5 Chapter Five : Crystal Clear

"Hey, Ceil !," Diana called out Ceil across the street. "Good morning, wasn't the moon beautiful last night?" Diana enthusiasts recalling last night.

"Hey , yeah good morning," Ceil trailing speech while walking towards Diana. " Moon is really beautiful and urged me to play Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra." Ceil also remembers the song as how she would like to escape her reality.

"Yeah." Diana agrees and she felt the sadness within Ceil's voice.

As usual both Diana and Ceil rode the same bus every day and Diana gave Ceil cookies as she promised they went to the campus cafeteria, a food hopping. Their first period Mr. Davidson, history. Second, Mr. Sanchez, calculus and algebra. Third Period, Mr.. Vamco, physics and quantum science professor. Fourth, Ms. Brooke, political science and psychology. Last Mr. Ford, physical education and Athletic sports coach.

Last period, the physical education Mr. Ford's class. At the gym's court another class showed up and the one who Diana and Ceil bumped into yesterday was fortunate there along with the class.

"Ceil, Ceil, that was the guy I am talking about," Diana poking Ceil to her side.

" The one we bumped into, remember?" Repeatedly asking Ceil.

"Wait, I can't see him," Ceil makes a giraffe neck behind their taller classmates.

"Is that him? He looks annoyed and scary." Ceil looking at the clearer view of the guy.

"That's Ron Nux he was likely a good person before, like the shy type guy and nerdy, then something happened," Diana pauses. "His mother passed away and his father became abusive which also left him in the process, and he is now in the custody of his mother's relative. He is staying with his aunt Mary Nux, a widow and had an only child, a daughter who was now living in Illinois." Diana explains Ron Nux's brief life.

"Then what made him look bad, that he is far from the shy and nerdy type of person," Ceil curiously asked Diana.

"I heard a rumour that his father despised him and that his mother 's health was deteriorating since his birth," Diana relates on what went wrong. "Others were he fought against his bullies and won after a day his father left him for good." Diana adds what may change him for real.

Ceil cannot utter any word but only sighs and to think he is being disregarded by his own father and pushes something that has nothing to do with him.

" I couldn't imagine." Ceil sympathizes with him.

Diana saw Ceil's eyes; she also had too much going in her mind and that she wasn't ready to free it yet or let go.

"Alright everybody gather here," Mr. Ford's whistle his class assembled at the center court. " We play not only by groups in class but with another class shall be joining us here today, versus Coach Feliciano's class," Mr. Ford announced, setting up a duel against his class and Mr. Feliciano's. "First category is set by Men's basketball, first 30 points wins and followed by women's teams, first 25 points also wins." Mr. Ford arranged the set for both team's players.

"Thankfully I wasn't included in the ball game, they can do better than me," Diana felt relieved .

"Easy for you to say," Ceil scorns Diana's relieved feeling."I may be on bench for now but when this game starts to grill our team, I'll be thrown in hot coals." Ceil's stress out she can't leave anytime she wants.

"Don't worry, you have me here pal," Diana calms Ceil as she was the backup women's basketball team player .

They heard a loud bang and when they looked, Ron Nux was looking down at their classmate and seemed to be threatening his opponent. Mr. Feliciano interferes before anyone could be hurt and worsted.

"Alright, stop it right there, Mr. Nux." Mr. Feliciano's warning Ron stepping against fallen classmates.

Ron Nux gets into the corner and Mr. Feliciano advises him to switch places with other teammates. Ron then, quietly sat at the farthest bench, after a few minutes of breathing he starts to stand and walks to the other side of the court which is near to Diana's and Ceil's bench.

The two of them quietly observed Ron Nux in the distance. They see that he got tired of dealing with people and just wanted to be alone for once.

Diana sneaks a peek at Ron Nux, and she thought he might not be that bad, he had just a bad day and was short tempered. Diana poked Ceil to talk with Ron Nux nearby but Ceil refused Diana's plea. Diana didn't lose hope and carefully thought of a strategy to talk with him, she suddenly stumbled at her bottle water and hadn't opened yet. "That's it," Diana light bulb. She used the bottle water simply to offer him kindness and in a way she could to talk to him. Diana starts to walk towards him and offers him the water.

" Hi, would you like some water?" Diana asked Ron while wiping his sweat with the small white towel.

Ron just stares at her hand holding a bottle of water and looks at her, thinking what her intentions are. He felt bad if he refused her offer and almost as if he had snatched it off from her hand like a wild cat.

"Thanks," Ron said in his uncaring tone. " You should have but thank you for kindness." Ron said in a soft tone and set a vibe not to bother him anymore.

"Okay, yeah, you're welcome," Diana awkwardly tense up. "There's us if you need more or snacks, you can hang out with us," Diana says in hoping he would feel relaxed around them.

Diana hadn't heard any more response from him and she just awkwardly excused herself beside Ceil.

" How did it go?" Ceil asked.

" Well, he took my offer, even though it was just a bottle of water," Diana starts. " He seemed like a good guy after all, thanking me like a wild cat." Diana chuckles while remembering what he looked like as he snatched the bottle of water.

" It seems you have the likes of him," Ceil sees an opening entertainment. "Interested are we?" Ceil adds teasing Diana.

" Do care to tease me every time whenever I talk with a guy," Diana snorted at Ceil's teasing.

Ceil had a suddenly saw sparkling object from her peripheral eye, and it was coming from Ron Nux. He was holding two different pieces, a clear hardened glass and had a long black color like charcoal but it's little different because it shines when light flashes, and that he'd put it around his neck, with the gold plated chain.

" Diana, what was that around his neck like glass?" Ceil nudges Diana.

"I don't know but in my research I have stumbled upon something called crystals and really most of them are like glass, and that one with him might be a raw Clear Quartz. You can find and buy it online and in stores that import like those crystals." Diana expands her information she had from her club Akashi research project.

" Talk about being nerdy yourself, it just caught my eye, and here you are enlightening me, such a good friend of you ." Ceil acts out to hug Diana tight.

" You love me because I'm a talking book." Diana acts as feeling hurt in a way she was only remembered when someone's in need.

" Ha ha—, Don't be like that," Ceil mocks Diana.

"Ceil Lux—!" Mr. Ford whistles and called Ceil from the other side of the court.

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"Oh here goes for nothing." Ceil whispered underneath her breath.

"Good luck, Ceil—" Diana abides her victorious smile.

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