1 A faithful day

The rain seemed never ending a little girl around the age of six on her hands and knees crying as the rain washed away her lifeless tears. "Hello..." I say in a comforting tone. The little girl draws her head to me and stares blankly at my horns and ice cold grey eyes. I slowly reach out my hand her body trembling with fear. "Are you alright?" I ask with concern heavy in my voice. The broken little girl barely speaks but manages to say, "n-no." I ask one more question knowing she is hurt "who did this to you?"

She let's put a wimper before sobbing once more, "my father..." she manages to tell me. A man with a rough demeanor begins in our direction. "Is that him?"I ask with uncertainty. "Yes" the girl says while her voice begins to shake even more. I clasp the girls arm with my hand and whisper, " if he does anything to you repeat these words "thanátou Ton thyrón tis kólasis." And I will apear to protect you."

Just as the words leave my mouth the man has reached us and begins forcing the little girl away from me. I yell to her, "remember those words!" I sigh heavily as I watch the man drag the fragile little girl away while feeling powerless to stop him. That day in the pouring rain I gave a little girl hope,hope that she would live,hope that she could survive,and most importantly hope for a better tomorrow.

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