638 Seductive Charm Causing A Mishap

"The Cosmic Emperor lost his life, but he succeeded in stopping the darkness and sealing it!" The leviathan concluded. 

"So Fate won."

Kiba said as he rose to his feet. 

"The question is – did it pay a price?"

The leviathan was incapable of answering as it lacked knowledge. Kiba expected this, so he wasn't disappointed. 


Jumping from the leviathan's head, Kiba stretched his hands and looked in the distance. 

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Many mutants from Earth were carefully treading the maze while being awestruck by the supreme world that created it. They couldn't help but envy the beings of that world and the era they lived in. If only they were that lucky.

"It is rather ironic." 

Kiba turned back to the leviathan. 

"The world everyone here so envies was just a tool for Fate to defeat the darkness."

"…." The leviathan hated the remark, but it didn't dare retort. 

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