180 Doesn't make sense

Bit damaged. Her aunt said it like they were not humans but goods that were imported, ''That should be fine. As long as they can talk and feel the pain, it's fine,'' Elvina whispered.

Dahlia smiled, ''I'm impressed.'' 

''Your dress looks pretty, Aunt,'' She looked at the woman's beautiful gown, ''And quite expensive.'' 

''It's a fake,'' Dahlia sighed, ''You know we can't bring anything from the sea to the land. It's forbidden. So, unlike my nieces who are rich here, I don't have anything so I just used the card that Claire gave me to get this.'' 

''Why would get a fake one? We can always get you the real deal. You should know that much,'' Elvina said. 

''That's a waste,'' Dahlia glanced at the mirror as she fixed her hair, ''Archer seems to know your identity now.'' 


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