16 Encounter with a Homeless Man

Translator: Lonelytree

Mo Li's fingers moved rapidly on the tablet. She received a few important emails.

She was famous for her typing speed. After all, thesis typing was common homework for research students.

The emails were entirely in English, but that was not a problem for Mo Li. She typed in line after line of replies, it looked like she was dealing with some important business. She was so focused that she didn't pay attention to what the two in the front seats were doing.

In contrast, of the two in front, one was carefully gauging her out, while the other kept glancing at her out of curiosity.

After arriving at the hospital, Mo Yun first brought Qiao Qing to visit Mo Zheng. Mo Zheng's recovery was going well and he was so happy to see Qiao Qing.

Meanwhile, Mo Li was asked to wait outside in the hospital corridor.. Knowing that this 'reunion' would take a long time, she decided to walk around the hospital.

Many people did not like the smell of hospital disinfectant, but Mo Li found the smell to be quite comforting. After she was tired, she found a bench and sat down. After replying another email, she realized there was homeless-looking man leaning against the side of the bench. He wrapped himself under so many layers that Mo Li couldn't see his face. He was like a cocoon, resting until the metamorphosis was done.

Suddenly Mo Li heard the sound of stomach grumbling. Mo Li turned to the man again, it seemed to come from his stomach.

Mo Li was going to detach herself from this strange situation when the man's cell phone rang. Without removing the clothes covering his head, the man's hands snaked through his pocket, produced the phone and threw it against the wall.

Sure enough, the phone stopped ringing, and the man returned to his hibernation. However, to hibernate one needed to ingest plenty of food, the sound of stomach growling showed that the process was not going well.

Mo Li took out a heat-insulated lunch box from her small bag. She prepared it at home. She planned to give it to Mo Zheng and Mother Mo. But now that they had Qiao Qing's lunch box, Mo Li ended up with extra.

She laid the lunch box on the top of the man's head. Then she used her nails to gently tap on the metal part of the bench, producing a crisp sound. "If you're hungry, this is for you to eat."

Mo Li did not want to waste food. Rather than throwing this away, it would be better to give it to someone in need.

With the mention of food, the man sat up immediately. The clothes fell off his face, and Mo Li was startled when she saw his face.

Is there no limit to the level of handsomeness for the male characters in this novel?

There were twinkling stars in his eyes, his facial features were exquisite and his brows and lashes were so full that they looked painted on. However, his pallor was sickly pale and his lips were quite bloodless...

Despite his apparent illness, or perhaps because of it, there was a frail grace and elegance about this man. He was exactly the type of man Mo Li would have no problem appreciating... even though she wasn't one to put much importance on one's appearance. 

She sighed to herself and continued, "I made them this morning, and they haven't been touched. I heard your stomach grumbling earlier and you don't look too well so they are for you."

Based on the cutting of his clothes, Mo Li knew this was not a homeless man. Perhaps he was a patient or a doctor who was overly fatigued.

Quan Yu looked at Mo Li for a while before it dawned on him. Wait, does she think I'm some sort of beggar? But he couldn't detect any disgust or derision in her eyes. Huh, to lend aid without a sense of superiority. Her kindness is pure. That's rare nowadays.

With that in mind, Quan Yu suddenly laughed. Mo Li gave him a strange look before deciding to leave.

As she walked past him, she was accidentally bumped into by a passerby.

"Ah!"Mo Li gasped softly and almost fell onto Quan Yu. Thankfully, she managed to grab the bench in time to stabilize herself.

Quan Yu was caught off guard by this development. He quickly leaned backwards just in case Mo Li crashed into him. That lead to the awkward position where Mo Li was basically straddling Quan Yu. It looked like Mo Li had pinned Quan Yu to the ground. The man's face widened before Mo Li's eyes. They were so close they could feel each other's breathing. Their eyes met and time seemed to freeze.

At that moment, a stretcher was rolling down from the other side of the corridor. Quan Yu's hands that intended to push Mo Li away subconsciously changed to pull Mo Li in, so that she wouldn't be rammed into by the moving stretcher. Mo Li fell into the man's embrace.

Mo Li didn't expect this sudden movement from the man. Not used to close contact with others, Mo Li's body instantly froze.

The two of them looked at each other. Quan Yu was shocked that he had actually taken the initiative to grab a girl he was unfamiliar with. Mo Li was equally flustered. The last time she was this close to a man, the man was lying on her autopsy table.

At this moment, Mother Mo's voice came down from the corridor. She was looking for Mo Li.

Mo Li snapped back to her senses and hurriedly stood up. She tidied up her clothes and rushed over to meet with Mother Mo, without a look back at the man.

Quan Yu watched as Mo Li disappeared from his view and then looked up at the lunch box that was decorated with little strawberry prints.

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