The Skywalker:Battle Royale
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The Skywalker:Battle Royale


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What is The Skywalker:Battle Royale

The Skywalker:Battle Royale is a popular web novel written by the author Bojuwoye_Ayoola, covering ACTION, BATTLE ROYALE, SCI-FI, MALE LEAD, MYSTERY, TEEN, WEAK TO STRONG, ADVENTURE, WRITING PROMPT CONTEST, BOJUWOYE AYOOLA, Sci-fi genres. It's viewed by 6.1K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 4 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 9 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Arthur Skywalker moved to Maryland a few days ago with his parents. His mother Ruth Skywalker was a high-level spy for the CIA and his father Mattel owned CANDAI (containment agency for dangerous artificial intelligence). CANDAI was established for the main aim of keeping the world safe. Both constantly at danger's length, they had tried to protect their son from danger. As a child, Arthur attended a boarding school during school sessions and science camp for summer. He has lived in Denver, California and even Oklahoma before finally settling down in Maryland with his parents. Arthur Skywalker never learnt socialization skills as a young child, his last school was a boarding school for boys and his only friends were computers and gadgets. He has an IQ of 140. "Hey, Dad". Arthur peeped through the door. "You got a minute?". Mattel's eyes were fixed on the computer. "Not now son". He said without even looking up from his computer. "Did you order pizza?". "Hmm, and, ah.....uh....". Mattel stammered. "You know those are not actual words". "Nope, I didn't order pizza. Have cereal Arthur". "Cereal for dinner?". "Yeah, what else?". His eyes were still fixed on his computer. "I have been calling Mom but she is not picking up". "She's on undercover". He explained. "Again? That means she's not coming home today". He was disappointed. "Or even this week". "What the heck dad? Tomorrow is my first day at school and she promised to drive me. Besides we were supposed to Netflix tonight". "Sorry son". "I have school, tomorrow dad". "Then try going to bed early rather than worrying about Netflix. Remember the saying, early to bed...". Arthur cut in. "It's school dad". "What's wrong". He raised his head up long enough to sip coffee and focused on his computer again. "This is the first time I will be attending a day school and Mum promised to see me through". "And now she's is out on a mission". "But you promised to spend more time with me. Isn't that the reason you gave for moving here? To spend more time with me?". "Son..". "And here you are working on your computer and not caring I exist and Mom is on undercover again". "Shh, be quiet. No one can know about this, remember?". "Yeah, all you care about is your dumb.....". He fell silent. "I am sorry dad". "Go to bed Aurthur Skywalker". His dad only called him by his full name whenever he was angry. "Can you look up for a minute please?". Mattel looked up. "I am sorry.....". "It's okay son, I should be sorry". "Does that mean you're not angry?". "I wasn't angry at your son, I was just disappointed that you don't understand how hard your mum and I work for you. You should be proud of us". "I am proud of you and Mum". As loud as Aurthur said those words, he didn't actually mean it. His parents had never been there when he needed and he felt more lonely than ever. "I am sorry I was being naive". "It's okay son". *Beep*. The phone rang. "Hello". Mattel picked the phone. "Go to bed son, this might take a while". He said after a few seconds on the phone. During a short study break, Aurthur downloaded an app from the WARPA website. The weaponized application research project agency is America's agency for building and developing high and advanced technology. What happens when WARPA develops the world's most dangerous application? What more when this app gets in the careless hands of fifteen years old? Arthur comes home from school one day to discover his house EMPTY and his parents GONE. With anger and hate, he destroys the app. Little did he know that this same app is the key to finding his parents. Arthur's once peaceful life turns into a battle royale. The battle between Aurthur, WARPA and a secret cult. What then if Aurthur wins the battle only to have to face his own parents. Remember the key to survival in a battle royale is "ELIMINATION" This book is written to contest in the Writing prompt contest. I love you all. Please vote vote vote and send gifts.

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Firstly I like the concept. The updates look stable and the story development is well progressive. The character design is also good. The writing is easy to understand but a little work in clarity would make it better. The world background could use some work but overall there is a good development. Overall, it's a good story and can be made better moving ahead. The suggestion I would like to make is to use the world around in the conversations to spice things up :)


Definitely, the story is planned and written well. I'll recommend it for all readers out there, try this novel and you will never get bored and disappointed. Good job author, keep writing and I'm looking for more novels from you.


Seems like I'm the first review! First of all, let me start with this: I'm not well-versed in star wars, but I do know Palpatine, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, etc. . . the concept is present and the author was able to make the characters fulfill their individual roles. I do find an issue in the grammar, but this could be improved in time. Overall, great read. Keep on writing.


I wasn't a fan of star war until now. Good story line. There is some problem with grammar but it's ok you still will be able to understand.


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