The Solid Evidence Book

novel - Magical Realism

The Solid Evidence


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The date was 04.12.20XX. In a small city, there was a small family consisting of 4 people. They are known as the “The Williams”.There are one mother(Leina), two daughters(Maoura & Angela) and one son(Geonord). They were a happy family. Leina worked while one of the Maoura helped with the household stuff. Angela and Geonord went to college. They lived on Greenswood Street. Not many people live there. They only have two neighbour around them within walking distance. One of their neighbours are adults(the Kalvins). They don't talk to any of the members of the Williams. But their other neighbours(the Wedgers) are quite friendly. They(the Wedgers) also have kids similar to the age of Angela and Geonord. One is a boy(John) and a girl(Lizzibeth). They also go to the same college as Angela and Geonord. Geonord's best friend is John and Angela’s best friend is Lizzibeth. They all go to college by driving the car as they are all rich and also they are 17. The four of them always go to adventures after college. But sometimes they find something very disturbing. This time they found a dead body on the road. Which has been murdered(the body). And these four teenagers find themselves in something so big they have never thought of. But just after college ended all four of them went to four different cities; with a vow to never meet again. But until one day……