1 chapter 1 the news

July 6, 2020 (NOTE) this is also an alternate reality where there is no pandemic)

(Nurse) doctor! I don't believe we could help him his cancer has spread to much! and not only that he has no money, barely any insurance, and no family to rely on, we can't do anything for him!.

(Doctor) hmm, let me see his profile.

(name) Adam Thomson (NOTE) name may subject to change)

(Age) 20

(Birth) June 24, 2000

(Special characteristics) in good shape. height of 6'1 with fair skin, red hair, and green eyes.

(Occupation) musician

(Family) none

(Condition) stage 4 terminal heart cancer

(Education) high school graduate

(Doctor) Was Mr. Adams notified that it was terminal?

(Nurse) unfortunately not doctor.

(Doctor) I see, then I would have a chat with Mr.adams and discuss his options.