181 Let's stop this

Dahlia made eye contact with Elvina as she adjusted her mask.

Without the mask, she would be easily recognized by the Cardale Family. 

Elvina nodded at the woman and she watched as her Aunt left to do her thing. 

Her attention shifted to Claire and Nate before she glanced in Maven's direction. 

As Elvina joined the dots of what she was seeing, she pressed the tips of her index fingers together and looked at the triangle that her fingers formed. 

A love triangle, that is. 

Nate and Claire standing together. 

Maven gazing at them from a distance as he downed another glass of whiskey. The betrayal in his eyes was visible to the naked eyes. 

And the cackling electricity in the room made the atmosphere tense. 

As she looked back and forth between them, her gaze accidentally met Archer's and she realized that despite the silent chaos, he has been looking at her while sitting on a barstool beside Maven. 


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