252 Sesame Sauce

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Liu Yinyin did not understand what a hotpot was as she wondered if it would be enough for the whole family. Although she had doubts, Liu Yinyin felt there would not be a problem since her sister-in-law said it was okay.

"Well then, let's go home quickly." She could not wait any longer, even though she and her husband had just eaten lunch. Liu Yinyin did not know why she felt hungry again whenever she thought of her sister-in-law's delicious food.

The couple sat on the oxcart and rushed home smilingly. Su Wenzhe and Liu Yinyin were thrilled that their business was good, their earnings were substantial, they could send their kids to school, and their days with their children were joyful.

Moreover, Liu Yinyin had nothing to worry about because her parents' lives had also improved. She was always smiling, especially on weekdays.


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