1 The end or the Beginning.

'Is death really the end it's something I've asked myself a lot lately.

I think I'm dead or maybe I'm in a coma I don't know. Anyway I'm going to start a mind diary or a miniary for short ….sorry that was stupid.

Anyway I'm in some kind of crazy galaxy place everywhere I see stars and nebulas pretty good view to be honest. Though I can't actually move. '

'Now you're probably wondering how I ended up here. Well take a seat grab some popcorn or a good drink this might take awhile.

I was born in Japan with the name yuki tsumetai but that's where it ends.

I've lived in Canada all my life I don't speak Japanese or anything either. '

'So back on track I was an orphan raised in Canada by foster parents.

They weren't the best parents they didn't abuse me or anything but they neglected and ignored me. Eventually I learned to do everything myself I was quite independent.

But that really hurt my emotional security. '

'I always felt unwanted unneeded so I made something of my life building a lingerie company. From nothing to one of the top brands in the world my life was going great.

Or so everyone thought but in all honesty I felt empty depressed just still missing something.

Then I realized I have no one I can trust no one that I know won't betray me. I got nicknamed is ice princess for gods sake. '

'Over time these emotions built up until I needed an outlet.

So I ended up collecting underwear from the most influential women in the world.

Superstars supermodels you name it I collected almost all of them.

Now I couldn't do such a task alone so I found someone a man to do the grunt work.

He was the only person who new the truth of the great underwear heist of the 21st century. '

'The mans name was Lorenz he was such a piece of total garbage.

I couldn't find anyone else I knew I could trust that would never betray me.

So I settled for him.

THAT was the biggest mistake of my life ever of all time. Never I repeat never trust a man with the name Lorenz. '

'Whoops back to the story so after steali…erm borrowing without permission.

Half the worlds superstars and supermodels underwear. We were left with one last big job the number one superstar in the world Pandora.

She was known as the most beautiful woman alive. I prepared for a year just for this job and Let me tell you. It. Was. Magnificent. '

'You're probably wondering why it was magnificent right right riiight.

Well let me tell you it was some special operation spy stuff straight out of a movie.

Let's start from the beginning.

So there I was preparing to set off the fire alarm luring our target outside of her home.

I call my grunt aka so-called "friend" Lorenz to get him ready for intrusion.

"Lorenz get ready it's starting in 10 seconds"

"You got it ice princess"

Replied Lorenz quite hyped about this. '

'Now a bit more information.

Pandora lives in a high rise penthouse suite so fire alarms can be set off to lure her out.

Back to the story.

"10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 GO"

I set off the fire alarm.

*alarm starts blaring*

Switching perspectives now we see Lorenz and his unbearable stuck up arrogant face.

Though he is handsome he has that arrogant face that says your all beneath me. '

'We see him run up a stairwell while countless people are running the opposite way.

Eventually he gets to the top floor and enters the penthouse suite owned by Pandora.

First thing he sees is the magnificent view the second thing he see's is Pandora she hasn't left yet. The first thing he thinks is how can someone be so beautiful this isn't okay.

The second thing he thinks is I'm f#%ked. '

'But he's not a total idiot he is still a human so he can save himself.


He yells at the top of his lungs.

As he runs toward her.

The look on her face is one of surprise and disbelief.

A weird man just barges into her room and yelled he came to save her he must be a lunatic she thinks.

She immediately goes to run toward the door but the door is behind him so she thinks how can she get to the door safely. '

'She decides to fool him into letting her pass.

"Thank you sir can you check that room for me there might still be someone there"

She says pointing to a random door.

Lorenz though still unidentified to this girl immediately agree's heading towards the door. Pandora takes this chance she runs out the front door at full speed.

Not stopping till she reaches halfway down the stairwell. '

'Lorenz is still in the penthouse happy that she left on her own.

He searches for Pandora's room find's it and take's the good's the oddly pure underwear is now his. But then he thought to himself.

'Do I really have to hand this over to that ice princess NO this is MINE my treasure I will never

let her have it'

He begins to plan his scheme. '

'After i yuki or ice princess set off the alarm.

I immediately leave the building and get in my car.

It's a luxurious car but you can't quite tell what brand of car it is or it's manufacturer.

I drive to a nearby high class hotel to wait for Lorenz. 10 minutes later I hear the door opening in walks as expected Lorenz NOT. '

'the people not just one but eight that entered all are wearing shirts with famous women on them.

I realize they're all ones I've stol…erm borrowed from.

And all of them look very angry the first one who entered yells.

"she's here let's beat her to a pulp"

All of them look at me and I know I'm screwed right now so why should I care anymore.

So I say "hey sorry guy's wrong room perv convention is two door's down good luck out there"

Turns out they didn't like that very much. '

'All of them turned and looked at me with very angry looks on their face's.

Then they all charge at me with their fist's raised and ready to fight.

now I don't have super powers nor am I trained in any fighting style's.

so you can assume what happened.

They hit me hard after getting hit I don't know how many times they finally stop.

Though the pain was unbearable I still did my best to ask one question.

"Why" I ask weakly barely even conscious.

They reply "cause you stole the underwear from our goddesses now you can rest in hell.

Though it is funny that your friend Lorenz betrayed you but it makes sense you're sickening" '

'With those words I drift off waking up here in this void. Though don't think for a second that I'm not still angry Lorenz.

he betrayed me taking my collection I know he did he was eyeing it for awhile now.

I should've never worked with him dammit.

Anyway's I've been in this weird void for awhile now what's up with this place. '

'Then I hear it what sounds like a voice speaking a foreign language I've never heard before.

It sounds similar to English but I can't place it this is weird.


I keep hearing this sound that is like a heartbeat but much louder what the hell.

Wait heartbeat no no no way it's not something like me getting reborn again right.

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