaster pistols in their grip while Elijah opted to use a heavy great axe to complement his naturally high strength.

All they could hear was rustling from the treetops and a blurry shadow moving rapidly amongst the leaves.

Cloud Treading Dragon!

Sophie circulated her qi to activate her movement technique and swiftly ran around the team to prevent them from locking onto her position.

Her vision was still stuck in a weird world of orange and red, but all of the students were prominently displayed before her eyes.

It was like she had a built-in radar.




Sophie did not notice that saliva was dripping down slowly from her mouth and melting the soil beneath when it landed.

She circled behind the wary students and dashed forward while unleashing her new fist skill at one of them.

Frost-born Gauntlet!

Cold air surrounded her hand and an icy aura coated her fist with small spikes jutting from above the knuckles.


The other Mendolesa warrior howled in pain as the attack hit him squarely in his spine which gave off a loud crack.

He flew forward and crashed into a tree and tried to stand up, but the blunt trauma had left him paralysed and the frost energy started to damage his internal organs.

The barrier device soon activated, and he was send back to the transport ship.

Sophie had eliminate two of the five members of the squad, but her last attack had drawn her out into the open.

"Shoot down this fucking bitch!" the team leader roared as they opened fire while Elijah dashed forward with his axe.

Pew! Pew!

Plasma shots were spread wildly across the clearing as rage overtook the common sense of the remaining members of the squad.

They were all geniuses of their respective planets and yet someone was eliminating them singlehandedly.

Who could bear such a blow to their pride?

Under their watchful eyes, Sophie's figure seemed to blur and shift as if it were translucent. Every shot seemed to just pass over her body without causing any injury.

The initial reddish tint to her golden eyes was becoming more and more pronounced as Sophie darted through the barrage of attacks.

"You aren't getting away that easily!" Elijah growled in rage.

Flaming Meteor Strike!

The great axe in his hand glowed a fiery red colour and ignited into harsh flames.

Elijah raised his weapon high into the air before slamming it down onto Sophie's head.


A sharp ringing noise was heard around the clearing as the hybrid girl simply lifted one of her appendages and blocked the full brunt of the attack.

Elijah stood still in shock and did not seem to realise that the girl had already darted past him and into the backline of the team.

Stab! Stab!

Sophie's spider appendages extended into the bodies of the remaining two members of the team and her fangs extended outwards into the neck of one of the girls.



She was just about to tear into her flesh when the familiar golden light of the barrier device lit up and the injured students were teleported back to the ship.

"One more prey to hunt," came a soft whisper of the female devil that rang in Elijah's ears.

He abandoned all thoughts of avenging his comrades when he saw the look in the hybrid girl's eyes when she gazed at him.

They were all geniuses that stood above the masses but in her presence…

…they were nothing more than food.

Elijah bent his knees and leapt high into the air before landing in the forest opposite the clearing.

He then started to frantically run away to seek reinforcements from the other members of the alliance.

All of his pride had been shattered from the overwhelming terror inflicted by the living nightmare that was the hybrid girl hunting him down.

Sophie's eyes gleamed in excitement at the fleeing Mendolesa as her blood began to surge and boil at the prospect of a chase.

She gave the boy a head start of ten seconds before preparing to activate her movement ability to catch up.

Somehow the thrill of giving her prey a moment of hope gave Sophie a deep sense of arousal.

Thud! Thud!

"Ouch…what the hell?" Sophie clutched her chest in pain as she watched the Mendolesa warrior vanish off into the distance.

Her eyes shifted back into their typical golden hue and Sophie just felt a wave of pain and exhaustion wash over her body.

It felt like she had just been hit by a truck.

The unfamiliar emotions that had driven her actions to this point also vanished abruptly and Sophie was at a loss to explain why she behaved so recklessly.

All the qi in her dantian had been exhausted to maintain this strange state but the side effects were horrific.

Sophie crashed to the ground and could not use a single muscle to move her body.

If that Mendolesa warrior brought back reinforcements…she would have no means to resist.

"Grr..." Sophie gritted her teeth in determination and slowly crawled towards the supplies scattered around the ground and placed them in the backpack.

After a few minutes of effort, she managed to muster enough energy to weakly stand up.

There was a grand total of three blaster pistols on the ground, so Sophie fastened one onto her hips and placed the other two in the backpack.

It was important to move as quickly as possible, so she limped off in a random direction away from the clearing.

(Thirty minutes later)

Elijah brought back several students to seek revenge on the hybrid girl who wiped out their squad but when they arrived at the clearing….

Sophie was long gone.

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