96 95. The Great War 6


Ace stop on his track and look back at Akainu. The others look back at Ace too, and they all tell him to ignore Akainu, but Ace is ignoring them. Jon also look back and curse in his heart.

'Dammit, he is too hot headed, just like his little brother.'-Jon



The Whitebeard pirates keep calling Ace to leave with them immediately. But Ace has been provoked, and he won't even look at his friends. Ace keep shouting at Akainu to take back his insult at Whitebeard. Of course Akainu will make more insult to Whitebeard after Ace got provoked.

Jon look at Luffy that also stopped because Ace stopped. Jon grumble and about to force Luffy to move, he need to take Luffy away from this place. They won't be able to fight again with all the pirates retreating already.

"Luffy, let's go!"-Jon

"Wait, Ace is still there. ACE!"-Luffy


Ace didn't respond to them at all, and then he charge at Akainu. Everyone can't believe at what Ace doing. He run fast toward Akainu that is still far behind them. Luffy want to chase Ace, but Jon stop him. Luffy will only get himself killed if he go there, and Jon will not let it happen.

Ace use his signature move, Fire Fist toward Akainu. The admiral also send his magma fist toward Ace. Their attack clashed, but Akainu's magma is overpowering Ace's fire. Akainu can hold his ground when fighting Whitebeard earlier, so facing Ace is easier for him.

Ace didn't give up and charge recklessly toward Akainu and punch him with his fire hand at close combat. Akainu also turn his hand into magma and counter Ace's punch. Their punch clashed and Ace got his hand burned even though he is a fire.

Akainu say thay his magma can even burn fire, that's why Ace's attack will not work on him. Jon didn't know if that's really the case or Akainu is just stronger than Ace. What he know is that Ace must go back immediately and leave this place.

Suddenly, Luffy run toward Ace, after seeing his brother hurt and can be killed. Jon also run to stop Luffy, because he know Luffy can't do anything there and will only get himself killed. Luffy's power is weak to fire type like Akainu, and Akainu is clearly much stronger than him.



Luffy didn't stop and keep running, Jon try to catch Luffy, but suddenly he fall. Even tough he didn't feel the pain, his body is injured badly. He haven't healed properly since he fought Kuma on Thriller Bark. Now his body is giving up completely.

Jon try to move his body but he can't, and he can only see Luffy run toward Ace. Suddenly Ace's vivre card fall from Luffy's hat and he try to catch it. But Luffy is also in his limit, he stumble when trying to take the vivre card.

Jon widen his eyes seeing Akainu move fast toward Luffy instead. He left Ace and focus on Luffy. Luffy can't even react when Akainu is right in front of him already and turn his hand into magma.


Akainu didn't care and send his fist to Luffy. Jon's heart is filled with rage and despair. He is filled with anger and when Akainu's fist almost reach Luffy, he snapped. He shout and unknown to him, he release an aura that pressure everyone.

"STOP IT!"-Jon

Some weaker people faint, some stronger ones have their body shaking a little, and the very strong ones just feel a slight pressure. But without a doubt, everyone can feel it, Jon's anger. Everyone got surprised seeing Jon release the same pressure with Luffy earlier.

"Haoshoku again? This crew is dangerous, they can't be allowed to grow more than this."-Sengoku

"Another haoshoku, i will take care of you after i finished with Dragon's son."-Akainu

Akainu ignore Jon and send his punch at Luffy. Jon force himself to get up and then his mangekyou got activated. A big golden skeleton appear on Jon's body. This skeleton susanoo is made of upper body without head, only ribs and 2 hands.

Jon make susanoo to support his body to move. Just when the susanoo formed, Akainu has prepared another magma fist to kill Luffy. Jon immediately stop the time, then he cut the distance by storing the space in front of him. He use his susanoo's left hand to propel himself forward.

Jon appear right in front of Akainu when the time resume. His susanoo's right hand is already in Akainu's face and he punch with all he got. Akainu got flung by the sudden attack, but Jon also fall right beside Luffy.

Jon's susanoo disappeared and he fall to the ground. Both his eyes are bleeding because he is not used yet to his mangekyou. He has forced himself to use susanoo, and both his eyes ability at the same time. It really put burden in his eyes that he haven't get used to.

Jon can't move again, but Akainu stand up & try to attack Luffy again, ignoring Jon's hit that only give little damage. Suddenly Ace appear in front of Luffy and he take Akainu's fist. The magma fist penetrate Ace's body from behind. Jon is very surprised, and so is everyone.

Jon feel his eyes burnt, but he ignore it and look at Luffy & Ace. Ace fall into Luffy's arm with a big hole in his body. The other Whitebeard pirates are coming too and they stop Akainu that is still want to attack Luffy. Luffy ask Ace to hold on and he call the doctor.

Jon see Ace's vivre card is burnt completely and know that Ace can't be saved anymore. He is very pained seeing Luffy keep asking the doctor to save Ace. Ace stop Luffy & the doctor, because he know that he can't be saved anymore.

"I'm sorry... Luffy... just for me... you did all that crazy stuff... but i didn't let you save me. I'm so sorry."-Ace

"A-Ace, stop talking, the doctor will save you."-Luffy

Luffy still try to hold onto the small string of hope in his heart, that Ace can be saved.

"It's no use... He fried my insides... I won't... last much longer... I can tell... my life is at it's end... I probably wouldn't have wanted to live... if it weren't for that whole deal with Sabo... and having an unruly brother like you. Oh right, if you ever... see Dadan, then give her my regards. For some reason, now that i know i'm gonna die... even her name sounds touching to me. I only have... one regret. That i couldn't see you... fulfill your dream. But... i'm sure... You can make it. You're my little brother."-Ace

Ace said that slowly and in a very small voice. If Jon is not near them, he will not hear Ace at all. Ace also seem to remember about his childhood with Luffy and this other brother named Sabo. Ace cried and Luffy also cried, they know this is where they have to part forever.

"Just like.. what we promised on that day... The way i lived my life... i have no regrets about it. I'm not lying. What i truly wanted... wasn't fame or anything like that after all. Was it good... that i was born? What i wanted... was the answer to that question. I... can't speak loud enough for the others to hear it. Please... pass on... what i'm about to say. Old Man... everyone... and you, Luffy... Even though... i'm so worthless... Even though... i carry the blood of a demon... Thank you... for loving me!"-Ace

Ace close his eyes and fall from Luffy's embrace. Luffy stare into the sky with an expression like he lose everything in his heart. Jon curse at his weak self, that he can't even stop Ace and protect Luffy. If he can protect Luffy properly, Ace would not need to sacrifice himself. If he can stop Ace from fighting Akainu, if he can defeat Akainu, this will not happen. He is still weak.

Everyone else also realize that Ace has died, and all Whutebeard pirates cry and grieve. They have come to save Ace, and even when they succeed to take him from execution platform, they still lose him. Jon also have tears flowing from his eyes. Even if he didn't know Ace that well, they are not strangers, and Ace is Luffy's brother, so Jon know it is very hard for Luffy.

On the other side of battlefield, Garp is walking slowly toward Akainu. The marines soldiers call him, but he didn't respond at all, so they report it to Sengoku, that Garp is acting strange. Sengoku look at Garp and startled, he immediately move and slam Garp's head to the ground.


"You better hold me tightly Sengoku, or i will go and kill Sakazuki myself."-Garp

"!? IDIOT!"-Sengoku

Garp is very conflicted right now, he love Ace & Luffy, but he is also a marine, while they are pirates. The three of them have prepare themselves for something like this, because they know the risk of their choice. They choose their beliefs even if they know the risk, so they must prepare themselves.

Jon look at Luffy, and he see Luffy is very shocked and he seem to lose his mind. Jon widen his eyes and call Luffy many times, but Luffy didn't respond at all. Jon try to move toward Luffy, but his body has really give up now.

All his damage have taken it's toll and his body can't take it anymore. Jon know Luffy is also the same, but his psychological state is worse than Jon. It will be very dangerous if he let Luffy stay like this, so he need to wake Luffy up, but he can't even move a finger.

Jon then hear the Whitebeard's pirates shout at Akainu to stop. Jon know that Akainu is still targetting Luffy, so he need to move. Then suddenly, Jinbe come and take him and Luffy. Marco ask Jinbe to take both of them and leave to the ship.

Jinbe carry Jon & Luffy with his hands, in front of his body. Jinbe is very big, so he easily hold Jon & Luffy like a kid. But Akainu is very persistent and pursue them.

Suddenly, Whitebeard appear behind Akainu. He is very enraged at the death of Ace, and he punch Akainu to the ground with all he got. Akainu is greatly wounded, but then he retaliate and send a magma punch to Shirohige. Akainu's attack burn and destroy a portion of Shirohige's head.

Shirohige is unfazed by the damage, and he slam Akainu aside with his devil fruit power. This injure Akainu greatly, and even destroy the HQ and split the plaza in half. This make a deep and wide cliff that separate the marines and pirates.

"To think that he still have that much power even with his condition."-Kizaru

"He is not called the strongest man for nothing."-Aokiji

Everyone is astonished by Whitebeard's power, but he is not done yet. He keep sending his attacks toward the Marines and their base. The marines try to defend, but he keep attacking using his devil fruit power. He is very enraged and unstoppable right now. Even Aokiji, and Kizaru can't stop his rampage. Whitebeard use every last drop of his power in his attacks.

The chaos made by Whitebeard, give the pirates a chance to retreat onto their ships. They need to cross the large icy field to arrive on their ships. Jinbe also run while carrying Jon and Luffy to the ship.

Back at the plaza, everyone realize that there is a big shadow looming behind the Marine base. They look at it, and Sengoku is not pleased, while Whitebeard is very angry. The big shadow is a giant of giant, and there are more shadows that finally reveal themselves. It's Kurohige and his crewmates, there are some new ones too that he got from Impel Down Level 6.


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