1 Chapter 1

Adlyn cut the camera. She has finished another live stream. Adlyn is an internet celebrity;cosplay,gaming,fashion... She can do all those. She is famous around the world with over more than 1 billion on each of her socials accounts. Adlyn edits the video and put it on YouTube. It will be public in 2 days. She open her fridge and frowned at the empty place. Shrugging,she take her coat and her wallet and goes out to buy snacks.

Outside the shop, with a bag filled with snacks, Adlyn stood simply there. She was thinking about all kind of thing. Not noticing the truck driving at full speed, she cross the road. She has, however,noticed too late the car. It was as if the time has slowed. Adlyn feel that she can run away, but it was as if her legs are stuck on the ground. The bag of snacks rolls on the ground, and a screaming was hear. Adlyn's body lie lifeless on the ground, her eyes widen as if she didn't believe what happened. Slowly, a pool of blood-her blood-formed.

People said that you have flash of memories when you died, but nothing come to Adlyn's mind. Exept a small memorie of when she was little. She don't know who is it, but someone has said to her that she wasn't ordinary. She wasn't destined to be normal, commom, someone amond the crowd. She was destined to be under the limelight. Then,blank! As if the person has disappeard. Adlyn only remember a faint sweet scent and water green hair flowing in her face. However, she knows that is was a female.

'I will died...just like this? I still want to accomplish my wishes...'

Darkness surround her and she fell into the pit.

Adlyn sense the blinding light, and frowned, feeling uncomfortable. She open her eyes,annoyed. She look around, shocked and think about all the possibilities for why she is here. She was in a bedroom with a bed and a light, above her head. Noticing the doors,she opened one; on the other side were empty space.

'Shouldn't I be dead? Why am I here? Did I got... reborn?! No, think about it, Adlyn!'

'But maybe... I really got reborn?'

Just as she was thinking, a sweet voice rang out.

[Hello Adlyn! I'm am your System, and my name is Daisuke. Following is the informations you need to knows.]

Suddenly, a bunch of informations appeard in Adlyn's mind.She start to process them and classifies thoses informations.

Because you were chosen by Creator, you have been granted the power to do whatever you want. Is it to travel worlds from worlds, or to be the god of your own imagined world,you can all do it!

- Right now, you are in your own place. It's between the space and time, meaning that you will never get old or anything. You can also decorate it if you feel like it.

- You can exchange thing in the System Store. The System Store are divided into 10 Departements:

1. Legacy of Imagination: Skills

2. Nourishing Soup for your soul: Books and Knowledge

3. Echo from the Futur: Technology

4. Secret Recipe of the God of Chef: Foods

5. Alchemy's Pharmacy: Medecine

6. Guide to Immortality: All kinds of scriptures for Magic (Cultivation, Daoist, Elements, etc.)

7. Warm House: Furniture and Decoration

8. When Heavens meet Hell: all kinds of weapons

9. Stylish Wardrobe: Clothes,Items and Daily Necessities

10. Acopalypse Survival: Training

- You are free to do whatever you want! There is no restrain for you.

[If you ever need anything or you have a questions, call my name and I will be there. Now, enjoy your idle life!]

Then, the place became quiet. Adlyn feel her heart beating fast; it's soo excited! She will be able to visit all kinds of worlds! However, she should first visit her new home. A plan of her house appeard in her mind.

'I should be able to change it, right?'

She add another room in her mind and it worked!

'Ok. So, I should portray what I want in my mind and the house will change.'

After all the operation, Adlyn start to put the furniture and decorate the place. The house look like an ancient chinese house, with a touch of western style. On the roking chair under the cherry tree, she look into the System Store. She has to train before going to her first world in her worlds-hopping journey. Just thinking about it make her feel excited.

She first read some books from the Nourishing Soup for your soul's Departement, then taking some skills from the Lagacy of Imagination. She also train her stamina. So, like this, years have passed and she finally feel that she is ready.