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"Why don't you wake up already, !!!" shouted by a young female through the door.

Why don't you be quiet, goodness gracious, do you have any manners to a person when he is sleeping. What did I do to have this annoying person shout in my ear so early in the morning?

The older sister Lune rampages into the room to wake up the sleeping idiot younger brother. "I said wake up you lazy bum, if you don't wake up and go to the school, I'll never feed you again for the rest of this month."

Opening his eyes with snail like urgency, Time quickly gets up and listens to his sister's loud and restless commands.

"Ugh, I don't know why our parents named you Time, since you have no clue what time is when to get up in the morning, even though your alarm crystal always rings," bellowed Lune.

"Dear lovely sister, this young man is oblivious to time, since I am Time itself one could say."

Lune throws a jab as fast as lightning and as quiet as the wind to Time's face.

Time takes the punch in the face like no other, just to be knocked out so he can go back to sleep. It was worth the pain to go back to sleep, echoed in Time's mind. Sadly, a kick to the groin immediately woke up Time right after he took the punch to be unconscious.

"ajkdlfjkaljsfasjasdfjkkjllldsj" screamed Time.

Meanwhile the whole house was silent and empty even with the screams from Time, sadly Lune and Time have no parents or other family members alive since the second great war. They were left as young adults who had no money and no more family, Which Lune forgoes her own youthful age of 18 to make money and to take care of the 15-year-old young Time.

Thus, it has been less than 3 years since the war with Xertira, and peace has barely returned in Astralia.

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Time reluctantly stands up and goes to wash his face. He thought to himself how life would be different if he didn't have to go to magician school. Oh, how luxurious it would be to lay around all day, just doing nothing but be lost in his own thoughts. But Time knew if he did that, then his loving older sister would just waste her life away and not get married due to taking care of him. So objectively he finishes cleaning himself up and gets ready for the day.

I should practice feeling the flow of mana within my body and exercise some of my muscles in case I run out of mana to use spells, so I can run away in a fight or use weapons in combat if possible.

Our family was not that plentiful in terms of wealth and items, but we do have a sword my grandfather left before his passing, and some low-grade magic stones that help train in mana sensing and improve magical prowess, these came from my grandmother who also has passed.

I would have never expected that those two would have items like these since, they live peacefully on a mountain near here. But, who knows, I rarely saw them. I shall begin basic training and exercise before breakfast.

Time barely lasted for 3 minutes doing the basic of basic workouts. Wow I am exhausted from the exercises, and I still have to walk to the academy. Let me try to sense some mana within my body and see If I can use some mana to train my magic prowess. I grab hold a low-grade magic stone and sense the mana within my body. Time began sensing the mana in his body, and found barely any in there today, usually he found a decent amount of mana in his body. I wonder why my mana is so low this morning, last night it was pretty solid for me.

Unbeknownst to Time, his grandmother placed a seal on his mana pool due to the overflowing amount that was in his body from birth. So she placed a mana absorbing whirlpool seal that absorbs his mana and disperses it in the air and ground. Even though the seal is powerful enough to absorb most of his mana in his body, it cannot completely do it, that is why during the day it would build up in his body, then be dispersed while he slept. Which in some cases he slept all the time. As the seal would only last until he turned 19 years of age, this being just one more year. With his adult body there would be no hazards allowing him to be safe and control his mama more easily.

After not sending any mana Time was feeling down and, just sat there waiting for his sister to complete breakfast, which then he would head out to the academy and begin his new life as a student at Leewan's school of magic

Lune sets the table with an assortment of breakfast foods like eggs, sausage, toast, and potatoes.

"Hurry and eat your fill," said Lune.

"Okay I'll eat until I get full and end up in a food coma so I can sleep some more."

Lune smacks Time's head so hard that it bounces off the table like a ball on a string.

"Sorry, sorry okay I am sorry, I won't think of sleep again today sheesh, such a barbaric sister."

"What did you say I was again "

"Ugh, I said a sweet kind loving sister, that is pious and divine with her actions and love." commented by Time.

"That is more like, you should eat up quickly, I have a gift for you."

A gift for I wouldn't have expected less of her caring nature to give me a present before I left

"Well then I should hurry to finish eating and pack my things."

Before I go I must say goodbye to my parents also, I shouldn't forget to receive their blessings.

Time finished up all his task at hand and was ready to receive the gift from Lune.

"Here is the gift, lazy brother."

Time was shocked beyond belief, from the gift he got.

"Wh....y would you buy me this."

"What you don't like my gift!?"

She doesn't understand why I am so hesitant to take this gift. It appears that she thinks this will be of us to me in the long run. Sigh, I might as well take the gift since it was purchased for me. This gift may be the reason why I will never go to school. 

"I like that you thought of me, but the gift isn't what I expected." 

I guess she doesn't know that you can cast magic without using a magic wand now. It seems arbitrary to even use one in battle or for practice, since we can just use chants, place runes, hand signs, or just mentally use magic with no chants at all. I feel like i'll be laughed at, but hey ill just use it as a back scratcher or something else.

"I may be going to magic school, but needing a magic wand is kinda weird, they are useful as an object to transfer your spells from, but that was hundreds of years ago when magic was in its youth," I told Lune. 

"Oh but it was cheap and I thought you needed one anyway," she laughed.

Oh well I can forgive her for this wand, but she could have just gotten me a magic book or something cooler, that can manifest my mana and shoot out spells. But, hey I really got to go now, I can't waste much more time talking to her.