The Sovereignty System
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The Sovereignty System


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What is The Sovereignty System

The Sovereignty System is a popular web novel written by the author Termax, covering KINGDOM BUILDING, SYSTEM, CULTIVATION, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 3.3M readers with an average rating of 4.21/5 and 296 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 160 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Welcome to Planet Victus! A world of kings, nobles, commoners, cultivators, magi, profound beasts, bandits, and even strange unique monsters who are naturally created through strange occurrences of Mana and Qi blending together. Each of them all live and fight together in a time that seemed to resemble Earth’s early iron age. Somehow transmigrated to this primitive world, Ben King has nothing but the clothes on his back and the Sovereignty System which speaks to him in a female monotonous voice. The Sovereignty System will provide Ben with the ability to build an impressive fortress from scratch which, he plans to make use of to secure a defendable home for himself. He is also provided with other ways to increase his strength allowing him to take on anything that this world can throw at him. Will Ben use his system to only build an impenetrable fortress to keep this hostile world at arm's length, or use it for its true purpose to create a kingdom of his own and drag this world out of its stagnant primitive era? Join Ben King as he travels through a new world while trying to make a new life for himself!


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So, overall the story is good, but there are some complaints I have. First, this is minor, but please title the chapters, even if it’s something ******, cuz it’s annoying to see unnamed chapters, not knowing what it contains. _ Second, spirit food. I have no problem with spirit food at all, but selling it like normal grocery would produce many problems. For example: Spirit food isn’t a natural thing in the world, according to the system. So, many people would be suspicious about this, maybe even some old monsters would be interested Supply and demand. If the amount of supply increases, then the demand decreases, meaning less money. You gotta keep a balance, so u can get the most benefits. However, this is not the only problem. Merchants and other businesses that includes selling spiritual plants and stuff like that will most likely get less profit due to him selling spiritual food and attracting their customers. This will cause enmity between him and powerful people, as people that could sell those are probably powerful. _ Third, monetary circulation. Many people miss this in their novels if they include monetary exchange in systems. He is taking out money from the world and giving/buying things from the system. This may lead to a disaster in the economy if this continues. Money usually doesn’t disappear from the world. Money is circulated through buying and selling generally. The gold coins in the world is probably not unlimited. If he keeps sucking away those coins without giving any back, then it will lead to an imbalance. _ Fourth, the autonomous buildings. These are nice, but can provide problems too. They practically render the humans useless, kind of. Well, he doesn’t need farmers, miners, blacksmiths, researchers, etc. There are few jobs available for the people. One of em is a guard, but there might be something in the system that can guard his kingdom, so thats probably occupied too. These should be a bit limited to prevent freeloading people. _ Well, those are all the major ones I could find, the rest doesn’t really affect the story that much. Well, u don’t have to change ur previous chapters, just do stuff that can fix these in future chapters, if u want. It is your story, so do what u want. I’m enjoying it so far.


From my rough drafts there should be just over 100 chapters in the first volume. I will 100% finish the first volume at a rate of one chapter a day and on random occasions release two. As far as volume two goes it will depend on how the novel is received by the readers. It is looking good so far for a volume two but if the novels popularity begins to die off I think it will wrap up with the first volume then.


When first read i was like : "Oh another system tag hope it good enough to read" After a few chpter : "Hmmm maybe im gonna like this novel" At lastest chapter : "DAMNNIT AUTHOR WEE DEMAND MOOORRREEEEEEEEEE" Seriously this novel have a lot potential to be great novel. Thnks author and sorry for bad english


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Writing Quality: Pretty good Stability: Pretty good Story Dev: Meh Char Design: Meh World Background: Not bad Honestly, I hate when people include netspeak in their writing. Example: *sighs*. NO. Instead: Ben sighed or Ben couldn't help but sigh. His ability/system is extremely OP so I'm not really keen on reading anymore. That's what ruins the development and char design for me. The Background is starting to develop from where I read but it's all overshadowed by this OP system. Honestly this system isn't even OP, it's autowin.


I am a dog and I really love fried spring rolls dipped on sweet and spicy sauce but I also like your novel. Please keep it up! Write more and publish regularly!


As i read latest chapter i found out that what i read are: 15% status there is almost one in each chapter and it take a lot of lines and word 10% skill level up notice. Mc gain skill level fast 10% skill description 45% building description 15% item description 5% connecting words aka bull**** Give me a story I do not care about stats word padding who ever read stats anyway? One every 10-20 chapter is good to know character growth once every chapter is not good heck there are some chapter that have 2nd stats spam. I dont really care about 10001 kind of production building it’s meaningless at your story mc can build stuff so easy that it really does not matter what kind of resources or tech tree or research required to build em, author need make them meaningful. This story have an interesting concept but bad implementation, mc have no purpose no soul mc is not human at all there’s no meaningful human interaction, what kind of kingdom building story that have zero human relation? everything is automated might as well build a robot kingdom, everything is so easy might as well have everything unlocked from start and be done with it. Everything is essentially free since mc produce stuff from void (and automatically with zero effort) Mc cultivation system feels to be forced, even random stranger, beast or small fry encounter is bland. It is not engaging enough. MC base is essentially a public relief center aka bum base, only at later chapter they’re working to dig a trench. And finally there is no story. I build a house is not a story, but i build a house for my young mistress without my wife noticing is a story. Stable boy marries is not a story, but stable boy marries village flowers againts all odds is a story. I fell in love is not a story, but i fell in love with my younger sister is a story. What your chapter so far essentially is “i build stuff” no twists no turn no ordeal no intrigue! Nothing nada nil. You can still salvage this story, My advices is to read more books there’s some good kingdom building out there. For example there’s safehold series by david weber or if you want lighter reading there is daniel bLack by e. William brown even stuff like destroyerman or silvership or troy rising, if eastern fantasy is more of your cups then release that witch its premium already on qd heck even bringing the farm in other worlds or all hail the king or world of warcraft domination is a good read to find your basic. Kingdom building is one of the hardest genre to write, you need soo many elements and each interacting witheach other. Tl;dr its like playing starcraft with ai turned off using “operation Cwal” , “ there is no spoon” and “power overwhelming” Add “showme the money” times 100.


So, i usually don't write reviews but i'm trying to start this now. This novel shows an interesting concept in the beginning but this is the autor first story, the world building was done right so far, at least in description, but the character doesn't have a unique personality, the autor focus too much in the system he created and all his awesome features and skills, there is almost no dialog, in 30 chapters he didn't talk to not even 5 people that the name of the characters matters so far. It's almost a monolog with the MC and his A.I. system... Also, the way the buildings work so far makes we think, what's the point of the MC trying to get people to live with him in his new fortress if he doesn't need anyone for anything? So, despite the good points about the world and the stability of updates so far, all else seems lacking...


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Great novel! I am always searching for ones with the tags Kingdom Building and System, and this is the perfect one. For people that are hesitant on if they should read this or not, here is some information that may or may not persuade you. Firstly, even though in the first few chapters it’s just him walking to a city, nothing stupid and embarrassing happens to him, like him asking someone about something that is common knowledge and that person looks at him weirdly. It quickly gets into the Kingdom Building aspect of it just after, I think it was, chapter 4, 5? Grammar is also great with just a few small errors every chapter or so, nothing that disrupts the reading flow and it’s clearly understandable. So far, the author describes the layout of the buildings pretty well, though there could be a few more measurements or size comparisons to give you a better understanding. The one thing that I can see as being somewhat bad about this novel is that there is a large amount of skills that the MC learns really quickly. It isn’t to the point where it is overwhelming like in many other novels I have read, but I can see it getting tedious in later chapters having to scroll down the long list of skills that he gets. Overall, I feel that this novel has lots of potential and I hope the author doesn’t stop writing!!!


A novel with the most broken system ever, the system give the mc cultivation, facilities, farms, ranchs, potions, food, clothes, advises, map, trackers.. everything for gold coins. Then all the mc had to do is sell the commodities the sytem give him and integrate the gold coins back to the sytem.. that was the story/plot. Btw the world difficulty setting was in very very easy, the only being that thought otherwise was the MC (our ret@rd MC...)


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I , from the bottom of my heart thought this was I great novel or a great idea if you will . As I read this novel I found that what I read was split into three parts, and it goes something like this ( 10% connecting words , 15% status and 75% what feels like googled building description/infodump ) The story had an interesting concept ,but I guess the implementation was bad. The MC felt empty, soulless with absolutely no meaningful human interaction , plus everything is automated which doesn’t look good for the future . And don’t even get me started on how awful is the idea of putting 15 or 16 century people in a 21century technology awful I tell you just awful , I’ll give another review when I finish reading , IF I finish that is .


Would recommend developing diffrent characters and their pov. It would add more colour to your story and make it more intriguing . Anyway good job so far , keep it up 😀


A little wordy and boring at the front Then after chptr 12... woo*** one of my imaginary wolrd come to me in the form of this novel... One of my fav is when the mc safe a slave to work for his castle,( not some harem slave in common japanese novel). Author pleaseee not harem, im okay with 1 or 2 wives, but no more than that. Keep your good work and dont drop this potential great novel.


novel keren yang pernah saya baca, GOOD JOB bro!!! lanjutkan bro seru novelnya, jangan patah semangat buat nulis pertahanin bro jangan dengerin klo ada yang hina novel anda, bacot doank itu biasanya mereka


The author has shown that he/she can write. I was hook after reading the first 3 chapters of the story. To have an MC that can cultivate, use magic and has a system to help him in a sense build a kingdom. The MC first fight was great and did not make him OP. He needed to practice to be able to handle himself, even though he level up the skill quick it was still at a good pace. When he started building his base, I was very intrigued on what he was going to build and what he could be build for the first 10 chapters, but after 50 chapters of the author spending time on this concept of his/her story it go boring. I would have giving the author a better score if not for this.


this type of novel always makes my blood boils, so please create an amazing kingdom, the strongest army, the unpenetrable fortress...and a strong charismatic non-harem king... well 4get about the last part


This novel is like a wet dream of a COMMUNIST everything comes out of thin air magically people of his colony don't work get everything for free are a bunch of lazy asses gets everything of high quality for apparently no reason whatsoever. Govt gives everyone everything for free as they have infinite resources.this is some Communist propoganda BS .


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