1 The Beginning/Intro

In the 2000s there was rumored to be sirens walking on land in Italy. Carson was walking on a beach, in search for solitude and peace. Arya was given the task to go on land and find men for the sirens to have children with and to find homes for the babies. Arya washed up on shore while Carson was walking by. Carson lived a lonely life, he decided to take her in. Brought together by fate, a story of two worlds intertwined. Arya despised humans as they had killed her sister, she was reluctant to come to land. They fell in love , she told him her secret about where she came from.But that didn't change the way he felt about her. It was forbidden to fall in love with a human but Arya didn't care, she was in love.He taught her how to blend in and be a human. Arya lived on land with Carson for 3 years. 2 weeks later Arya was called back to the sea to give an update on the task she was given. Carson went out on an errand for work, and she slipped away. She was never to be heard from again. Carson waited at the beach they met, never gave up hope. Waited for days, weeks, months, years even. And she never showed. It was 20 years later that he saw her, but she was not alone. She was carrying a child, and multiple other women were also. 20 new born babies were carried home with the men that were chosen with the task of raising these new borns. The men chosen were the babies fathers. They were sworn to secrecy to never say a word of where the babies came from. Under the sea it was punishable by death to birth a baby boy. There was a hidden baby boy given to a Carson as it was his son.

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