The Soul Eater's PossessionThe Soul Eater's Possession

The Soul Eater's Possession

by MysticAmy

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"Devin, do you love me?" Hearing her question that had snapped him out of his thoughts, the Soul Eater opened his eyes slowly to meet her blue eyes once more. He smiled foolishly as his right hand reached out to her face, his thumb caressing her bottom lip. "Is that a question you dare ask your husband?" Angeal pouted like a child. "Tell me you love me... or I’ll cry." Devin chuckled, making Angeal pout more as she narrowed her eyes at him. When Devin ceased his jovial laughter, he didn’t answer her question. Instead, he bent down as he pulled her closer to him, his lips smoothly landing on hers to give her a loving kiss. ’I love you, Angeal. Before I even knew it, my heart yearned for you.’ ~ Punished by the Almighty Seraphim, Devin was branded a fallen angel and was given a curse to become a Soul Eater—a being who is hungry for souls and feeds on them for sustenance. Devin was bound on earth, looking for clues on how to cure his irrevocable curse until a desperate old man saw the Soul Eater and begged him to save his newborn granddaughter’s life. However... it comes with the price of selling both of their souls. With the old man giving both of their lives to the Soul Eater, what path lies ahead for Angeal as she grows in a house full of magical immortals? ~ The Almighty Seraphim sighed, shaking herself from her thoughts. She then spoke, planting more curiosity in the mind of the Dominion who was watching over the Soul Eater. "Continue watching over them. She is his cure, but it will lead her to oblivion.” ~ With the Soul Eater cursed and with them eventually knowing that the sweet innocent girl he saved is the cure, will their relationship be a boon or a bane? Will they perhaps have sweet love, forbidden love... or maybe even both? With the given thoughts at hand, will fate bless their lives... or curse them even more? Let us know the answers to these questions as we unravel the story of Angeal being the Soul Eater’s Possession. ~ Volume 1: Nunc Domum When the Soul Eater, Devin, and his personal servant, Ivar, found no clues about the curse, they finally went home after 18 years. However, when the two arrived in the mansion, Devin's curse suddenly went amok when he met the human girl, Angeal. What could be the girl's involvement in his curse? Volume 2: Est Ignotum As the immortals and the mortals spent their days with each other, they are more confused than ever with not only with the feelings they have for a certain person, but also with their bakground, with their loyalty, and with what lies ahead. To them, there are a lot of things that are unknown... ~ Credits to the artist of the cover for the art, and thank you Chainslock for the edit. I will use this cover for the meantime until the one I commissioned for is ready. However, if asked to take down this cover, I will do so. ~ [WARNING: Some chapters may contain mature R-18 content.] Entry for Webnovel Spirity Awards Spring 2020

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