The Sorcerer's King: ways of the witches
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The Sorcerer's King: ways of the witches


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What is The Sorcerer's King: ways of the witches

The Sorcerer's King: ways of the witches is a popular web novel written by the author Samcrowned00, covering MAGIC, BLOOD, WITCHES, WARS, WIZARD, HISTORICALFICTION, AFRICAN, SORCERER, NIGERIAN, YORUBA, History genres. It's viewed by 12.7K readers with an average rating of 4.85/5 and 33 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 24 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Long before the contemporary times, in the olden days of Africa, every male child born at dusk were used for sacrifice to appeal the witches. Although this act met resistance from the villagers who begged and sought-after salvation from the oppressive tradition of child sacrifice, nonetheless, the practise continued for centuries upon centuries until one very day, when King Oranmiyan, who was unable to produce a male offspring, became fortunate to bear his very first and last Prince. Even though the prince was born at dusk, everything changed when he failed to offer his son's life as a sacrifice as the culture had demanded. The witches grew angry and chaos began. WARNING: Parental Guidance is advised. contact: via Instagram @Sam_crowned1 Via Twitter @Sam_crowned Via Facebook @samcrowned via Discord @sam-crowned00#2457

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Hi everyone, I am Sam-crowned and the author of this book. I am not that perfect, but I will do my best to make sure this book is one of the great rollercoaster ride you will enjoy as you was with me. kindly vote and comment. these little things can go a long way on my part. Thank you lovelies.


This is a different take on witches. And for once, the sacrifice isn't female lol. The writing is good though there r some sentences tht r too long. But, overall it is easy to understand. The plot itself is already intriguing from the synopsis. The king himself failed to follow the tradition. I'm quite curious if there would be a curse befalling the prince. On another note, the world building is superb. I love the bg narration and the naming sounds realistic for some reason. Keep up the good work, Author! Good luck!


Holy Jesus! The book is so different so rare and so wonderful that I am seriously I'm awe how come I never picked it up. Well, the answer is that the no. of chapter is less than 20 maybe that's why I didn't find it before but now that I have picked it up, I really really pray that I get hundreds of chapter in a single day! What I liked about this book is the fantasy aspect, the weird customs , the strange traditions and their beliefs... I really don't know which stories like this exist bef.


This is my first reading a historical story. I almost thought that the story felt real like it was based on real experience and not a fiction. Great job, author!


Reveal spoiler


I like the way this novel was written, the wonderful works and story background. I can't help but admire the author, To author: work hard, I'll be following your work from now on.


This is a must read! [img=recommend][img=recommend] The novel is well written, and have a great and detailed world background.. even though it's a little dark for me, it's very intriguing how the characters on the novel works. There are witches and furthermore, the unhesitatingly sacrifices... the appropriate mood and tone is also there which makes it more exciting for me. Great job well done, Author! [img=recommend][img=recommend] Your novel will stay in my collection, and I will definitely read your upcoming chapters in my free time. [img=recommend][img=recommend]


This story has a lot of potential with so many complex storylines, deities and powers intertwining. Although the writing it's perfect it doesn't detract from the experience, and I'm confident that as the author improves, they will be able to tell a really great story.


the concept of the medieval or mythological era made it felt like an epic the I liked the concept of the type of deities, the writing was easily acceptable, the way the story was going was flawless, the author has done his work well.


Ooohhhh... great story! Like it a lot! The story definitely is something that'll give you a different kind of vibe and it's interesting too. It gives an urge to continue more and more! Keep up the good work, author!


An interesting story and is nicely written, you skillfully take the reader into an unknown, different world. That's what writing is about! Well done!


Great book! Well done author. I will keep in library and read all the updates. Please update soon and dont make me wait too long. Hehehehe. I had a great time reading this. If you're thinking of reading it, go ahead. You will not regret it at all.


The story is intriguing, suspend filled. Characters are involved. If you are looking for a traditional Africa story this is definitely for you.


Ok! First of all I would like to say good job for your imaginative and descriptige writing! It made me much more easier to imagine the scenerio.The story pace is also ok! Keep up the good work author!


This story is new to me and I can see its potential. A great narration that has a dark fantasy embedded in it. It was spectacular and amazing. But author, please avoid run on sentences and make periods or commas. Just for a lighter read and to prevent breathtaking reads. haha 😂


This is really a great historical story! Though I don't read history much I found it interesting! Synopsis is very interesting and the plot is really well defined! Keep up your great work author! I appreciate it!


it's a mesmerizing world! im glad you're sharing a story native to you and not seen much before for a lot of us here and it's interesting to see the different view on witches. though a lot of sentences could be cut down or actually split with punctuation. overall good job!


The smooth diction and imagery kept me reading for longer than I expected! Quite informative and very descriptive world-building. Excellent work!


This is a very good story, well descripted and developed. love how the author is attentive go show the world background. I know for sure this story will Do very Well🥰👏


It take a genius to write such an interesting book, keep it up bro I love the synopsis and the choice of diction used in the book. Keep it up bro


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