90 89. Joining The War

Jon finally can have his group entrance pose that he missed in Enies Lobby. Altough he did it only with Luffy and some other outsiders, but this will suffice. He just hope someone will documented their pose now.

'Damn, it's really good after such a long time. I can't do this often nowadays. The enemy start to get very strong that i don't have time to do these shits.'-Jon

Everyone is surprised seeing them coming to this war. How could they not, the news of Impel Down incident must've been known by the Marines. Now these escapees are joining the war. Jon also look around the battlefield and see the Sichibukais.

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"So all Sichibukais except Teach are here, this place looks like a Zoo now. A crocodile, flamingo, boa snake, hawk, bear, gecko, and a whale shark. Hehe, and then there's a monkey beside me."-Jon

Jon look at Luffy, but Luffy has enter his Gear 2nd and splash himself with water. Then Luffy jump toward Crocodile and stop his attack. Jon sigh and follow Luffy, they need to stay close in this war. This war's scale is too big for their current power, so they need to stay together and guard each other's back.

Jon is more concerned about Luffy's safety than Ace execution. Luffy is his captain and friend, but Ace is only his acquintance. Altough he had met Ace in the past, but their relationship is not as close as with Luffy. So Jon will prioritize Luffy's life over Ace even if Luffy will hate him. It sound cold, but he can't save everybody, so he will prioritize the one closest to himself.

Jon arrive beside Luffy shortly after he go, and Luffy seem to talk about Shanks with Whitebeard. He must've known Shanks because both of them are Yonkou, and Shanks is Roger's crew in the past. Whitebeard and Roger are rivals, so he must've seen Shanks back then.

"You come to save your brother?"-Whitebeard


"You must've know who the enemies are right? YOU WILL ONLY THROW AWAY YOUR LIFE!"-Whitebeard

'This damn geezer.'-Jon

Jon have his own thought, but he will let Luffy handle this. If Luffy is intimidated only by something like this, then the Pirate King will only be a dream.


Jon raise an eyebrow, but then he smirk, he know where Luffy is going with this. Everyone else seem to be panicked by this though.


Jon smile hearing this, this is why he respect Luffy. Luffy will never hide his dream even if everyone mock him. Jon didn't really have a dream until he join them and know about this world better in Alabasta. For him, surviving in this world is more important at that time.

But beeing with the crew grow something inside his heart. A dream to be strong, that's why he always like challenge. A feeling of growing stronger everyday always bring satisfaction to him. That's why he respect Luffy and love his friends. They are the one that inspire him to be what he is right now.

While Jon think of that, Whitebeard have a tick mark on his face. He raise his bisento and spin it until it make a strong breeze. Then he slam the hilt to the floor, and create a shockwave.

'He's still that strong even when he's that old already. These geezer are monsters, Rayleigh, Whitebeard, Garp, and maybe Sengoku is like this too.'-Jon

Jon just stay behind Luffy and cross his arms. He won't feel intimidated by something like this, he has meet a God and a Dragon afterall. He just look at Whitebeard's bisento and think that it's really a good weapon, but it's too big for him to use.

"Gurarara, damn cheeky brat, you better not become a burden."-Whitebeard

"Noisy, i will do what i wanna do, i will save Ace myself."-Luffy

"Oi Luffy, don't charge forward by yourself! This is a war, not our normal fights, so we better move together. We're not in our best condition now, so don't charge by yourself."-Jon

"Eh, why'd you come here Jon?"-Luffy

"Because you just go alone."-Jon

Jon punch Luffy's head and lecture him about moving together. He didn't come here just to fight separately in a big battlefield and many strong enemies. Luffy finally undertsand what Jon said and nod.

Luffy then tell Whitebeard about the broadcast he got in Marine ship before. Jon didn't know this because he is focused meditating. It seem the marines spread false info about their plan to move Ace's execution forward, so the pirates will fall into panic.

"Oi geezer, you won't join the war now?"-Jon

"Hmm? I'll go later and watch the situation for now."-Whitebeard

"Heeh, guess you're really becoming a geezer huh? Maybe i'll catch up to your power in just a few years."-Jon

"Hoo, did you want the strongest title, brat?"-Whitebeard grin

"Huuuh? Who cares about such an empty title like that? What i want to find is the challenge at the top. Fighting with strong people, reach the limit and surpass it, the feeling of growing stronger everyday, fighting and surpassing your enemy that is stronger than you. The top, must've filled with something like that. Isn't that exciting?"-Jon

Jon grin widely, he always find fighting to be very exciting. Maybe it's because he have Madara's power. Madara is someone that always enjoy fighting, so maybe Jon also inherit that. But Jon himself, feel that it's also his true self. He is a normal human before, and now he can reach a power that he can only dreamed before, so he will try to reach it.

Whitebeard look at Jon and grin. As a veteran, he have met many people like Jon. People that like to fight and grow stronger. Even he himself is like that at his younger days. Whitebeard just smile and look at Jon.

"That's right brat, it's very exciting, but you will only killed yourself with your power right now."-Whitebeard

"Then i just need to grow stronger."-Jon

"Oi Jon, let's go!"-Luffy

Luffy and Jon stormed to the battlefield and Whitebeard smile at them. It's not that often for him to meet some interesting brats. Other people just got speechless by this scene. Seeing Luffy and Jon act so brave and impudent to someone like Whitebeard are really shocking to them.

Jon & Luffy run and defeat some marines that try to attack them. Iva also join them and tell how crazy they are. Jon just laugh and tell him that their crew is known as the craziest rookie crew in Paradise.

Suddenly, Jon see a bright yellow light with his sharingan and feel danger. He pull Luffy and jump sideways, Iva also use his wink toward them and flung them away. The light beam make a big explosion near the place they stay a moment ago.

"Damn, Kizaru!"-Jon

It seem Kizaru didn't focus on them, because he left immediately to fight other people. There are stronger people that he need to fight than them. But then another light appear from another direction. It's not Kizaru, but Kuma, and Jon know that it's the real Kuma, because he bring that bible and he have red chakra.

Iva seem to know Kuma, and Jon didn't surprised by this. Dragon know Kuma, so Iva must've know him too. Iva ask them to move without him, but Jon ask for a boost that he aked Iva on the ship before.

After taking the boost, Jon go with Luffy, and now his pain has disappeared and he feel better than before. It's only an illusion to his brain but it's his best choice for now. Just when Jon take the boost shot, he get a mission.

[Ding! Mission issued.

This war is beyond your current power. Protect yours and your captain's life! Come out alive from the war!

Reward: Hashirama's gene modification

Bonus reward: 20 SP/marine soldier, 50 SP/lieutenant, 250 SP/Captain, 500 SP/Rear Admiral, 2.000 SP/vice admiral, 10.000 SP/Admiral, 50.000 SP/Fleet Admiral]

'Hashirama's gene modification?'-Jon

[System will modified your genetic and fuse it with Hashirama's unique genetic. Nothing big will change with your appearance, but you will be able to have Hashirama's power.]

'What's the difference between this and getting his cells?'-Jon

[Hashirama's gene will allow you to have access to all Hashirama's power with full potential, even tough it need time and training, just like your Madara's power. Hashirama's cell, altough grant you access to Hashirama's power, it is not at full and only a small part of it.]

'Emm, so basically you want to say that i will be a combination of Madara and Hashirama?'-Jon

[Basically like Madara and Hashirama is your parents.]

'That's sound weird to me, but whatever, it helps me a lot, so i won't complain. But why you decide to give me this?'-Jon

[System will give you more explanation after you succeed in this mission.]

'Ok, fine.'-Jon

Jon take out his Kusanagi from scabbard and got ready to fight. He immediately activate his Yin Seal. He will need more chakra in this kind of war. Jon also throw a pouch filled with Chakra pills to Luffy, and he know what Jon means.

"Take it now Luffy, and let's move together! Let's cover for each other, this war is beyond our current power. I know you understand this, so i won't hear any complain. Our objective is saving Ace and come out alive from this place. We still have a promise with our crew, so we can't die here. I will drag you out even if i have to kill you, remember that!"-Jon

"I know, let's go!"-Luffy

Jon & Luffy run forward and some marines try to stop them. Jon easily use his wind blade with Kusanagi. He has train this attack since he train his wind chakra. It's very simple and fast to be activated, because he don't need hand seals.

Suddenly, a pair of metal chakram fly toward them, so Jon deflect it with his sword. Then another attack come, and now it's a marine that attack them with his metal knuckle. Jon & Luffy just dodge it and it land on the ice.

The marine fall back and grouped with his team that include the chakram guy. They introduced themselves as Jango & Fullbody and they seem to meet Luffy in East Blue. Jango then try to use his double chakram to hypnotized them, but he got himself & Fullbody hypnotized instead.

"Who are these idiots?"-Jon

Then another Marine come, and it's Hina that they met when they leave Alabasta. Jon have a tick mark, because she is the one that make many damage to Merry. Hina then make a long iron bars like a fence, and surround them with it, even her team.

"Awase Baori"-Hina

Luffy use his gear 2nd, and Jon use his lightning mode. When Hina close the bars, they jump very fast and avoid getting cought by it. The marines got caught and can't move at all. Jon still have a grudge to her, so he make some hand seals and attack her.

"Raiton: Lightning Beast Tracking Fang"-Jon

A beast fang made of lightning attack Hina and electrocuted her. She got electrocuted and fall to her knees, but it's not enough to defeat her completely. If Sanji is here, he would kick Jon for attacking a woman. But Jon didn't give a shit, he is an advocate of gender equality. Womans have trained to be strong like men, so it will be rude to not fight them normally.

"In the war, a man or a woman, once they stand in different side, then they are enemies. I will not hesitate to my enemies, even if it's a woman."-Jon

Jon & Luffy run again and some marines still try to stop them. But they can defeat them, altough it's a little hard with the marines number. Jon then make 10 clones and attack the marines that surround them. Suddenly, they all heard Ace shouting.


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