1 Shadowed hearts

Author note: this actually switches between the male and female lead but it is based around a female

(This is also a sonic the hedgehog fanfic)

Chapter One

- Shadow's POV -

Rain poured from the grey sky, I didn't care if my fur got soaked, I just kept watching as the other students ran for cover unable to hide my amusement for their displeasure.

I parked up my motorcycle and released a heavy sigh, the school was the same as always. A prison.

Then the second most annoying sound I knew rang in my ears, signalling the start of school at Chaos High. I watched the students rush in while I walked, I was in no rush to go in.

When I got into form room I wasn't surprised that it had started, miss Vanilla addressed me.

"What's the excuse this time Shadow?" I simply replied.

"I walked."

She let out a breath and pointed to my lonely seat at the back near the only window,

"Sit please."

When I sat I started my routine; continuously stare out the window and check the clock. I was just starting to tune out when I heard miss Vanilla speak, "Now students we have a new arrival today, Would you like to introduce yourself?"

She wasn't like other hedgehogs, all dressy and makeup to impress, she wore a short cyan dress and a little choker with a gem to match. Her quills were waved and reached her hips, mostly white but streaked with dark purple.

It matched the pearls across her forehead with an amethyst in between her eyes from the pearls. Her eyes...they sparkled at least three colours, violet, magenta and lilac.

She wore a leather jacket over her dress and somehow her pure white fur was un-soaked, she stepped forward.

"My name is Violet Rose, Don't mess with me. I'm lethal."

The whole class stunned by her words hung silently until miss Vanilla spoke and cleared her throat, "Well um thank you, Violet, for that, please sit at the back next to Shadow."

I almost wanted to jump up and protest but before I could it was too late, she was already next to me and radiated her whole being. Normally I would be pissed, normally I'd growl and hiss until she wanted to move but something about her, and then her words made me rethink.

I grumbled and turned my attention away to the window, it wasn't long until I saw her drawing in her book. The sketch was unreal, it was something from an art gallery. A massive old castle surrounded by meadows, it looked so real.

I was staring for too long, miss Vanilla called her name and her rather catlike ears perked up. Wait, cat ears? But she's a hedgehog?

"Violet, what is the reason diplomatic issues across Mobius have never been fully solved until twenty years ago?"

Without hesitation she answered with a clear crisp voice of high status, weirdly it bellowed power.

"Democracy was never within political issues until the leaders of Mobius came around on the first day of spring when they all agreed to the terms of re-addressing each term on the same day so all political democracy is equal."

As soon as she stopped speaking she went straight back to her sketch and miss Vanilla who looked shocked let her, perhaps her way of saying well done.

Suddenly the female beside me, Crap forget her name already... Stood and slung her bag over her shoulder, this time miss Vanilla looked quite annoyed.

"And where are you going, Miss Rose?"

"Class." She replied simply.

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1." As she counted down the siren for the next class went and I got up, the girl was already halfway out of the class and I found myself following her.

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I cut corners around the hallways, with most students ignoring me it wasn't hard to find her. She stood out sorely, instantly I stopped.

Scourge the jerkiest hedgehog I knew had...Crap I forgot what that three-tailed orange fox was called. Him pinned against a locker and in another hand was waving about a gadget.

The next thing I knew the students in the halls froze and watched as the new girl walked up to Scourge, her whole presence oozing power and courage.

"Let him go." Her voice rang in the silent hallways,

"Or what Shortcake?"

I swear I heard her growl and then she was pushing Scourge off the trembling fox and into another locker, her elbow pressed against his throat.

"Pick on your own size and leave him alone. Now. Or I swear you'll never see the light of day again," I think he was about to chuckle when she pressed against his throat and he choked instead.

"O-okay!! Okay!!"

She released him and as he looked around at all the eyes watching him he made a very quick exit, glaring at her as he went by.

I got a little closer and listened to the new girl and the fox.

"You alright kid? Here, your tech." She passed his gadget and he smiled widely,

"Thank you, miss...?"

"No problem." She turned her back and then looked over her shoulder at him,

"And call me Vi."

She left which left just me and the fox after the crowd dispersed, he was smiling at his gadget when he saw me.

"Oh hey, mister Shadow! Where are you going?"

I gruffed, not because I wasn't able to talk. I just didn't care to. I pointed to room CH-6, Mathematics. He smiled,

"Me too!! I think Sonic has as well, wanna come?"

Once again I gruffed not really caring about what happened, I went in and immediately my eyes locked on the green hedgehog with the black leather jacket, the girls surrounding him.


I sat in my lonely corner like always, the Faker blue hedgehog on the table in front beside the orange fox, our teacher came in too cheerful for my liking, Cosmo.

"Hello everyone! Now let's start our-" A knock on the door interrupted her, it was the new girl. She mumbled an apology that she got lost, I doubt that was true.

She came up to my seat automatically and sat beside me, I don't exactly know why but the whole class laid eyes on her beside me. Perhaps they were shocked she sat beside someone like me,

I definitely was.

-----Time Skip-----

The whole day was the same all lessons, the new girl kept turning up into classes and sitting at my tables. Until the second to last class of the day, Power class.

The teacher, Mister Ashton, the new Power class teacher looked around at us. He announced calmly.

"Students will be classed as heroes and sidekicks, those with a premium power like, for example, breathing fire and changing shape will be classed as a hero, sidekicks will be classed with powers like premonitions and foresight. Now let's get started, Silver? You first"

The classing was like this.

Silver; a hero.

Blaze; a hero.

Cream; sidekick.

Knuckles; a hero.

Rouge; sidekick.

Sonic; a hero.

Tails; sidekick.

Me; a hero.

Amy; a hero.

The last in the class was the new girl, I seriously need to start remembering names... Mister Ashton looked at her with wonder,

"And what is your power miss...?"

"Rose. And I have many gifts, which would you like to see?"

He furrowed his eyes, "Your strongest 'Gift' if you please."


Author; I hope you all liked this first chapter of "The Silent Rose" I will be updating as much as possible and I hope you truly enjoy it, this is a major fanfic with many of the characters my own however I do not own the Sega characters and these are my own impressions of the characters. I deeply hope you enjoy this as much as I do, if you have any worries or spelling checks etc, please message me privately and I will do my best to make it better, I will inform you now.


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