The Sovereign of Envy Book

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The Sovereign of Envy


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A young boy from the modern era lost his life by an accident, Suddenly waking up on a different world, His body greatly changed and turned into a young girl It seemed like there is something called 'system' on this world A world that emphasize sword and magic... He got thrown into this world by a whim of fate, with no purpose and no reason at all And with a strange new body that is able to reach greater powers... "Perhaps I should just live here normally" But amidst of all the peaceful facade lies a hidden side, "My waifu that exist on the virtual world called mirror" fufufu~~ Ahem Ahem... back to the topic... A strange power, a strange past, a dark mystery, unexplainable events, unfated encounter, and a future that is full of uncertainty Will the world change in the future? or the future will change the world ●●● This novel is one of my first creation, please be noted about the uncertain grammar quality ...and sometimes uncertain author quality but anyways enjoy... [The release date isnt fixated, I may release them at any given time and they can also be at batch than one per release, there is also a chance where theres one release for a long time] [Ps: The word count per release depend greatly on the contents]


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