The Sound of Silence: A Zombie Novel Book

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The Sound of Silence: A Zombie Novel


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Dale Alden was in the middle of science class when he saw it. Mrs. Lyles was too busy writing on the board to see anything, but he did. All the other kids were talking to their friends, but he did not have any. What else could he do, but stare out the window wondering when his life went wrong? But that’s not the important thing, the important thing is what he saw, there was a medium sized woman in a black business suit repeatedly banging her head against the school gate.......while her dark-red vile looking blood was pooling at her feet.....Dale saw a custodian go up to her to see what was wrong. He seemed like he couldn’t hear her so he got closer, but then the woman’s arm struck out and latched onto him like a viper. With an unnatural strength, the woman pulled the custodian in close......Then her neck turned back at an unimaginable angle for living human beings, almost completely sideways, and then she launched her head forward and bit him on the shoulder with a vengeance. Dale screamed.....the man screamed louder..... ( Artwork is not mine) ( I have two other books, don’t forget to check them out, also drop a comment so I can improve, thanks!) (This book is more detailed than the others due to it being an actual novel and not just for fun) ( I’ll update once or twice a week)


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