1 •The Walk•

She had set out at least an hour ago for a walk in the very large field surrounding her apartment. There were rose bushes lining the field. She walked over to the one she always sat by at the end of her walks and noticed that there was a new rose. It was white instead of red. She decided she would pick it and bring it back.

"It's the end of my walk anyways." She slid her finger across the stem to remove the thorns then picked it. She placed the flower stem in her mouth so she could form to a fox, in which she did. She ran back to the apartment and formed back so she could open the door, then grabbed a vase and filled it with tap water. She placed the rose into the vase and decided it was time for her to go to bed, seeing as I was about 11 p.m. She walked to the living room.

"Hey, Marley.. I'm going to bed. I'm very tired."

"Alright, sleep well." Marley replied. Anaiyisha went to her room, flopped down on the bed, and fell asleep.