1 The beginning of the journey

Year: ****

"Mom , look what I find in the trash near our house!" A girl shouted as she ran towards her mother.

"What is it?" Her mother asked.

The girl smiled as she reached out to give her mother a photo.

"Are these people ninja?" She asked her mother hanging the photo to her.

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"I think so. Anyways you have to do your homework" she said throwing the photo outside the window.

"Why did you throw it away?" The small girl shouted.

She ran outside to take the picture which was lying on a pool of puddle. A man in a mask took the picture before the girl could reach it.

The girl started at the man. He looked very old.

"He mist be a hundred years old" the girl thought.

The man had the mask covered his one eye and mouth.

"Do you know who are these people in the photo" the man asked in a deep voice.

" Yes they are ninjas " the girl replied. "They are shinobi" He said.

"What are shinobi" the girl asked.

"Hinata... hinata " the girl's mother called out. "Looks like I must go" the man said. "Wait" the girl said but he was long gone.

The old man was walking alone in the park. He jumped on the tree to have a better look in the park. The last thirty years had been very difficult for him. "Hinata....the name bring back memories " he thought.

Kakashi removed the picture he brought. It was a very old picture. "I wish you all were alive" he said looking at the picture. It was the picture of team 7.

"Shinobis are real!" The man heard a voice from behind. "I know a shinobi. He is very powerful" the boy shouted. He was a teenager.

"Oh yes, call him" one of the boy surrounding him said.

"It doesn't work like this." The boy said. "Yeah, it doesn't work like this,baby" another person imitated him. They all laughed at him before leaving.

"Don't you ever get tired,Alex " the old man asked the boy while approaching him. "Well,If you showed them your power, then everyone would believe me." The boy said angrily.

"By the way, you are ready" the man said. There was a glare in Alex's eyes.

"Are your serious, I have been looking forward to this day for five years, kakashi sensei ." He said. "Me too Alex, me too" kakashi said.

Kakashi and Alex went to the forest for the training. "There is something called chakra in a person's body. It is like ki. Due to the Great War, there are no shinobi left in the world. However chakra is present in everybody. He only needs to activate it." Kakashi explained.

"By the way sensei, are there monsters in the world?" Alex asked.

"We will get to them later. First I want you to activate your chakra." Kakashi replied.

Kakashi then performed a hand seal to activate his chakra to demonstrate. "With chakra and doing the correct hand seal, a person can activate his jutsu." He continued.

Kakashi then performed the fire ball jutsu. Alex was taken aback by this.

"Woah!!" Alex shouted.

"Now activate your chakra. You wouldn't be able to activate immediately . So don't get impatient." He said.

"Kakashi sensei, who were my parents. You were going to tell me today." Alex said.

"Your parents were great people. They were shinobis like me. They died protecting the people." Kakashi replied.

"At least tell me their name" Alex pleaded. "You will know it later" kakashi replied.

"Ooookay!" Alex said irritately.

Suddenly there was a shuruken approaching Alex. Kakashi reacted immediately and before Alex could knew he was on top of the tree.

"Who are you" kakashi asked.

"Well well Well, the great kakashi to rescue." A man said from top of another tree.

"I am here to kill this boy" he continued. "Well, you have to go through me before that." Kakashi said.

"You should have retire a long time ago lord sixth." The man said jokingly.

He then performed a hand seal to perform a jutsu. "Earth style jutsu." He said before the mud layer formed between Alex and kakashi.

"Fire ball jutsu ." kakashi said while performing the hand seals. The fire ball destroyed the wall in seconds.

"You are still young." kakashi said. Before the man knew anything kakashi was behind him with a kunai at his neck. The man was shocked by his actions. "You are still the great, huh. Looks like I cannot defeat you but he can"

"Why are you after the boy." Kakashi asked.

"You have to kill me. I won't say anything." The man said. Before wasting any minute kakashi cut his throat as the man died.

"Shinobi world is tough, Alex. Sometimes we have to make decisions that affect thousands of people. The choices are very difficult. A wrong choice can destroy everything like it did thirty years ago. All the shinobi died protecting the people. The village head banned people from becoming shinobi and now they have become legends. However some people are after you. They must have trained secretly. Judging by his band, he is from the Iwagakure, the land of earth. There may be more coming. We have to train before that." Kakashi explained.

"Yes, let's kick some ass!" Alex shouted..