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Shameless Author Review! If you love sci fi future cultivation novels with a strong but broken female lead then this is the book for you! The novel has the action, the ships! and some crazy plot twists! (maybe not in that order) Anyways please give it a try my dear future reader ❀️❀️

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Its a great novel with lots of potential. It promises both cultivation, character development, world building, cool sci-fi and lots more to look forward too.


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I think this one will be a very interesting story. I get this feeling of new and refreshing world story. I'm very anticipated to read this work as a whole! Do your vest Author-sama!!


Overall the novel the author has great ideas but the execution is terrible. Aside from the fight scenes most of the social interaction/slice of life is terribly boring. There is really nothing interesting going on aside from the main character discovering her hidden heritage.


fascinating world-building. I like Sophie, spunky and creative. I like the layering of modern issues in this fantasy meeting sci-fi. Keep writing!


I've read multiple isekai reincarnated as a monster type stories.. This story is by far the best starting potential of them. A few nice close friends with varying backgrounds. Truly enjoyable


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


If you like a young female lead that ueses cultivation, geting stronger and learning martial arts. A female lead that grows and a story without an ridiculous plot armor this is a realy good story for you. I certainly love it


So this Review has been a long time coming, and I'd say its about time I throw mine into the mix. A TLDR will be at the bottom of the review for anyone who wants a shorter version of what I am going to say. I have to say that after the many arcs and chapters of this book, it is the one I love reading the most. I have encountered plenty of amazing series to read, such as Chrysalis, Reborn: Evolving From Nothing (If any of you amazing readers were around when that was still updating), and a few other of my personal favorites that I have sitting in my Reading List, but I'm rambling on; I'll get back to the point. Among all of those amazing series, this novel is the one I love reading the most. I'm normally skeptical of 5-star reviews, but this one is well warranted. I am a bit loathe to go into a section review of each aspect in which we rate areas of the book, since I am inherently put off by that when I look for reviews myself, so I'll try to focus on the areas that matter. Writing Quality is probably one of the best you will get. There are no issues with English and translation like you will see in most other novels' authors, and it is always consistent. Our beloved author updates very regularly and communicates with their readers a great deal. On average they update about every 1.5 days. The Story, Characters and Background are incredibly written and so well done. All the characters are remarkably human in their actions. You can always understand why a character would do something, and how a certain action or experience changes and affects their choices in the future. The characters are ever-changing and never stagnate. Every character grows both physically and psychologically, and it is never rushed. The main character Sophie is always relatable and it is so exciting to see her grow as a character and how she affects the story and the people around her. I especially enjoy how this novel does not follow the classic Isekai-standard procedure of focusing on the person's past life and their knowledge from that world; treating it like an incredible ability that constantly keeps them ahead of other characters. Instead it focuses on Sophie's growth in her life, character, abilities, and her ties to her hybrid heritage, and her ascension among an anti-hybrid nobility and the world around them in a constant state of flux with a universal war. The story and arcs are paced very well. No stone is left un-turned and no conflict ends in an unsatisfying way. The story is not rushed at all and is in no way a power or revenge fantasy. This novel truly commits to its characters and understands where to hold back and to keep the readers wanting more. The action and fights in this book are just as good as the political tension going on in the world, and the heartwarming moments with friends and family. You grow to care and sympathize with just as many villains as the ones you'll most definitely want to strangle with your own hands, and their justice is just as satisfying to read. The world is filled with so many amazing moments and emotions of comedy, sadness, love, hatred, tension, technological wonders and overwhelming powers. Political manipulation and despicable plots. It has a perfect mixture of racial and status discrimination you see in most fantasy worlds, of its power scale is centered around cultivation and combat techniques combined with racial advantages with NO SYSTEM in sight, and of the type of comedy and love you would like to see in a setting fitting for young adults in college. It is mostly mature, so please don't interpret it like characters will be stupid and dense. TLDR: This novel contains every bit of realism and fantasy that you could ever want from every type of setting and relationships you could fathom. This is such an underrated novel and should honestly be in the Top 5 of the Leaderboard on here. Its writing, characters, story, and world-building are so amazingly done that it outshines nearly every novel on this platform. Give it a good 20 chapters and you'll realize how special this novel is compared to everything else. I encourage you to read my whole review as well to get a better picture. Happy reading!


Does the main character ever change from how she is at the beginning? Is there really good character development? Because I'm only up to chapter 11 and I'm already considering dropping this (I actually did drop it before, but I'm back again) because of the main character's personality... She's just wayy too overconfident and immature. I feel like if she continues acting this way it will only cause drama and negatively impact everything and everyone around her. However, the novel overall is really good and I hear a lot of good things about it, so I want to give it another shot. But at the same time, I'm not sure I wanna get into this novel if the character will remain the same. So I'm creating this review in hopes someone will help me.


Author is often unassuming but which reader knew author's prowess in selecting and spinning magnetic words into fantastic chapters making up this oh-so-delicious tale as entitled. Thanks so much for such a delectable story. Expressions and mechanical accuracy have room for improvement to further enhance the vivid imagination of the tale.


It's honestly one of the best books there could be, especially since it's just a hobby instead of a proper writer doing this for their money.


This first part is me getting word count up but this book is really good though that may be because my favorite genre is cultivation sci-fi mix


Reveal spoiler


Balanced fun read. Amateur writer.... oh yes. But definite fin read. Think of the quality as brain candy. A nice decently packed light fin read.


This is a story with a bit of a twist. Not that it's not a good twist but it's definitely different than the usual. It's going to be interesting to see what becomes of the MC with all the changes that she's going thru. Hope to see more chapters.


This book is okay but it has some quirks. while the characters are interesting they can be really cartoonish. like the "villains" are written as irredeemable people with no self awareness. they don't feel like actual humans. Some of the dialogue can be very edgy like something a middle schooler would write. what's keeping me going is the non-villan characters and world building. the world is interesting and Sophie's relationship to her dad and peirs is fun. Author if you see this read vampire system and when they transform into bloodsuckers. it's similar to Sophi but done in a more "elegant" way . keep up good work


Feels very dull, like every other face slapping/reincarnation novel out there. β€œI’ll get revenge for you” or some boring shit like that. Acting completely out of character in the first confrontation. She had been bullied for years, and although I know nothing about the cultivation levels in this universe, I dont think an apparent 6 level difference is something to scoff at.